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10 Ton Transfer Cart Used for Transferring Steel Structural Parts

Recently, two 10 ton transfer carts were delivered to the UK. The two transfer carts are trackless type and battery powered, and will be used to transfer steel structural parts in the customer’s wrokshop. With the help of the trackless transferring carts, the work efficienct will be greatly imporved and it is safer to use them.

Aicrane 10 ton tranckless transfer carts for sale
Aicrane 10 ton tranckless transfer carts for sale

Features of the 10 ton Trackless Transfer Cart for UK

  • The trackless transfer cart does not need to lay tracks, and it is battery-powered and the battery is installed inside the cart.
  • The battery trackless transfer cart is not restricted by the rail track and it has high flexibility.
  • The operation of the battery transfer cart is easy, convenient and safe.
  • The trackless battery transfer cart can realize in-situ 360° steering and in-situ vertical and horizontal operation.
  • The 10 ton transfer cart is tailored in accordance with the customer’s actual work conditions, which meets all the requirements.
  • The price of the trackless flat cart is very reasonable and competitive.

battery transfer cart
battery transfer cart

trackless transfer cart 10ton
trackless transfer cart 10ton

Production & Packaging & Delivery of the Transfer Carts

During the production of the transfer carts, our customer-service team updated the production progress for the customer regularly, all the questions put forwarded by the customer were answered in time, and the customer was very satisfied with our service.

The two transfer flat carts were packed with the wooden boxed, which can protect the flat carts from damages during the transportation. Our shipping department is responsible for the products delivery and providing customs clearance document to gurantee the smooth arrival at the destination on time.

transfer cart prodcution in factory
transfer cart prodcution in factory

trackless transfer cart packing
trackless transfer cart packing

Transfer Cart Solutions Provided by Aicrane

Since we have been in transfer cart industry for many years, we have much experience in manufacturing and exporting transfer carts. Aicrane transfer cart solutions mainly include rail transfer cart, trackless transfer cart, batter transfer cart and cable-drum powered transfer cart etc. Different transfer flat carts are selected to transfer different materials, such as coil, die, mould, heavy machines and ladle.

For special requirements, we provide custom options for the customers. If you are looking for a transfer cart for your heavy materials transferring from one place to another, please just contact us to get a suitable and cost-effective transfer cart recommendation. Send an inquiry to us now!

wide applications of transfer cars
wide applications of transfer carts

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