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10 ton Overhead Crane Installed for A Manufacturing Plant in Russia

One of our Russian customers sent us positive feedback about our 10 ton overhead crane installation in their manufacturing plant. The overhead crane 10 ton provided by us is European standard type overhead crane equipped with European standard wire rope hoist as its lifting device. The 10t overhead crane is used in the customer’s manufacturing plant to lift and move heavy machines from one position to another.

10ton overhead crane for Russia
10ton overhead crane for Russia

Basic Information of the Single Girder Overhead Crane

overhead crane 10ton for sale
Parameters of the overhead crane:
Model AQ-HD
Load capacity 10 ton
Span 10.5m
Lifting height 9m
Work duty A5
Control pendant control+remote control

Crane Production and Delivery

After confirming the order, it came to the production progress. We have strict quality management system to guarantee the product quality. During the manufacturing, our customer-service team updated the production progress regularly for the customer to make him know clearly about the whole process via pictures and videos.

Before leaving the factory, we made test and inspection, and our shipping department took charge of the shipping issues including booking container, preparing customs documents and other delivery issues. The overhead crane and its accessories was delivered to the destination at the agreed time.

crane production in factory
crane for Russia
crane delivery

Installation and Commissioning of the Crane and Hoist

For the installation and commissioning of the crane and lifting device, we provided online guidance as the customer required to assis them finish the whole installation completely. Currently, the single girder 10 ton overhead crane and the electric hoist have been commissioned and run in good condition. The Russian customer was satisfied with our crane product and timely service. He said he would recommend Aicrane to other customers who has the same need of the overhead crane.

single girder 10ton overhead crane installation
single girder 10ton overhead crane installation

Overhead Cranes Provided for Russia

In addition to single girder overhead crane, Aicrane also provides double girder overhead crane, top running overhead crane, uderhung crane, foundry crane, magnetic overhead crane, explosion proof overhead crane and other customized overhead cranes to suit special conditions and requirements. If you have any need of an overhead crane solution for your business or new project, just don’t hesitate to contact with us now!

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