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10 ton Gantry Crane for Sale Uzbekistan

As one of the hot-sale gantry crane types,  our AQ-MH 10 ton single girder gantry crane has been widely used by different customers from various countries and regions. Recently, one of our customers from Uzbekistan sent us feedback of our 10ton gantry crane working video and told us the crane works reliably and efficiently and greatly improve their productivity.

The gantry crane they bought is our single girder style crane and it is produced with truss legs to meet theri work requirements. The crane is used in the concrere precast yard for lifting concrete slabs from one work cell to another, which greatly save human labor and time.

10ton gantry cranes for sale in Uzbekistan
10ton gantry cranes for sale in Uzbekistan

We provide various types of gantry cranes, mainly include single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry crane, semi gantry crane, truss gantry crane, rubber tired gantry crane, customized gantry cranes and so on. If you have any need of our gantry crane products, please contact us now to get detailed information and free quotation.

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