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50 Ton Winch

A 50 ton winch is a heavy-duty lifting and pulling equipment capable of handling substantial loads. Its versatility and power make it suitable for various applications across industries. Aicrane provides different 50 ton winch solutions to suit various work requirements.

Aicrane winch solution
50ton winch solution

Solutions – Main Types of 50 Ton Winch

A 50 ton winch is a robust lifting and pulling device designed to handle substantial loads, ranging up to 50 tons. Its versatility is reflected in the array of industries it serves, ranging from construction to maritime operations, mining, and beyond. These winches are available in various types, each tailored to meet specific needs.

Classified with power mode

Winch Classified with Power Mode

50 ton electric winch for sale

Electric winches utilize electric motors for power. They are popular for their smooth operation, easy control, and suitability for indoor use due to their quiet operation and lack of emissions.

Main Applications:

The 50-ton electric winch finds applications in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and more. Some common applications include:

  • Lifting heavy construction materials on job sites.
  • Handling large machinery and components in manufacturing facilities.
  • Assisting in shipyard operations, such as loading and unloading ship components.
  • Supporting infrastructure development, such as positioning steel structures.
double drum winch
electric winch 50t

50 ton hydraulic winch for sale

Hydraulic winches utilize hydraulic systems to generate power. They are favored for their high pulling force, making them well-suited for heavy-duty applications.

Main Applications:

The 50 ton hydraulic winch is commonly used in industries that require significant lifting power and rugged performance, including:

  • Offshore and maritime operations for lifting heavy equipment and machinery.
  • Mining applications, where high force is needed to move heavy loads.
  • Construction projects involving the positioning of massive structures.
  • Oil and gas exploration, where winches are used for handling equipment in challenging environments.
four-point mooring system
hydraulic winches

For heavy-duty lifting and industrial operations, the choice between a 50 ton electric winch and a 50 ton hydraulic winch can have a significant impact on performance, efficiency, and suitability for specific tasks. These two types of winches offer unique advantages and considerations, making it crucial for industries to understand their differences and make informed decisions.

Classified according to applications

Winch Classified according to Applications

50 ton winch for construction applications

A 50 ton construction winch is a heavy-duty mechanical device designed specifically for handling heavy loads in construction projects. The construction winches are commonly used in situations such as lifting heavy building materials, relocating machinery, and assisting in various construction tasks that require precise load handling.

30ton electric winch
JM slow speed winch
friction winch production
JMM friction winch for construction use

Key Characteristics of the Winch:

A 50-ton construction winch is a robust lifting device designed to withstand the rigors of construction sites and handle heavy materials and equipment. Here are the key characteristics of a 50-ton construction winch:

  • High Load Capacity: Built to handle heavy loads, a construction winch is equipped to lift and move substantial materials like steel beams, concrete blocks, and construction machinery.
  • Durability: Construction winches are engineered for durability, with rugged components and protective features that can withstand the challenges of construction environments.
  • Versatility: These winches are adaptable to various construction tasks, from lifting materials to positioning components during building and infrastructure projects.
  • Precision Control: Many construction winches offer precise control mechanisms, enabling operators to position heavy loads accurately.

Benefits of Using the Winch:

  • High Load Capacity: The winch’s robust design allows for the lifting and movement of heavy materials.
  • Durability: Construction winches are built to withstand the harsh conditions of construction sites.
  • Versatility: Their adaptability makes them valuable assets in various construction phases and tasks.
  • Enhanced Safety: Many construction winches are equipped with safety features to ensure secure lifting operations.

50 ton winch for marine applications

A 50 ton marine winch is a heavy-duty winch designed for use in marine and offshore applications where substantial loads need to be lifted, lowered, or secured. These winches are specifically engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment and are essential for a variety of tasks in the maritime industry.

  • For Mooring and Docking: Marine mooring winches are used for mooring and docking operations, helping to secure vessels to berths and piers.
winches for ship mooring
winches for ship mooring
  • For Offshore Platform Operations: In offshore environments, positioning winches are crucial for lifting and positioning heavy equipment, machinery, and supplies onto platforms and vessels.
positioning winches
positioning winches
positioning winch installed on a platform
positioning winches installed on a platform
  • For Towing and Salvage: The towing winches are used in towing operations, assisting vessels in distress, and salvaging sunken ships or equipment.
Aicrane towing winch
Aicrane towing winch
  • For Anchor Handling: Marine anchor winches play a vital role in anchor handling operations, controlling the deployment and retrieval of anchors.
winch for anchoring on ship
winch for anchoring on ship
  • For Cargo Handling: On cargo ships and container vessels, marine winches aid in loading and unloading heavy cargo containers and equipment.

50 ton slipway winch for boat handling

A 50 ton slipway winch is specifically designed for the hauling and positioning of vessels, boats, or ships onto a slipway for various purposes such as maintenance, repair, inspection, or launching. Slipway winches play a vital role in shipyards, maritime facilities, and harbors, enabling controlled movement of large maritime vessels on dry land.

Aicrane slipway winch solution for pulling boat
Aicrane slipway winch solution for pulling boat

Features of a 50 Ton Slipway Winch:

  • Lifting Capacity: As the name suggests, a 50-ton slipway winch is engineered to handle vessels with a weight capacity of up to 50 tons, making it suitable for a wide range of ship sizes.
  • Sturdy Construction: These winches are built with heavy-duty materials to withstand the rigorous demands of maritime operations and the harsh marine environment.
  • Wire Rope or Cable: Slipway winches utilize strong wire ropes or cables to efficiently pull and maneuver vessels onto the slipway.
  • Power Source: Depending on the specific requirements and availability, slipway winches can be powered by various sources such as hydraulic, electric, or even diesel systems.
  • Control System: Modern slipway winches are equipped with sophisticated control systems that allow operators to manage the movement of vessels smoothly and with precision.
  • Safety Features: Safety is paramount in maritime operations. Slipway winches incorporate safety mechanisms like emergency stop buttons, limit switches, and overload protection to ensure the protection of personnel and equipment.

Applications of a 50 Ton Slipway Winch:

  • Ship Maintenance and Repair: Slipway winches are essential for hauling vessels onto dry land for maintenance, repair, painting, and other servicing needs.
  • Ship Launching: These winches play a key role in launching newly built vessels from dry land into the water once they are completed.
  • Emergency Situations: Slipway winches are used in emergency scenarios such as rescuing grounded vessels or relocating them to safer areas during adverse weather conditions.
pulling boats with rail trolley
slipway winch pulling boats with rail trolley
slipway for pulling boats ashore
slipway for pulling boats ashore
pulling boat with airbags
slipway winch pulling boat with airbags
pulling boat ashore with winch
pulling boat ashore with slipway winch

Classified according to drum

Winch Classified according to Drum

single drum winch 50 ton

The single drum 50-ton winch features a streamlined design with a single drum responsible for wire rope spooling and control. This simplicity enhances operational efficiency and reduces potential points of failure.

Equipped with advanced control systems, the single drum winch allows operators to execute precise load movements with accuracy. Its controlled power makes it ideal for delicate maneuvers and accurate load placement.

The single drum design adapts seamlessly across various industries and applications. From construction sites to shipyards, it offers versatility in handling diverse tasks with its robust lifting capacity.

single drum electric winch
single drum electric winch
single drum hydraulic winch
single drum hydraulic winch

double drum winch 50 ton

The double drum 50-ton winch features two drums, enabling dual control and load distribution. This added control enhances precision during complex operations.

The double drum winch can expedite operations by handling multiple tasks simultaneously. In case of a technical issue or maintenance on one drum, the other can provide redundancy, minimizing downtime.

Due to its advanced control and load distribution capabilities, the double drum winch excels in complex applications that demand meticulous load management, such as ship launching or intricate construction tasks.

double drum electric winch
double drum electric winch
double drum hydraulic winch
double drum hydraulic winch

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Case Study – Tailored Winch for Our Customer in Vietnam

Three QPQ 2*25T electric winches were shipped to Vietnam. The delivery time is 45 working days. These electric winches are dispatched from Qingdao port and have arrived at Ho Chi Minh port in Vietnam on schedule time. The QPQ2*25 ton electric winches are used in the dam to lift the dam gate, and the lifting height is 9m.

The QPQ dam gate electric winch can be used to control the lifting and lowering of various large and medium-sized cast iron gates and steel gates to achieve the purpose of opening and closing.

QPQ 2*25ton electric winch
Aicrane QPQ 2*25ton electric winch

Installation of the electric winches

The three sets of the QPQ 2*25 ton winches have been tested before shipping and they are easy to install, our professional engineer will provide online installation guidance for our customer as they require, so there is no need to worry about the winch installation since it is easy to complete according to the drawing and guidance. We offer excellent after-sales service to guarantee the quick and reliable use of the winches.

winch used for dam gate handling
winch used for dam gate handling

QPQ 2-25on electric winch ready for shipping
Aicrane QPQ 2*25on electric winch

Main Components of a Winch 50 ton

  • Motor: The source of power, which could be electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic.
  • Drum: The cylindrical component around which the cable or rope is wound during operation.
  • Cable or Rope: The load-bearing element used for lifting, pulling, or towing.
  • Brake System: Ensures controlled stopping and holding of the load.
  • Gearbox: Transmits power from the motor to the drum, controlling the winch’s speed and torque.
  • Control System: Mechanisms to control the winch’s operations, often including remote controls or control panels.

Advantages of Using 50 Ton Winch

Reliable Quality
The winch machine in reliable quality can be ensured in our company. On the one hand, our company has professional teams who are responsible for the design, production and installation of the machine. All the winches are tested before delivery to ensure the reliable quality and excellent work performance.

Perfect After-sales Service
As we all know that the perfect after sale service is very important to all the customers. Our after-sales service mainly include installation, training, inspection and maintenance and so on. Nowadays, we already have overseas offices in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Uzbekistan in order to serve our customers better.

Reasonable and Competitive Price
We are both winch supplier and manufacturer, we provide winch design, production and delivery for customers to ensure the reasonable price of the winches.

Custom Options Available
Different winches are selected to suit different work needs, we have professional engineers to customize the winches to suit the special requirements.

Main Factors to Consider When Choosing a 50 Ton Winch

  • Application: The winch’s suitability for the intended application is paramount. Consider the type of load, frequency of use, and the environment in which it will operate.
  • Capacity and Power: Ensure that the winch’s capacity aligns with the maximum load it will handle. Choose the appropriate power source — electric, hydraulic, diesel or pneumatic.
  • Safety Features: Look for winches with overload protection systems, emergency stop controls, and other safety mechanisms to ensure the safe use of the winch.
  • Durability and Build Quality: Invest in a winch built with robust materials and construction to ensure longevity and reliability.
  • Environmental Considerations: Consider the operating environment — whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or in hazardous conditions like marine occasions — and choose a winch suitable for those conditions.
  • Control Options: Evaluate the available control options, including manual controls, remote controls, or automated systems.
  • Maintenance and Support: Consider the ease of maintenance and the availability of spare parts and technical support.

Why Choose a Winch from Our Company?

  • 1. Professional winch supplier and reputable winch brand. We try our best to build a world famous brand so that the high quality products are supplied all the time by our company.
  • 2. Complete certificates are gained. These certificates are powerful evidence to our strength, and they prove that we have the strength and ability to provide good machine to customers.
  • 3. Numerous praise and good reputations from customers are gained. Our company has developed for a long time and we have experienced engineers and skilled workers to serve the customers.
  • 4. Experience and expertise. We have the experience and expertise to help customers select the right and cost-effective winch system to maximize their work efficiency and safety.

In a word, our company will give you a satisfying choice! The reliable and suitable winch solutions are waiting for you here!


How do you solve after-sales problems?
Our warranty period for the main parts is one year, and we provide permanent technical guidance and after-sales service.
We provide you with wearing parts for one year, when there is a problem with the equipment, it can be solved in time and will not affect your use of the winch.
Do you support third party inspection?

We could provide the third-party inspection. But please inform us in advance about the inspection content and requirements and inspection time, so we can prepare for the inspection in advance.

We also have  cooperative third-party inspection agency – China SGS, if you need, we could share their contact for you to learn more details.

Could you provide installation service?

The current quotation does not include installation services. If the customers require the installation service, we can send 1-2 engineers to the site for installation instructions.

The customers are responsible for the specific expenses, including round-trip air tickets, visa fees, local accommodation and transportation, and daily service fees. The customers need to prepare related installation tools and welding workers.

How to select suitable winch for my shipyard? Whether AICRANE could provide the complete solution?

We could provide the complete slipway winch solution for client. The client only needs to provide the max. dead weight of vessel they plan to pull, slipway slope, vessel’s move distance during pulling, type of slipway (airbag/rail cart), required pulling speed, etc.

Moreover, we can provide related equipment such as wire rope, pulley blocks, wire rope slings, airbags and so on.

What kind of control mode do you provide for winch operation?

We provide local control by default, and the control button is outside the electric cabinet. According to different customer needs, we can also provide remote control and control desk.

Whether the winch color could change?

The default winch color is blue. If you have special color requirements or need to print logo, you need to tell us in advance, and the service is provided free of charge.

What are important notices for winch operation?
  • Except for the operator of the winch machine, everyone should keep far away from the winches in order to avoid accident.
  • The operator should stay in the working platform until the lifting material is in ground.
  • The signalman and operator should cooperate well with each other and the operator should obey the direction of the signal.
  • Even though the winches are equipped with the overload protection system, the overloading is forbidden all the time.
  • All of the winch operators and workers should be trained professionally in order to andprevent deal with the emergent accident.

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