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40 Ton Gantry Crane

A 40 ton gantry crane finds wide applications in different industries to handle heavy loads from one work cell to another. It features high load capacity, versatility, high flexibility to different environment, efficient material handling and cost-effective. Aicrane offers various 40 ton gantry crane solutions and customized options to meet variety of heavy loads handling requirements.

gantry crane solution
gantry crane solution

Aicrane 40 ton Gantry Cranes for Sale

Aicrane provides different 40 ton gantry cranes for sale to meet various heavy lifting requirements. There are mainly double beam gantry crane, rubber gantry crane, rail mounted container gantry crane and other types of 40 ton cranes.

Double girder gantry crane

40 ton gantry cranes generally adopt double girder styles to suit heavy materials handling requirements. Our double girder gantry cranes can be A-frame or U-frame according to the actual working conditions and customers requirements.

AQ-MG double beam gantry crane
double beam A-frame gantry crane
double girder U frame gantry crane
double girder U frame gantry crane

Rubber tyred gantry crane

Due to the high mobility and versatility, rubber tyre gantry cranes are widely used for different applications and industries. 40 ton gantry crane can adopt single beam or double beam rubber tyred crane to match various heavy loads transferring from one work cell to another.

Single Beam Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

single beam rtg crane with wire rope hoists
single beam electric rubber crane
hydraulic single beam rubber tired crane
hydraulic single beam rubber tired crane

Double Beam Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

A-frame style rubber tyre crane
A-frame style rubber tyre crane
double beam rubber tyre gantry crane solution
double beam U-style rubber gantry crane

Rail mounted gantry crane

40 ton rail mounted gantry cranes come equipped with different spreader are mainly used to handle different sizes of containers in port, container yard, logistics center and more.

crane design
crane design
Aicrane container crane solution
Aicrane container crane solution

Aicrane crane solution for Kazakhstan

Straddle carrier

Straddle carriers are usually used to handle prefabricated items, like concrete beams and blocks, in precast yard or on construction site. Aicrane provides customized straddle carrier cranes to suit special work requirements.

Straddle carrier used in precast yard

DTL 300ton for sale
straddle carrier for prefab yard

Straddle crane used on bridge construction site

DTL 180ton for bridge construction site
straddle crane for bridge construction site
straddle machine for beams handling
straddle carrier for beams handling

Straddle carrier crane for special use

straddle crane for special application
straddle crane for special application
DTL100ton used on tunnel construction site
straddle crane 100ton used on tunnel construction site

Case Study – 40 ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for the US

This American customer found us through searching for the keywords gantry crane on Google. He checked our website and sent us an inquiry about the crane they needed. After receiving the inquiry, we got in touch with the customer quickly to know clearly about their work conditions and special needs.

40ton rubber tyre gantry crane for the US
40ton rubber tyre gantry crane for the US

To match all their requirements, we provided the YTL single beam rubber gantry crane for them with the lifting capacity of 40 ton and the span of 19.8m. The customer was satisfied with our solution since it met all the work needs and their budget.

rubber tyred crane testing
rubber tyred crane testing
YTL 40ton rubber crane for the US
YTL 40ton rubber crane for the US

During the production stage, our customer-service team updated the manufacturing progress for them regularly by sending videos or pictures, which made the customer know the whole manufacturing process. The customer from the US was very satisfied with our timely and professional service.

Before delivery, we did the whole test of the 40 ton rubber gantry crane in the factory to guarantee the reliable work performance. You can check the video to know the crane travelling modes and operating ways.

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Wide Applications of a 40 ton Gantry Crane

A 40 ton gantry crane, with its large lifting capacity and versatile design, finds applications in various industries where heavy loads need to be handled with precision. Here are some key applications of a gantry crane 40 ton:

Construction Sites

40 ton gantry cranes are commonly used in construction projects to handle heavy materials such as steel beams, precast concrete panels, and construction equipment. They facilitate the efficient movement and placement of materials at construction sites, contributing to the timely completion of projects.

gantry crane used on construction site
gantry crane used on construction site

Shipbuilding Yards

In shipyards, 40-ton gantry cranes play an important role in assembling and moving large ship components, including hull sections, ship modules, and heavy machinery. Their high load capacity and precision control are crucial for the intricate processes involved in shipbuilding.

shipyard gantry crane for handling heavy boats and ships
shipyard gantry crane for handling heavy boats and ships

Manufacturing Facilities

Gantry cranes are utilized in manufacturing plants for lifting and transporting heavy machinery, equipment, and materials during the production process. They contribute to the streamlined workflow and logistics within manufacturing facilities, enhancing overall efficiency.

gantry crane for fast lifting
gantry crane for manufacturing facility

Warehouses and Logistics Centers

Gantry cranes 40 ton are employed in warehouses and logistics centers for the efficient handling of heavy goods, pallets, and containers. They aid in the loading and unloading of materials from trucks, optimizing storage and retrieval processes.

gantry crane used for steel industry
gantry crane used for outside warehouse

Mining Operations

In the mining industry, gantry cranes are used for lifting and moving heavy loads of raw materials, machinery, and equipment. They are suitable for the demanding and challenging conditions of mining operations.

grab gantry crane used for coal mining industry
grab gantry crane used for coal mining industry

Renewable Energy Projects

In renewable energy projects, gantry cranes assist in the installation of wind turbines and solar panels. They contribute to the construction and maintenance of renewable energy infrastructure.

gantry crane for renewable energy industry
gantry crane for renewable energy industry

Advantages of Using 40 ton Gantry Cranes

Using a 40 ton gantry crane offers numerous advantages, making it a preferred choice in various industries where heavy materials handling is required. Check the following advantages of using a 40ton gantry crane for your reference.

  • High Load Capacity: The primary advantage is the substantial load capacity of 40 tons, allowing for the efficient lifting and movement of heavy materials and equipment.
  • Stability: The gantry structure provides inherent stability, ensuring safe operations even when handling large and heavy loads. This stability is crucial for precision lifting and placement.
  • Efficient Material Handling: These heavy duty gantry cranes significantly improve material handling efficiency, reducing the time and effort required to lift, transport, and place heavy objects.
  • Adaptability to Various Environments: Gantry cranes can operate both indoors and outdoors, making them suitable for a wide range of work environments, including construction sites, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.
  • Customization Options: 40t gantry cranes can be customized to meet specific requirements, including different spans, lifting heights, and control systems, ensuring they are tailored to the needs of a particular application.
  • Improved Safety Features: Modern gantry cranes come equipped with advanced safety features, such as overload protection systems and emergency stop functions, enhancing overall workplace safety.
  • Reduced Manual Labor: By automating the lifting and movement of heavy loads, gantry cranes reduce the need for manual labor, minimizing the risk of injuries and improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Gantry cranes can be a cost-effective solution for industries with consistent heavy lifting requirements, offering a balance between performance and investment.

Selection Guide – Getting a Suitable 40 ton Gantry Crane Solution

Selecting a suitable 40 ton gantry crane requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure that the crane meets the specific needs of your application. Here’s a guide to help the customers in the selection process.

  • Determine Load Specifications: Identify the maximum load capacity required for your operations. Ensure that the 40-ton capacity meets or exceeds your lifting needs.
  • Consider Span and Lifting Height: Determine the required span and lifting height based on the layout of your facility and the nature of the materials you will be lifting. Ensure that the gantry crane can cover the entire work area effectively.
  • Understand Duty Cycle: Define the duty cycle of your operations, including how frequently and for how long the gantry crane will be in use. This information helps determine the appropriate design and structural requirements.
  • Evaluate Operational Speeds: Consider the required speeds for hoisting, trolley travel, and crane travel. Choose a gantry crane that offers the right balance between speed and precision for your specific application.
  • Review Environmental Conditions: Consider the environmental conditions in which the gantry crane will operate. For outdoor applications, ensure the crane is designed to withstand weather elements, and for indoor use, consider factors like available headroom.
  • Safety Features: Prioritize safety features, such as overload protection, emergency stop mechanisms, and advanced control systems. Safety is paramount in heavy lifting operations.
  • Assess Mobility Requirements: Determine whether you need a fixed or mobile gantry crane. Mobile gantry cranes provide flexibility in moving the crane to different locations within your facility or job site.
  • Evaluate Control System: Choose a gantry crane with a user-friendly and efficient control system. This may include an operator’s cabin or a remote control option, depending on your preferences and operational requirements.
  • Consider Ease of Installation: Evaluate the ease of installation and setup. Some gantry cranes are designed for quick installation, reducing downtime and allowing for faster commencement of operations.
  • Customization Options: Check if the crane manufacturer offers customization options to tailor the gantry crane to your specific needs, such as unique spans, special lifting attachments, or additional features.
  • Budget Considerations: Establish a budget for your gantry crane investment. Consider not only the initial purchase cost but also factors like maintenance, operational costs, and potential long-term savings in labor.
  • Manufacturer Reputation: Choose a reputable gantry crane manufacturer with a proven track record in producing reliable and high-quality gantry cranes. Research customer reviews, testimonials, and the manufacturer’s history in the industry.

tyre mounted straddle crane for transferring beams

two straddle carriers working together for beams transporting

Main Components of a 40t Gantry Crane

A 40ton gantry crane is a complex piece of machinery designed for heavy lifting and material handling. It consists of several main components that work together to enable efficient and safe operations.

  • Gantry Structure: The gantry structure is the framework of the crane, providing support and stability. It typically consists of horizontal girders supported by vertical legs. The design of the gantry structure is critical for ensuring the crane’s stability and load-bearing capacity.
  • Girder or Bridge: The girder, also known as the bridge, is the horizontal beam that spans the width of the gantry crane. It supports the hoist and trolley and travels along the length of the gantry on rails or wheels.
  • Legs or Supports: The legs or supports provide vertical stability to the gantry crane. They are attached to the ends of the girders and rest on the rails or wheels. The design and construction of the legs play a crucial role in the crane’s overall stability.
  • Hoist: The hoist is the lifting mechanism of the gantry crane. It consists of a motor, drum, and a hook or other lifting attachment. The hoist is responsible for lifting and lowering the heavy loads.
  • Trolley: The trolley is a mechanism that moves horizontally along the girder or bridge. It carries the hoist and allows the heavy loads to be positioned precisely within the working area.
  • Control System: The control system enables the operator to manage the movement and operation of the gantry crane. It includes a control panel in the operator’s cabin or a remote control device, allowing for precise and safe control of the crane.
  • Operator’s Cabin: The operator’s cabin is a control station located on the gantry crane, providing the operator with a clear view of the working area. It contains the controls for operating the crane, monitoring systems, and safety features.
  • Power Supply: Gantry cranes can be powered by electricity or other sources such as diesel engines. The power supply provides energy to the crane’s motors, allowing it to perform lifting, traversing, and other operations.
  • Braking System: A braking system is essential for controlling and stopping the movement of the crane. It helps to ensure that the crane can hold a load securely and stop precisely when required.

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