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1 Ton Jib Crane

Aimix group can supply the dependable-quality 1 ton jib crane for you, 1 ton jib crane is specially used for hoisting materials which are not exceed 1 ton. We are professional machinery manufacturer in China, and our products have stable performance, reasonable cost and good quality, what’s more, we can also supply superior and all-directional service for you.

There are several ways to install the 1 ton jib cranes, you can install the jib crane on the wall, or set it on the ground, you can choose a way which is the most convenient for you to install it, and installing this 1 ton crane does not need too many tools, it only requires simple tools which are often used in construction sites, so that no matter what kind of construction site you have, you can install the equipment easily and quickly. The 1 ton jib cranes supplied by us will be your ideal choice.

AQ-BX wall mounted jib crane
Aicrane Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Types and Uses of Aicrane Jib Cane

AQ-BZ Pillar Mounted Jib Crane

AQ–BZ type pillar mounted jib crane crane is fixed on a pillar by bolt anchor. Its jib boom is able to rotate certain degree, you can choose the rotation according to the loads you are going to lift. The maximum rotation is full 360° degree, and your customization is available. This crane can be made into double jib crane, which means two jib arm is available on a pillar mount. With two arm jib crane, you can raise working efficiency twofold. Besides, this double boom jib is able to rotate certain degree either.

1 ton jib crane for sale
1 ton Pillar Jib Crane

Pillar jib crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 0.5t-20t
  • Valid Radius: 3-15m
  • Lifting Height: 3-8m
  • SlewingAngle: 0-360°
  • Lifting Speed: 0.33-8m/min
  • Traveling Speed: 10/min
  • Slewing Speed: 0.4-1r/min
  • Work Duty: A3, A4

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AQ-BB Wall Travelling Jib Crane

AQ-BB type wall travelling jib crane develops based on wall mounted jib crane, this crane does not take up floor space either. Compared to wall mounted jibs, travelling jibs are able to move loads along tracks on the wall, which extends transport range of jib cranes. With electric hoist moving along I-beam and jib arm running along track on the wall, the whole machine enlarges its operating envelope. Moreover, you can save space and money of plant for this scientific structure.

Wall traveling jib crane for sale
1 ton Wall Traveling Jib Crane

Wall traveling jib crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 0.5-16t
  • Valid Radius: 5-12.5m
  • Lifting Height: 6-30m
  • Lifting Speed: 0.35-8m/min
  • Hoist Traveling Speed: 10/min
  • Crane Traveling Speed: 20m/min
  • Work Duty: A3, A4

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AQ-BX Wall Mounted Jib Crane

AQ–BX type jib crane belongs to wall mounted jib crane, which requires no floor supporting. Its crane structure is fixed on wall or a pillar without ground supporting. You can save plants space with this type crane, because this jib has less requirement about ceiling height, and suits for low headroom factory. Wall mounted one ton jib crane can rotate 270 degree, and non-standard customized product is available.

Wall mounted jib crane for sale
1 ton Wall Mounted Crane

Wall mounted jib crane parameters:

  • Lifting Capacity: 0.5-10t
  • Valid Radius: 3-8m
  • Lifting Height: 6-30m
  • SlewingAngle: 0-180°
  • Lifting Speed: 0.7-8m/min
  • Traveling Speed: 10/min
  • Slewing Speed: 0.4-1r/min
  • Work Duty: A3, A4

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This crane is the development of wall mounted jib, jib boom cannot rotate, however, its arm is able travel along rails. This crane design suits for high efficiency and density transportation. Except the three features product, Aimix jib crane manufacturer provides you mobile jib crane, which is able to move anywhere necessary.

Why Choose Our Jib Cranes

☆ Space-saving
Jib crane is specially designed to meet the need of light duty transport, so its structure is simple and reasonable, you can save plant space when placing your jib crane.
☆ Money saving
You will save money to build your plant, and you can gain cheap jib crane with high quality.
☆ Safe
1 ton jib cranes of Aicrane pass the quality test.
☆ Wide range
Our jib crane gives you wide task range for its structure, especially for I-beam jib crane and wall mounted jib crane. Both of them beyond the limit of ceiling and hoist track.

1 Ton Jib Cranes for Sale

Our 1 ton jib crane for sale has reasonable cost, because we have set up cooperative relationship with some companies in these years, such as transportation companies and other companies which can provide high-quality raw materials for us. As we all know, in the a cooperative society, every company’s development and expansion are inseparable from cooperation, and every country advocates that cooperation contributes to mutual benefit, and which can achieve win-win strategy and deliver tangible benefits to companies.

Therefore, our cooperative partner can provide favorable terms for us, so that we can design, manufacture and deliver the 1 ton jib crane with less cost, and we can sell these products to customers with more reasonable price. With the high quality and competitive price, we believe that you will be very satisfied with our 1 ton jib crane , and we will be very pleased if we can make cooperation with you.

1ton jib crane for sale
AQ-BZ 1ton Jib Crane

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1 Ton Jib Cranes Quality

In our company, the quality of the product is most important, we know that the quality is equivalent to the company’s reputation and card, only having good-quality products can get the trust of customers, therefore, when we manufacture our products, we will use the finest raw materials to ensure the 1 ton jib cranes quality, and which makes that our products can be used longer and they can work more efficiently.

On the other hand, our country has very high requirements on the quality of the products that we export, these products which do not pass national quality standards will be forbidden to be shipped abroad, so our products all have strict quality assurance. In a short, whether it is the company or the country, it pays great attention to the quality of the products. So we believe that the products we provide for you will have excellent performance.

1 Ton Crane Services

Our 1 ton crane services will definitely satisfy you, we can supply professional, personalized and all-directional services for you. According to your requirements, we will help you select a type which is most suitable for you, design installation plans in accordance with your construction site, and maintain the products if you need.

Our maintenance services are the best, in our company, we have a lot of professional engineers who have rich experience about ten or twenty years, the products are designed and finished by them, so they are proficient in the working principle of the products, and they have good knowledge about every component of the products, what’s more, they will take the attitude of serving customers wholeheartedly, and do their best to solve customers’ problems.

So no matter what problems the products have, the engineers will help you check the products carefully, find the reason and solve these troubles. If you have this service, the engineers also can personally go to your construction site, and maintain the products. With the help of these services, we hope customers can use the products without any trouble.

Aicrane service team

Characteristics of 1 Ton Cranes

The quality is good.

Our products have stable performance, from our customers’ feedback who have used our products, we have got the information that our products have longer life than other similar products.

The price is reasonable.

We have taken many ways to save our jib crane cost, and our goal is to let the customers buy better products with less money, and bring more interests for customers.

The installation is easy.

We manufacture the crane products with advanced design in order to install them easily, the products’  installation does not need the workers who have very professional skills, as long as there are workers who have a little experience, the products will be installed completely.

The service is excellent.

We can supply the service from products’ sale, installation, to product’s maintenance, which means we will provide all-round service before selling and after selling, in the process of using our products, if there are any problem, we will try our best to be responsible for them.

1 Ton Jib Crane Supplier

Aimix group is a quite trustworthy machinery manufacturer in China, which has a long developing history, and in recent years, we constantly learn new knowledge and innovate our products, and we have accumulated more experience of manufacturing the 1 ton jib. In our factory, we have advanced manufacturing equipment, professional engineers and experienced salespersons.

In addition to the 1 ton jib crane, we also have manufactured other excellent products including wall mounted jib crane, electric chain hoist, electric wire rope hoists and the winch, etc. Among the machinery manufacturers in the world, the products manufactured by our company have the features including the stable performance, best quality and reasonable price, and our customers from all over the world trust us very much, and they greatly praise our products after using them.

Reasons to Choose Aimix Group

Aimix plays a leading role in jib crane manufacturing and sale. We are professional in jib crane, for things related to jib crane, we will give your an answer. And we have professional selling and produce team, which can ensure you save lots of time and money in purchasing process. Then, you can get cheap jib crane with high quality, we promise you a one year warranty, you will get solution if any quality problem happens.

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our 1 ton jib crane for sale, or want to know about other equipment.

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