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2 ton ND Wire Rope Hoist for Sale Israel

Aicrane 2 ton electric hoist has been completely finished and tested and ready for delivery to our customer’s work place. This 2 ton hoist is our European standard AQ-ND type electric wire rope hoist, it is one of our hot-sale hoist products, and our customer is from Israel.

Aicrane ND 2ton electric hoist
Aicrane ND 2ton electric hoist

This type of European standard hoist features compact structure, high quality, excellent performance, long service life, less maintenance and competitive price. The 2 ton electric hoist is travelling along the I-beam as required to suit the work requirements.

Aicrane wire rope hoist
Aicrane wire rope hoist

We are professional and experienced in designing and manufacturing different types of electric hoists including wire rope hoist and electric chain hoist, no matter what type of hoist you need, you can just get a right one from us. For details of Aicrane products, please feel free to contact us now, and we are always here for you to provide suitable solutions.

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