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10ton Transfer Cart Was Delivered to Uzbekistan

Recently, a 10 ton electric transfer cart was delivered to Uzbekistan for our customer, this transfer cart is powered by cable drum and the voltage is 380v, and it adopts both handle and remote control for the operation. Read on to know more details of the transfer cart.

Aicrane electric transfer cart
Aicrane electric transfer cart

Technical Parameters of the AQ-KPJ 10 ton Transfer Cart

Model AQ-KPJ Rail Transfer Cart
Rated load 10 Ton
Rated speed 30m/min
Wheelbase 1525mm
Dimensions 6x2x0.65m
Work duty A3

Detailed Information of the AQ-KPJ Transfer Cart

The AQ-KPJ electric transfer cart is powered by retracting the AC 380V cable through the winding device on the flat cart. The winding device is placed under the transfer cart, and the power supply is directly controlled by the AC control system to start, stop, move forward, and move backward, etc. of the motor. When its running distance exceeds 50m, it is necessary to add a cable winder to assist winding.

10ton transfer trolley for sale

cable drum transfer cart
cable drum transfer cart

Transfer Cart Production in the Factory

After confirming the order with the customer, it comes to the production stage, we have advanced manufacturing machine and technology, professional workers to produce the transfer trolley strictly in line with all the requirements of the customer.

During the production, our customer-service team will send the customer manufacturing pictures and videos to make sure the customer know well the whole stage, and our customer was very satisfied with our regular updating for him.

producing transfer cart in factory
electric flat cart
transfer trolley manufacturing
transfer cart production

Delivery of the 10 ton electric transfer trolley

This cable drum powered transfer trolley is packaged with wooden box to prevent any damage during the transportation. We have specified shipment department to take charge of the shipping issues and customs clearance document preparing to gurantee the timely arrival of the product to the destination.

transfer car packed with wooden box

transfer trolley delivery

Get a Suitable Transfer Flat Cart from Aicrane

Aicrane provides various types of electric transfer flat cart including rail transfer cart, battery transfer cart, trackless transfer cart, coil transfer cart, cable-drum transfer cart and so on. If you are looking for a suitable Aicrane transfer cart for your heavy materials handling from one place to another, please contact us now to get a right one with reasonable price.

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