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10t Overhead Crane Used in Maufacturing Plant for Kazakhstan

Not long ago, our project consultant and technical engineer went to Kazakhstan for visiting one of our collaborative clients. They visited the customer’s manufacturing plant, a facility where our 10 ton overhead crane serves its purpose – transferring steel components with utmost precision from one designated location to another as required. We received the positive feedback from the customer, confirming that the overhead crane 10 ton operates efficiently and safely.

10ton overhead crane in Kazakhstan
10ton overhead crane in Kazakhstan

Common Features of Aicrane AQ-LD Type Overhead Bridge Crane

  • This type of single girder overhead bridge crane is one of our hot-sale overhead crane type, a considerable number of customers have chosen to acquire this crane model from our company, to suit their different materials handling requirements.
  • The AQ-LD model overhead crane has reasonable design and good work performance, adopting different configurations, catering to a diverse array of work requirements.
  • The single beam crane is suitable for a wide range of environments, encompassing manufacturing plants, warehouses, maintenance workshops, and other relevant settings, to meet various heavy loads transferring needs.
  • Distinguished by a competitive price and an extended operational lifespan, this single beam overhead crane emerges as an ideal and cost-effective lifting solution, aligning perfectly with the preferences and expectations of many customers.

How Did the Customer Cooperate with Us?

  • The initial connection with the customer materialized through a Google search employing keywords like single girder overhead crane. After checking our website, the customer sent us an inquiry that encapsulated their preliminary requirements.
  • Promptly upon receipt of the inquiry, our project consultant initiated contact, swiftly engaging the customer through phone conversations and email exchanges, aiming to comprehensively grasp the work conditions and material handling requirements. We provided a 10 ton single girder bridge crane solution for the customer based on our complete understanding of their requirements. Due to our professional crane solution and competitive price, our customer was satisfied with our solution and service and confirmed the order quickly.
  • To know Aicrane better, the customer went to one of our cooperative customers’ workplaces in Kazakhstan, which cementing their trust in Aicrane’s capabilities. Bolstered by this augmented trust, the customer expedited the procurement process, swiftly formalizing the crane order and sealing the deal through a contractual agreement.
  • In order to offer better service for the customer, our project consultant and engineer went to visit him, provided technical support and solved the problems for them. We got positive feedback from the customer about our overhead crane and service, and he expressed further cooperation intention with us for his new business in the near future.
overhead crane used in Kazakhstan
overhead crane used in Kazakhstan

Overhead Crane Solutions Offered for Kazakhstan

Aicrane offers various overhead crane solutions tailored to cater to the distinct materials handling requirements of customers in Kazakhstan. Our comprehensive range encompasses an assortment of options, including but not limited to the single girder bridge crane, double girder bridge crane, top running bridge crane, underslung crane, magnetic crane, explosion-proof bridge crane, and foundry bridge crane. Irrespective of the specific type of overhead crane necessitated, we promise to provide the suitable and cost-effective crane solutions for the customers.

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