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Advantages and Features of Cranes

The single girder overhead crane is designed and produced according to national standards, the crane is a kind of light duty lifting equipment, it is equipped with CD/MD electric wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist as its lifting mechanism. The single girder crane is widely used in workshop, warehouse, factory and yard to lift or move heavy materials, which can greatly facilitate the materials handling work.

The double girder overhead crane with the hook is mainly used in the workshops. According to the utilization class and loan condition, the work duty can be from A4 to A7. The entrance of the cabin has three ways from side entrance, end entrance and top entrance, and the cabin can be fixed on the left or right side. The crane power supply can adopt safety bus bar or angle steel that can be fixed on the same or opposite side with the cabin. All the work operations can be finished in the cabin, if required, the remote controller can be added.

QD32T double girder overhead crane
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Advantages and Features of European Standard Overhead Cranes

AQ-HD European type single girder overhead crane has light dead weight, small wheel pressure and reliable performance, and it is easy to operate. Small wheel pressure and margin can cut down earlier stage project investment of workshop, low noise, low energy consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. The crane has reliable quality, which can lower maintenance costs.

The European double girder overhead crane is the latest version of overhead crane, designed with FEM standards, developed on the base of traditional crane, therefore, European double girder crane has unbeatable advantages, such as unparalleled performance, tight structure, light dead weight, high safety and reliability, high perform efficiency, and wide applications in various industries.

European single girder crane
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Advantages and Features of Single Girder Gantry Crane

  1. Emergency switch can stop all movement when any dangerous thing or risk happens.
  2. Smooth starting and stopping, overload protection.
  3. Convenient maintenance,electricity saving.
  4. Protective earthing, main lifting motor with thermal protection.
  5. Sub-assemblies characteristics are tested before assembly.
  6. All cranes must be pre-assembled and tested before leaving factory and offer the certification of test.

For Double Girder Gantry Crane:

  1. Advanced technology, delicate design, attractive appearance.
  2. Novel structure, high crane stability and reliability.
  3. Large loading capacity and high working efficiency.
  4. Flexible operation and easy maintenance.

double girder gantry crane 32ton

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