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8 Ton Hydraulic Towing Winch Exported to New Caledonia

Recently, one Aicrane 8 ton hydraulic towing winch has been exported to New Caledonia for our client to replace the old winch machine in the cargo ship. The hydraulic towing winch is equipped with both pneumatic and manual operated brakes, as well as matching decoupling device.

8 ton hydraulic towing winch for sale
8 ton hydraulic towing winch for sale

hydraulic winch with spooling device
Aicrane hydraulic winch with spooling device

Technical Parameters of 8T Hydraulic Towing Winch

towing winch for New Caledonia
towing winch for New Caledonia

Towing Winch Parameters:

Type Single drum hydraulic towing winch
Working load 8T-10.8m/min (3rd layer), 4T-21.6m/min (3rd layer)
Drum capacity φ40mm*400m (Total 7 layers)
Holding load 90T (3rd layer, static)
Belt brake pneumatic operated + manual operated
Warping load 9.6T-5.8m/min, 4.8T-11.6m/min
Jaw clutch Manual operated

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Single Drum Hydraulic Towing Winch Solution for the Client

  • The client found Aicrane on Google through searching the keyword hydraulic towing winch and he sent the inquiry to us. After receiving the inquiry, Aicrane sale manager contacted the client very soon.
  • During the communication, the client told us he needed a winch to replace the old one but didn’t need the hydraulic pump station and wire rope. He has high requirement on the safe operation of the winch. Considering his needs, we recommended him the hydraulic towing winch 8 ton with both pneumatic and manual brakes to meet his requirements.
  • The client was not sure whether our winch base could match the original foundation, in order to solve the problem, we provided the detailed drawing and modify our winch base; as for the anti-corrosion of the winch, we installed the plate for the winch base.
Aicrane towing winch solution for client's cargo ship
Aicrane towing winch solution for client’s cargo ship

Delivery Of The 8T Towing Winch to New Caledonia

The winch was packed in standard export wooden box and reinforced by steel plate in case of any damage. We have professional shipment department responsible for the winch delivery to make sure the winch can arrive in destination on time.

towing winch delivery to New Caledonia
towing winch delivery to New Caledonia

How Did the Client Think of Aicrane?

  • Professionalism: Aicrane is professional in providing winch solution, and patient in modifying the design to make sure the solution meets all our requirements.
  • Reasonable price: The winch price is very reasonable for us and we would like to cooperate with Aicrane again in the near future.
  • Excellent service: Aicrane team can offer timely service anytime we need, all our problems have been solved successfully, and all the materials we need could be provided quickly.
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