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5ton European Overhead Cranes Installed and Used in Saudi Arabia

Good news coming! Aicrane 5ton European overhead cranes have been successfully installed and used in Saudi Arabia and the customer sent us positive feedback on the crane performance, and he expressed that he would like to cooperate with us once again in the future. The span of the 5 ton overhead cranes is 23m and both of them were cut into three pieces to facilitate the transportation.

5ton overhead crane in Saudi
5ton overhead crane for sale in Saudi Arabia

Features of European Standard Overhead Crane

The two overhead cranes 5 ton provided for the customer are our AQ-HD European standard overhead crane and they have many features and advantages including compact structure, outstanding performance, light dead weight, small wheel pressure, maintenance free design and long service life etc. Using the European type overhead cranes can greatly improve the work efficiency and productivity.

Overhead Cranes Installation in Saudi Arabia

After the overhead crane and accessories arrived on the site, we sent an engineer to the site for installation guidance, with our engineer’s professional guide, the whole installation process went smoothly and the customer highly recognized our professionalism and quick response. We provide both online and on-site installation guide as the customers require.

main beam installation
main beam installation

end beam
end beam

European type wire rope hoist
European type wire rope hoist

overhead crane installation in Saudi Arabia
overhead crane installation in Saudi Arabia

5ton European overhead crane installation
5ton European overhead crane installation

Aicrane Lifting Equipment Provided for Saudi Arabian Clients

We provide various types of overhead crane for Saudi Arabia to meet different applications, mainly consisting of single beam overhead crane, double beam overhead crane, top running overhead crane, underslung crane and other overhead cranes types to suit specia requirements. We are striving to be one of the reputable overhead crane suppliers in Saudi Arabia to serve the clients faster and better.

In addition to overhead crane, we also provide gantry crane, jib crane, steel structure, winch, travel lift, transfer cart and electric hoist etc for Saudi Arabian customers to suit various applications. Want to know more about Aicrane lifting equipment in Saudi Arabia? Please feel free to contact us now.

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