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Aicrane MBH 50ton Boat Hoist for Mexico

Recently, we have finished manufacturing a mobile boat hoist in our factory, this boat hoist is provided for one of our customers in Mexico, and will be used to handle fishing boat. Our customer is engaging in salmon farming industry in Mexico. The mobile boat hoist is with 50 ton lifting capacity and span of 8.8m.

mobile boat hoist for Mexico
mobile boat hoist for Mexico

Why Did the Mexican Customer Choose Us?

  • This Mexican customer found us through searching for keywords of mobile boat hoist on Google, he visited our website and left us message about their requirements. We got connected with the customer once we received the inquiry and communicated with them to know details.
  • After several times of communication, our project consultant knew clearly about the work conditions and the detailed boat hoist parameters, and she forwarded the detailed information to our technicians for solution. Our professional technician provided the mobile boat hoist design for the customer.
  • Upon finishing the design, we invited the customer for video conference to explain our solution, and finally the customer recognized our solution since it met all their work needs and within their budget. The customer confirmed the final order – buying a 50 ton mobile boat hoist for handling the fishing boats, and signed the contract with us and paid advance payment.
  • Receiving the advance payment, we arranged the boat hoist manufacturing, during the production, our customer-service team updated the producing progress regularly for the customers to make them know clearly about the whole process. Our service impressed them deeply and they were very satisfied with Aicrane service.
50ton boat hoist
50ton boat hoist
mobile boat hoist 50t for sale
mobile boat hoist 50t for sale

Boat Hoist Test in Factory Before Delivery

Currently, the MBH 50 ton boat hoist has been completely produced, and we have carried out the tests in the factory to guarantee the reliable performance of the boat lift. If you want to know more about the boat hoist testing, you can check the video shown as below for details. After the tests, we will arrange the shipping issues to ensure the timely arrival at the destination.

We are committed to providing professional boat travel lift solutions and comprehensive services for our customers, if you have any need of boat handling hoist for your business, please feel free to contact us for a right and cost-effective solution!

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