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30 Ton Gantry Crane

30 ton gantry crane is a kind of large lifting crane used for handling heavy goods. It has a wide range of applications, suitable for railway and highway construction, large hydropower stations, precast concrete plants, port terminals and shipyards.

Aicrane gantry crane for sale
Aicrane gantry crane for sale

Applications of 30 ton Gantry Crane

The 30 ton gantry crane has numerous applications across various industries, including precast concrete plants, factories and workshops, railway lines for container handling, the steel industry, shipbuilding, port terminals and more.

Used in Precast Concrete Plant

A rubber tyre gantry crane can greatly benefit a precast concrete plant. This type of rubber gantry crane is ideal for transferring precast components between the workshop, yard, and trucks with speed and precision. By utilizing this mobile gantry crane, production efficiency can be significantly improved.

rubber tyred gantry crane used for transfer concrete blocks
rubber tyred gantry crane used for transfer concrete blocks on construction site

Used in Factory and Manufacturing Plant

The huge amount of goods can be handled conveniently and efficiently in the factory and the workshop by using gantry cranes.

gantry crane used in manufacturing plant
gantry crane used in manufacturing plant

Used on Railway Line

Railway lines commonly use rail-mounted container gantry cranes to move and transfer containers. These cranes can significantly reduce waiting times and handling durations, while also decreasing labor intensity for workers and improving safety measures.

rail mounted gantry crane for sale
rail mounted gantry crane used on railway line

Using in Steel Industry

The 30-ton gantry crane is suitable for use in the steel industry. It can efficiently load and unload steel components using its double girder system, allowing for multiple operations to be completed with greater accuracy and efficiency.

gantry crane used for steel industry
gantry crane used for steel industry

Used on Construction Site

Gantry cranes are usually used on bridge, road, tunnel and other construction sites to transfer heavy construction materials on request, like steel materials, concrete components and other kinds of heavy loads, which can greatly improve efficiency and guarantee safety.

gantry crane used on construction site
gantry crane used on construction site

Aicrane 30 ton Gantry Cranes for Sale

Aicrane offers a range of 30 ton gantry cranes for sale to meet diverse work requirements. These include double girder gantry cranes, rubber tyred gantry cranes, and rail mounted gantry cranes. We only recommend the suitable and cost-effective gantry crane solutions for the customers in accordance with their actual work needs.

Double Girder Gantry Crane
Rail Mounted Gantry Crane
Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane

Double Girder Gantry Cranes

The double girder gantry crane is used for heavy and severe load lifting, by adopting the double rail support system and double paralleled main beams. For high requirements on the crane performance, we provide European standard double girder crane to meet the work needs.

Aicrane double girder gantry crane design
Aicrane double girder gantry crane design
European type double beam gantry crane
European type double beam gantry crane

Rail Mounted Container Gantry Cranes

The rail-mounted gantry crane is primarily utilized on fixed tracks for heavy and long-distance lifting. This type of crane is typically electrically powered and excels in port operations and railway yards, offering efficient container handling solutions.

container rmg gantry crane
container rmg gantry crane
rmg container handling gantry crane
rmg container handling gantry crane
rail mounted container handling gantry crane
rail mounted container handling gantry crane

Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes

The rubber-tyred gantry crane is a versatile equipment that can be used in various places, like warehouses and yards. It offers the advantage of being able to move freely without requiring installation on the ground. This makes it convenient for use within a facility or between different work areas.

single beam rtg crane
single beam rubber tyre crane
double beam rtg crane
double beam rubber tyre crane

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Gantry Crane Projects

Aicrane offers a diverse selection of gantry crane solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of various clients and applications. Our gantry cranes have been successfully exported to numerous countries and regions, such as Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Chile, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Argentina, Russia, Malaysia and Australia. If you are currently seeking a gantry crane solution for your business or upcoming project, we invite you to review some of our crane cases for reference.

Container Gantry Crane for Kazakhstan

A customer from Kazakhstan approached us with a request for a container handling gantry crane to transfer containers in their yard. After understanding their needs and working conditions, we provided them with a 32 ton rail mounted container gantry crane that met all requirements within their budget.

installation of the double girder gantry crane in Kazakhstan
installation of the double girder gantry crane in Kazakhstan

Equipped with a specified container spreader, our double girder gantry crane was able to lift and move containers efficiently. Our solution was well-received by the customer who confirmed the order promptly.

The installation process of the double girder gantry crane went smoothly on-site, thanks to the guidance of our cooperative installation team in Kazakhstan. We received positive feedback from our customer regarding the successful installation.

Aicrane double girder gantry crane for sale
Aicrane double girder gantry crane for sale

Double Girder Gantry Crane Used in Chile

A Chilean customer informed us that he already owned two gantry cranes, but they were unable to meet his work requirements. Therefore, he intended to purchase two additional gantry cranes specifically designed for loading and unloading containers on railway lines.

gantry crane handling containers

We had several communications with the customer to understand his needs, suggest our own gantry crane models, make design modifications and finalize a solution. The customer was pleased with our recommendations and service. As a result, the rail-mounted container gantry cranes are now operating safely and reliably on the railroad line as required for handling containers.

double girder gantry crane used on railway

Benefits of Using Gantry Crane 30 ton

  • Enhanced Productivity: A 30-ton gantry crane offers exceptional lifting capacity, making it an efficient tool for handling heavy loads. By reducing manual labor and expediting the lifting process, businesses can achieve higher productivity levels, leading to increased output and profitability.
  • Versatile Applications: This gantry crane finds applications in various industries such as manufacturing, construction, shipping, and warehousing. It can effortlessly handle tasks ranging from loading and unloading heavy machinery to transporting large components or containers.
  • Improved Safety: Safety is paramount in lifting operations involving substantial weights. The 30 ton gantry crane provides a secure lifting solution that minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries associated with manual lifting. Safety features such as overload protection systems and emergency stop buttons further enhance overall safety during operations.
  • Optimal Space Utilization: The gantry crane’s structure allows it to operate without permanent installation. It can be set up in various locations and easily moved when not in use. This flexibility optimizes space utilization within a facility, making it an ideal choice for businesses with limited workspace.

By investing in this type of crane, companies can simplify their lifting processes, reduce manual labor, and optimize space utilization. As a result, they can increase productivity levels while improving safety standards and profitability. The 30 ton gantry crane remains an essential tool as industries continue to evolve since it guarantees efficient and precise lifting operations.

Selection Guide – Choosing A Suitable Gantry Crane for Your Business

When choosing a gantry crane for your business, there are several factors to consider.

  • First and foremost, it is crucial to determine the specific needs of your business. What type of goods will be lifted? How much do they weigh? What is the working environment like? How frequently will the crane be used? Answering these questions is essential before selecting the right gantry crane.
  • In addition to load size and weight, the span of the crane must also be taken into account. Simply looking at its capacity rating for maximum lift may not suffice if it cannot accommodate longer spans.
  • Safety features such as overload protection and emergency stop buttons are also vital considerations. It’s important that you choose a safe and reliable design for your gantry crane.
  • Carefully consider any special requirements before making a final decision in order to find a suitable solution that meets all of your work needs.

Aicrane Service for Customers

service team
pre-sale service

Pre-Sale Services:

– Consultation: Our project consultants assist customers in selecting the appropriate gantry cranes based on their specific work requirements.

– Customized Solutions: Our professional technicians offer customized design services that meet all special requirements, tailored to the precise needs of our customers.

– Quotation Provision: We provide an accurate and reasonable quotation for the gantry crane with details such as size, material, capacity, and delivery time.

– Order Confirmation: After negotiation with the customer, we confirm the order to ensure accuracy.

project consultant for Australia
professional project consultants

Sales Services:

– Equipment Production: Our gantry cranes are manufactured using high-quality materials and undergo strict quality control to ensure reliable production.

– Progress Updates: Our customer service team regularly updates customers on the progress of their crane’s production through pictures or videos.

– Delivery: Once payment is received, we deliver the crane to the customer as quickly as possible.

– Installation: We offer both online and on-site installation guidance based on our customers’ requirements.

Aicrane technical support
after-sale service

After-Sale Services:

– Maintenance: We provide maintenance services, operation training, and technical support for our customers.

Parts Supply: We supply replacement accessories for our cranes to guarantee optimal performance.

– Warranty: Necessary warranty and guarantee services are provided for all of our customers.

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