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20 ton Hydraulic Marine Winches for Positioning Boats

Good News!8 sets of marine hydraulic winch 20 ton have been shipped to Australia, and these marine winches will be used for positioning boats as required. These eight positioning winches adopt wireless remote control and they can be operated and controlled by one person at the same time when they work.

marine hydraulic winch for Australia
marine hydraulic winch for Australia

hydraulic positioning winch
hydraulic positioning winch

This Australian customer had high requirements on the marine winches, after knowing clearly all his requirements, we recommmeded him the 20 ton hydraulic winches with fully imported configurations, which met all the requirements of the customer.

Delivery of the Marine Hydraulic Winches

Before leaving the factory, we will do the test to gurantee to reliable performance of the winch products. Our shipped department is responsible for the whole delivery process, like booking container and preparing customs clearance documents to make sure the winches arrive at the destination on schedule.

winch delivery to Australia
winch delivery to Australia

Know Features of Hydraulic Positioning Winch

  • The hydraulic positioning winch has stepless speed regulation, and can realize remote centralized control.
  • The positioning winch can be four-point positioning, six-point positioning or eight-point positioning in accordance with different work conditions and needs.
  • The positioning winch can be equipped with rope length display and tension display device, and the tension can be adjusted.
  • The positioning winch can be single drum or double drum, and the double drum positioning winch can adopt waterfall structure.

Aicrane Winches for Australia

As one of the reputable winch supplier for Australia, we have exported different winches there, there are mainly two types: construction winch and marine winch. Construction winch consists of slow speed winch, fast speed winch, friction winch, piling winch and mining winch etc. Our marine winches mainly include anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch and marine capstans. For speical work needs, we offer customized winch correspondingly.

No matter what type of winch you need in Australia, you can just tell us your requirements and we will provide you with suitable winch machine to suit all your requirements. Just feel free to contact with us now.

hydraulic combination winch

winch product in factory

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