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5 Ton Winch

Aicrane 5 ton winch in different types such as 5 ton electric winch, 5 ton hand winch, 5 ton hydraulic winch and 5 ton diesel winch. All of these winches are in good working conditions and they are practical and fashionable so that they are popular in the market all over the world. They are widely applied to the installation and the movement of the equipment and some raw materials.

Aicrane 5 Ton Winch for Sale

In Australia

5ton Electric Winch for Sale Australia

5ton winch to Australia

The 5 ton winch is equipped with rope spooling device, overload limiter, tension indicator etc.

In Indonesia

AQ-JM 5 ton Winch for Sale Indonesia

5 ton winch to Indonesia

These 4sets of 5ton winch are slow speed winches with reasonable design and competitive price.

In Iraq

AQ-JK 5 ton Winch for Sale Iraq

5 ton winch to Iraq

The 5ton electric winch is fast speed winch with good quality, excellent work performance and ideal price.

In Maldives

5 ton Electric Marine Winch for Sale Maldives

5 ton electric marine winch to Maldives

The 5ton electric winch is used for marine operations and it has reliable quality and compact design and good price.


5 ton Marine Electric Winch for Sale UAE

5 ton marine winch to UAE
5ton Marine Electric Winch Delivered to UAE for Our Customers

In Hong Kong

5 ton Hydraulic Winch for Sale Hong Kong

5ton hydraulic winch for sale
5 ton Hydraulic Winches with Hydraulic Pump Stations

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Recent Feedback from Our Customer in Lebanon

These two winches are Aicrane AQ-JM slow speed 5 ton winch, they are purchased by our customer from Lebanon, and used in the steel processing plant for container loading. The slow speed winch features reasonable design, wide uses, good performance, long service life and competitive price.

Aicrane 5ton winch used in Lebanon
Customer’s feedback of our 5ton winch

Now the two low speed winches are in good condition and powerful. Our customer is very satisfied with our winch quality and our after-sales service.  If you are searching for a suitable winch solution for your business, please just feel free to contact us.

JM 5ton electric winch
Aicrane 5ton slow speed winches used in steel plant

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5 Ton Winch Packaging for Delivery

Four sets of 5ton electric slow speed winch packed for shipping to Indonesia

winch packaging for delivery
Aicrane 5ton winch packaging for shipping

AQ-Jk 5 ton fast speed electric winch packed for delivery to Iraq

JK 5ton winch packed and delivered
Aicrane 5ton fast speed winch packed and delivered

Two sets of 5ton hydraulic winch packed with wooden box for delivery to Hong Kong

5ton hydraulic winches packaging and delivering
hydraulic winches 5ton and pump stations packaging

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Hot-sale Types of 5 Ton Winch Machine

As an experienced and professional winch manufacturer and supplier, we design and produce different types of winches to suit various work requirements, our winches mainly include electric winch, hydraulic winch and diesel winch, and our winches can be with single, double or multiple drum on request.

As below, some hot-sale types of Aicrane 5ton winch are shown for your reference:


5 ton winch for sale
AQ-JM 5 ton Winch

AQ-JM series slow speed winch: the series electric winch is popular in the world market. It can drag or hoist the heavy goods. It is applicable to many occasions to the building installation company, mine or marine occasions etc. It is fabricated gear reducer so that it has stable performance and long service time.
AQ-JM series 5 ton winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~3600 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase;
  • No. of drum: single or double
  • Provide custom solution


High speed winches for sale
AQ-JK Series Electric Winches

AQ-JK high speed winch: this type of winches have various functions. They can be used in the construction site to hoist heavy raw materials, in the installation of the factory equipment, in the moving of heavy goods. All in all, it is useful in many occasions and deal with the problems that the objects are too heavy to carry by labor.
AQ-JK series 5 ton winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~60 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~500 m
  • Working speed: 20~35 m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
  • Provide custom solution


AQ-JKL series high speed piling winch is a kind of winch with handle and it features the rotating shaft. The rotating shaft has fast speed and high working rate. It designed with the idea of practical and durable. It is an ideal choice for the pilling task.

pile winch with single drum
Electric Winch for Piling

pile winch for sale
Diesel Pile Winch


AQ-JMM series friction winch:  this electric winch is suitable for long-distance traction and large-stroke lifting of various large and extra-large concrete, steel structures and steel cables.

friction slow speed winch
Aicrane Friction Winch Designs
slow speed winches for sale
Friction Winches in Our Factory

Mining Winch

single drum mining winch
single drum mine winch

double drum mining winch
double drum mine winch

mine winch
mine winch for sale

mining winch for sale
mining winch in factory

Hydraulic Winch

5 ton hydraulic winch is a kind of winch has high working rate and powerful energy. It is widely used in the construction site, factory, ship, harbor and so on. Compared with the electric winch, the hydraulic winch has more powerful driver and complex structure so that the machine has a high working rate. 

hydraulic winch for sale
hydraulic construction winch for sale

Aicrane hydraulic winch for sale
Aicrane hydraulic winch

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5 Ton Marine Winches

As an experienced and professional winch manufacturer and supplier, in addition to construction winch, we also provide marine winches used for anchoring, mooring, towing, positioning and other marine operations. Our marine winches mainly include anchor winch, mooring winch, combined winch, towing winch, position winch, marine capstan and so on.

5ton marine winches can adopt electric, hydraulic or diesel power mode as customers require. The winch marine can be installed and used on boat or ship, on dock, in port, on platform, etc. The marine winches shown below are our main types for your reference. If you have any need of the winch, you can just tell us your requirements in order to get suitable solution.

Marine Electric Winch

electric marine winch
5ton electric marine winch

Marine Hydraulic Winch

hydraulic marine winch
5ton hydraulic marine winch

Marine Diesel Winch

diesel marine winch for sale
5ton diesel marine winch

Marine Capstan

 marine capstan 5 ton
5ton marine capstan

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The Advantages of Aicrane Winches

Perfect after sale service and excellent guidance

Adopting advanced technology in the process of production

Reasonable and competitive price

Reliable brand and lasting good quality

Professional engineers and skilled workers

Environmental friendly with low noise

Long service life

In conclusion, we provide various kinds of winch machine in good quality. All of our winches are checked strictly. Our company has professional engineers and inspectors to ensure the quality of the machine. Our company always welcomes customers to our company and factory for visiting.

Select A Suitable 5ton Winch Solution

Speaking of the selection of a suitable winch, it is important and necessary to consider the following aspects:

☆ Consider the 5ton winch type and select a suitable one.
The 5ton winch can be electric winch, hydraulic winch or diesel winch. Choose the suitable power mode as your work requires.
☆ Consider the winch applications, such as used on construction site, on mine occasion, in port, or other marine occasions.
For common construction site, it is suggested to choose a construction winch including slow speed winch, fast speed winch, friction winch etc; for mine occasion, mining winch is the wise choice; as for marine occasions, it is advised to choose a marine winch. For some special requirements, we provide customized or non-standard winch to suit all the work needs.
☆ Consider the winch quality and price.
For the users, it is important to get a cost-effective winch with reliable quality. It is not good choice to purchase a winch with the cheapest price without considering the quality. The 5ton winch with reasonable price and good quality ensures the long-term service life and reliable work performance, while a cheap winch may need much maintenance and has short service lift.
☆ Choose a reputable manufacturer and supplier.
In order to get a reliable winch 5ton for your work needs, you are advised to cooperate with a reputable and experienced winch manufacturer.
☆ Consider the after-sales service.
Excellent after-sale service ensures the safe and reliable use of the winch.

Our company has professional designers and engineers to provide solutions, has strict quality control and management system to ensure the reliable quality and has the qualified certificates for the production of the winch. Nowadays, we have received good reputation from our customers because of our good service and product quality. No matter what kinds of winches you need, we can supply the ideal machine according to your requirements. With so many kinds of winches in our company, we can give you a satisfying choice.

Aicrane winch for sale
single drum winch design

double drum winch solution
double drum winch design

marine winch solution
marine winch solution

capstan marine
capstan marine solution

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Why Choose Us?

☆ Prompt customer support service

☆ Use of quality materials

☆ Innovative manufacturing techniques

☆ Stringent quality testing

☆ Bulk production capacity

☆ Fast and best delivery

☆ Ease of installation and operation

☆ Provide custom options


How to Classify the Winch?
  • According to the application, it can be used in construction, forestry, mines, ships, etc; there are mainly construction winch, mine winch and marine winch;
  • According to the traction speed of wire rope, there are three types: fast speed winch, slow speed winch and winch with speed regulation;
  • According to the drum number, there are mainly single drum winch, double drum winch and multiple drum winch;
  • According to the power mode, there are manual winch, electric winch, hydraulic winch, pneumatic winch, diesel winch etc;
  • According to the type of mechanical transmission, it can be divided into spur gear drive, helical gear drive, planetary gear drive, internal expansion clutch drive, wormdrive, etc.
What Are the Working Principle of the Winch?

The motor drives the steel wire rope drum through the reducer, retracts and puts the steel wire rope, and changes the direction through different pulleys. The technological requirements are mainly drum speed, that is, the speed of wire rope movement and the safety and reliability of the braking system. The winch is a relatively simple lifting or traction machine.The winch is a light and small lifting equipment that uses winding steel wire rope or chain to lift or pull heavy objects. The winch can lift vertically, horizontally or obliquely.

The winch can be used alone, and can also be used as a component of hoisting, road building, mine hoisting and other machinery. It is widely used because of its simple operation, large amount of rope winding and convenient displacement. Mainly used in building, water conservancy engineering, forestry, mining, wharf and other materials lift or level drag.

What Are the Requirements for Winch Installation Position?
Set up the operation shed, and ensure that the operator can see the commander and the objects dragged or hoisted clearly.
The buildings, scaffolds, materials and components stacked on site during the construction shall not affect the driver’s monitoring of the whole process within the operation scope. The top of the operation shed in the dangerous operation area shall meet the requirements of the protective shed.
The foundation should be firm.
The winch shall be far away from the dangerous operation area as far as possible, and the place with high terrain and solid soil shall be selected. The buried ground anchor shall be locked with steel wire rope and the winch base. Pile driving shall be carried out in front to prevent the winch from moving and overturning.
Direction of drum.
The center of the drum and the guide pulley is aligned. The distance from the drum to the first guide pulley is specified as follows: the drum with groove shall be more than 15 times of the drum width, and the drum without groove shall be more than 20 times of the drum width, so as to prevent the steel wire ropes from overlapping each other and the flange of the guide wheel and the steel wire ropes from wearing during the operation of the drum.
How Do You Maintain the Winch?

During the operation of the winch, observe and check the function and wear of the brake, clutch and stop at any time, and remove the fault in time. Under normal operation, overhaul shall be carried out every time (about one year) or after the completion of a construction period, replacing worn bearings and other vulnerable parts, and repairing shall be carried out at any time when problems are found.When transporting and maintaining the construction winch, it shall be placed in a dry place, and each component shall be provided with good moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and other measures.

In the process of disassembly and assembly, pay attention not to damage the mating surface, check the wear condition of friction surface, the condition of gears and bearings, the wear condition of rotating parts and connecting parts, the condition of electrical components, etc., and replace them in time if the use of the machine is affected.

What Are the Main Components of Hydraulic Winch Strcuture?

Its structure is mainly composed of hydraulic motor (low-speed or high-speed motor), hydraulic normally closed multi plate brake, planetary gearbox, clutch (optional), drum, supporting shaft, frame, rope presser (optional), etc.The hydraulic motor has high mechanical efficiency, large starting torque, and can be equipped with different distributors according to the working conditions.

The valve group can also be designed and directly integrated into the motor oil distributor according to the user’s needs, such as the valve group with balance valve, overload valve, high-pressure shuttle valve, speed control reversing valve or other performance.

The brake, planetary gearbox, etc. are directly installed in the drum, drum, support shaft, machine The frame is designed according to the mechanical requirements, the overall structure is simple and reasonable and has enough strength and rigidity.

Therefore, this series of winches are compact in structure, small in volume, light in weight and beautiful in appearance. In performance, they are characterized by good safety, high efficiency, large starting torque, good low-speed stability, low noise and reliable operation.

What Are the Options of Our Winches?
  • Drum guard, to protect the winch operators
  • Local central control or remote control on request
  • Load limiter, tension indicator
  • Limit switch
  • Spooling device
  • Band brake, an extra brake fitted on the drum
  • Clutches, for pulling winches
What Are the Differences between Electric Winch and Hydraulic Winch?

These two types of equipment are suitable for different operating conditions and are also recommended according to the customer’s budget.Generally, electric winches are simple to operate, relatively cheap, and the delivery time is relatively short. Hydraulic winches are generally suitable for marine environments such as decks and docks.

What Brand Do You Choose for Your Electrical Appliances?

For export products, we generally choose Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other brands. The quality of these brands is guaranteed.

It is easy to find an after-sales service center in the local area, and replacement parts are also easy to buy.

What Kind of Control Mode the Winch Operation Support?

We provide local control by default, and the control button is outside the electrical box. According to different requirements, we can also provide remote control and control desk.

Whether Power Supply Can Be Changed? Whether AICRANE Could Provide Single-phase Power?

Our default power source is 3phase, 380V, 50hz, but according to the requirements of different countries, we support 220V-480V, 50hz/60hz, 3phase. Customers only need to inform the right one before production.

The winch can provide single-phase power, but the production time is relatively long and the power supply is unstable. It is recommended to use 3-phase power if possible.

Whether the Winch Color Can Be Customized?

The default winch color is blue. But if you have special color requirements or need to print logo, you need to inform us in advance, and the service is provided free of charge.

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