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5 ton Fast Speed Electric Winch Provided for Saudi Arabia

Recently, we received the positive feedback from one of our Saudi Arabian customers, he said he has used our electric winch and it worked reliably and efficiently on their work site for hoisting heavy loads. The winch we provided for the customer is our AQ-JK fast speed electric winch, the load capacity is 5 ton, the drum capacity is 750m and the cable diameter is 16mm.

5t electric winch for Saudi Arabia
5t electric winch for Saudi Arabia

Features of AQ-JK series electric winches

  • This type of electric winch has compact structure and fast work speed to improve work efficiency.
  • The high speed electric winch can be designed into different styles and with different configurations to suit various requirements.
  • The JK electric winch has very competitive price, which makes it an ideal choice for many users.
  • This electric winch is easy to install and operate and safe to use, and it has wide applications for heavy loads handling.
AQ-JK electric winch 5ton
AQ-JK electric winch 5ton
electrical control box
electrical control box

Why did the customer choose us?

  • After knowing the customer’s actual work conditions and requirements, we provided our high speed series electric winch 5 ton for him to meet all his work needs and the customer was very satisfied with our winch solution.
  • During the manufaturing process, we updated the production progress weekly to make him know well about the whole process.
  • After finishing the production, we arranged the shipment and prepared all the document for the customer to guarantee the smooth delivery and timely arrival at the destination.
  • Our winch price was very reasonable and competitive on the market, which fully met his expectations.
5ton fast speed electric winch
5ton fast speed electric winch

Aicrane winch solutions for Saudi Arabia

As one of the reputable winch manufacturers and suppliers, we have been in winch industry for many years, we provide a wide range of winch equipment, mainly consisting of anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch, slipway winch, construction winch, mine winch and other options. Adopting different power modes, the winches can be classified into electric winch, hydraulic winch, diesel winch and air winch.

We have exported many winch products to Saudi Arabia, and have accumulated many customers there, some of them have purchased the winch products from our company more than once. If you are searching for a winch solution for your business or project in Saudi Arabia, please just contact us without hesitation for a right recommendation to suit all your work needs.

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