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20 Ton Winch

Aicrane 20 ton winch can be with different types, mainly including electric winch, hydraulic winch, diesel winch and it is widely used for hoisting, pulling and lifting work on different occasions. Our company is professional in designing and manufacturing wide range of winches to suit different requirement.

20 ton winch for sale
20 ton Winch for Sale
Technical Parameters:
Model 20 ton Winch
Rope capacity 20-3600m
Working speed 5-20m/min
Drive mode electric, hydraulic, diesel
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
No. of drum single, double or multiple
Other Provide custom option

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Types of Aicrane 20 ton Winches

AQ-JM Series Winch

AQ-JM series slow speed winch

AQ-JM winch for sale
AQ-JM Series Winch

AQ-JM slow speed winch is very popular in the market because of its wide applications and easy operation. The low speed electric winch can be used for heavy materials handling work on request and can be moved from one work site to another easily.

This type of electric winch has stable performance and long service time. When the winches are made in the factory, our quality inspectors always check the machine strictly and carefully to ensure the quality of the machine.

AQ-JM series winch parameters:

Model AQ-JM Winch
Load capacity 0.5-200 ton
Rope capacity 20-3600m
Working speed 5-20m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
Other Provide custom option

All in all, it has a strict checking system to ensure the quality, and it is unnecessary to customers to worry about the quality of the winches.

AQ-JMM Series Winch

AQ-JMM series slow speed friction winch

This type of friction winch has larger load capacity and rope capacity compared with the other types of winch like AQ-JK series electric winch.

AQ-JMM winch can move the heavy goods in a long distance.

AQ-JMM friction winch for sale
JMM Friction Winch

Aicrane JMM winch for sale
Aicrane JMM winch

AQ-JK Series Winch

AQ-JK fast speed electric winch

Aicrane winch with good quality
Aicrane AQ-JK Winch for Sale

This type of high speed winch is ideal for vertical lifting or horizontal pulling of heavy materials in building construction.

It features wide applications, easy installation and operation, good work performance, long service life and needs less maintenance.

AQ-JK series high speed winch parameters:

Model AQ-JK Winch
Load capacity 0.5-60 ton
Rope capacity 20-500m
Working speed 20-35m/min
Power supply 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
Other Provide custom option

Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic winch for sale

hydraulic winches for sale
Hydraulic Winches for Sale

The hydraulic winch is an ideal choice for towing, hoisting and other heavy loads handling work. This type of winches has a disc brake ensuring the load holding and a clutch on the driver’s side. We can also supply winch parts as customers need.

Hydraulic winch parameters:

Model Hydraulic Winch
Load capacity 1-100 ton
Rope capacity 100-1500m
Working speed 5-15m/min
Driven type Hydraulic
NO. of drum Single or double
Other Provide custom option

Non-standard Winch

Non-standard winch

Non-standard winch refers to the winch that is customized according to customer’s special requirements. If the work condition is special, our company can design a suitable and practical winch according to the special work needs.

Our company offer customized winches to suit all your special requirements. Contact us to get suitable winch solution for your business or project.

non-standard electric winch
non-standard construction winch

explosion proof electric winch
customized explosion proof winch

Recent Case of 20 Ton Winch

AQ-JM 20 ton Winch for Sale Pakistan

20ton winch for sale
Aicrane 20 ton winch for sale

20ton winch for sale in Pakistan
20ton winch in Pakistan

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Features and Advantages of 20 Ton Winch for Sale

Practical function and fashionable appearance
The winches are designed by professional engineers and they are examined by customers. Almost all of the customers think that our winch machine has reliable quality and reasonable price. The good appearance of the winch machine is very popular among the customers in the world.

The superiority of our winch is that customers can choose the appearance by themselves such as the color, size and so on. All of the staffs in our company always put customers first and people ahead.

Stable working performance and long service time
All of the winches in our company have a stable working performance because it has been tested professionally. They are tested again and again to keep the quality of the machine in order to ensure the good working conditions of the winch machine.
Good quality and competitive price
The good quality of the winch can be sure for many aspects. We adopt advanced technology and scientific design idea from the famous components supplier. Why we choose a famous and professional supplier? It’s wrong that if you think that the small components supplier has a lower price.

The fact is that the famous supplier will provide you with good quality parts if the order quantity is large and stable. As a result, we have the high quality components in lower price. We also have affiliated factory so that we can give you more profit.

In a word, our company is reliable and powerful and we can supply good winch products in good quality. Various kinds of winches are waiting for you here!

Wide Applications of 20 Ton Winch

Winch 20 ton for Constrcution Occasions

The winch is a kind of necessary machine to the building of the city. It is widely used in the modern society so that it can be developed well in the city. With the development of modern society, the building in the concrete construction of steel is widely spread in the modern cities. If you need this kind of winch, either light duty winch or heavy duty winch, welcome to contact us.

electric winch for construction occasion
electric construction winch

hydraulic winch for sale of Aicrane
Aicrane hydraulic winch

diesel winch for sale
diesel construction winch

Mining Occasions

The mining areas need various kinds of machines especially the winch machine. Our company have mining winch that can be used inside and outside the mine. When we design the winches, it is built to thrive in harsh environments and it is designed for mining operations. Mining winch has a compact size and reliable operation so that it is an ideal choice for all lifting and pulling jobs throughout the mine.

single drum mining winch
single drum mine winch

double drum mining winch
double drum mine winch

20 ton Winch for Marine Occasions

For marine occasions, it is ideal choice to select marine winch. Our marine winches mainly include anchor winch, mooring winch, anchor mooring winch, towing winch and marine capstans. These marine winches can adopt electric, hydraulic or diesel drive types as needed. For a suitable winch marine solution, you are welcome to communicate with us.

anchor winch for sale
anchor winch for sale

mooring winch for sale
mooring winch for sale

towing winch for sale
towing winch for sale

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