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Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes for Workshop in Uzbekistan

One of our cooperative client in Uzbekistan sent us positive feedback of using our pillar mounted jib cranes. The client bought four sets of 2 ton pillar mounted type jib cranes from our company and he said the jib cranes work reliably and efficiently in his workshop.

These four 2ton jib cranes are mainly used to handle heavy machines and components from one position to another as required, which greatly improve the work efficiency and productivity.

pillar jib cranes for Uzbekistan
pillar jib cranes for Uzbekistan

Why Did the Client Choose Us?

  • This client has cooperated with us for many times, he has bought overhead crane, gantry crane and transfer carts from our company before and he highly recognized Aicrane products and service.
  • When he needed the jib cranes, he got in touch with our sales manage and told him the requirements on the jib crane. After knowing completely the client’s requirements, our sale manager provided the 2 ton pillar type jib crane solution for him to meet all the work requirements, and the client was very satisfied with our quick response and professional recommendation.
  • We have been in Uzbekistan for several years and have branck office there in order to serve the customers better. We have provided many products for the client and any time he has problems, we can solve them quickly for him, which makes him trust us more.

2ton pillar crane for Uzbekistan
2ton pillar crane for Uzbekistan

pillar jib crane 2 ton for sale
pillar jib crane 2 ton for sale

Aicrane Products for Uzbekistan

Aicrane jib cranes mainly include pillar jib crane, wall travelling jib crane and wall mounted jib crane. In addition to jib crane products, we also provide overhead crane, gantry crane, RTG crane, RMG crane, steel structure solution, electric transfer cart, winch products, electric hoist, container reach stacker and other types of lifting equipment.

As a professional and reliable lifting equipment supplier, we provide wide range of solutions to suit different work requirements, for special work needs, and we offer customized solutions. No matter what kind of lifting machines you need for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now for a suitable solution.

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