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Aicrane DTL Rubber Gantry Crane Ready for Delivery to Spain

Recently, an Aicrane DTL double beam rubber tyred gantry crane has been manufactured and we did the tests in the factory before delivering to Spain. This rubber tyred crane is provided for one of our Spanish customers who is engaged in business of solar panels production and the crane will be used in their manufacturing factory to handling electrical units.

Aicrane DTL rubber gantry crane for Spain
Aicrane DTL rubber gantry crane for Spain

Basic Information about the DTL Rubber Tired Gantry Crane

Due to limited traveling space in the customer’s workshop, we provided the rubber tired crane with span of 3.5m and lifting height of 7m to fully meet the electrical units tranferring from one place to another. This double beam rubber gantry crane is equipped with two European standard wire rope hoists as the lifting device to lift and move the loads, and both the electric hoists are with the lifting capacity of 16 ton, and the total load capacity of the crane is 32 ton.

16t+16t rubber tired crane
16t+16t rubber tired crane
rubber tyred gantry crane test in factory
rubber tyred gantry crane test in factory

Tests Before Delivery

After finishing the DTL 16t+16t electric rubber tired gantry crane, our engineers carried our the tests in the factory, including crane travelling tests, hoist travelling test, loading tests and control tests. This double beam gantry crane has different traveling modes, such as straight movement, oblique movement, 360° rotation movement and more. We also did the full-load tests to guarantee the reliable work performance of the DTL rubber gantry crane. If you want to know more information about the crane test, you can just check the video for your reference.

Crane on the Way to Spain

Currently, this 32 ton rubber tired gantry crane has been packed and loaded to Spain. Our professional shipping department takes charge of the whole felivery issues to make sure the gantry crane arrive at the destination on time. After our customer reveiving the crane, we will provide online or on-site installation instruction as they need to ensure the smooth installation.

To ensure the reliable performance of the crane, we also provide timely technical support for our customers at any time they need. Cooperating with Aicrane means you can enjoy the comprehensive services.

Aicrane solutions
Aicrane solutions

As a reputable crane manufacturer, we have provided various gantry crane solutions for customers from all over the world, including single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry crane, rtg gantry crane, container gantry crane, straddle crane and cranes for road and bridge construction etc. For a suitable crane solution, please contact us right now.

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