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20 Ton Electric Winches Delivered to Angola

Good news! Two Aicrane AQ-JM 20 ton electric winches have been successfully delivered to Angola. These two 20 ton winches are slow speed electric winch, adopting single drum style and with 180m rope capacity. This low speed electric winch is our hot-sale winch type, featuring wide applications, compact structure, competitive price and long service life.

20 ton winches for Angola
20 ton winches for Angola

Delivery of the Two Electric Winches 20 ton to Angola

During the production process, our customer-service team updated the producing progress regularly for the customer to ensure they know the whole process clearly. After finishing the winch manufacturing in the factory, we did the complete test to guarantee the good performance of the 20 ton winches before delivery. Our shipment department arranged the whole delivery issues in advance to make sure the winches could be shipped to the destination on time.

winch delivery to Angola
winch delivery to Angola

Customer Feedback

After receiving the two new electric winches, the customer did the check and test to confirm both the winches are in good conditions. The customer told us our winches are good, strong and of high quality and they appreciated our effort put into this order. We were very glad to receive the customer’s positive feedback and we are always committed to providing quality products and excellent services for all our customers.

customer positive review
customer positive review

Our After-sales Service for Winch Products

As a professional and reputable winch supplier, we provide comprehensive after-sales service, including installation, maintenance, spare parts providing, technical support and other services as the customers require. We aim at providing cost-effective solutions and help our customers succeed in their business.

Aicrane professional service team
Aicrane professional service team

Aicrane Winch Solutions

With nearly 20 years of experience, we have exported many winches to various countries and regions, and our winch solutions mainly consist of construction winch, marine winch, mining winch, slipway winch and other types of winches to suit different work requirements. If you have any need of winch products, please feel free to get in touch with us for a right and suitable solution!

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