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Aicrane Products

Steel Structure

Steel structure supplied by reputable supplier

Steel Structure

Steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials, which is one of main types of construction structures. It is mainly composed of beam steel, steel column, steel truss and other components which are made of section steel and steel plate. The construction members and components are usually connected with ...
crane steel structure in Chile

Steel Structure Workshop

Steel structure workshop refers to a building used for industrial production. Compared with traditional concrete buildings, the steel structure workshop buildings use steel plates or section steel instead of reinforced concrete, which has higher strength and better impact resistance. Steel Structure Cases Steel Structure and Overhead Crane for Sale Uzbekistan ...

Travel Lift & Reach Stacker & Transfer Cart

Boat travel lift for sale

Travel Lift

Travel lift, also known as boat hoist or mobile boat lift, is ideal for helping to move boats or yachts of about any size (from 10 ton to 1200 ton) in and out of water. Some travel lifts can even be used to lift boats or yachts above the water ...
heavy-loaded container stacker

Container Reach Stacker

Container reach stacker is a type of crane used to load and unload containers. It is a kind of lifting equipment and is specially designed for handling 20-foot and 40-foot international containers. It is mainly used for container stacking and horizontal transportation in docks and yards. Compared with forklifts, the container reach stacker is ...
flat car powered by battery

Transfer Cart

Aicrane provides different types of transfer cart for moving heavy loads at ground level for any type of industry. It is a kind of cost-effective, flexible and reliable material handling equipment and has been widely used in warehouses, workshops, factories and other places. Aicrane Transfer Cart Solutions As a reliable ...

Jib Crane

Pillar jib crane for sale

Pillar Jib Crane

Aimix group is one of the reputable and reliable manufacturers in China, which can provide good-performance pillar jib crane, and our equipment has features of simple structure, large capacity, good quality, low cost, advanced design and numerous specifications. The pillar jib crane is also known as pillar mounted jib crane ...
Wall mounted jib crane for sale

Wall Mounted Jib Crane

What is a wall mounted jib crane? It refers to the jib crane which is installed on the wall to hoist goods, the installation of wall mounted jib cranes need no more other complex equipment, and the equipment only need a solid wall to install and use them, it is very ...
Wall traveling crane for sale

Wall Traveling Jib Crane

We are a professional wall traveling jib crane supplier in china, and we supply excellent wall traveling jib crane for you; wall-traveling jib cranes are known as wall traveling crane. There will be a mechanical track installed on the wall, and the machine is set in the mechanical track, so the ...

Electric Hoist

Electric wire rope hoist for sale

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

We can supply suitable and reliable electric wire rope hoist for you, which is the small lifting devices, and has many advantages including compact structure, light weight, small size, universal components, easy operation and effective cost. The electric wire rope hoists can be installed on single-beam cranes, double-beam cranes, jib ...
Explosion proof electric hoist for sale

Explosion Proof Electric Hoist

We design and manufacture explosion proof electric hoist for clients' material handling, and the explosion proof electric hoist is needed in that place wherever explosive gases or dusts exist, for instance in oil rigs, in gas liquefaction plants , in mines or in the chemical industry, and in the other ...
Aicrane chain hoist with good quality

Electric Chain Hoist

Aimix can offer the electric chain hoist for you, the electric chain hoists are often called chain hoist briefly or electric chain fall, and our electric chain hoists have stable performance, which can be used efficiently, and they are all durable, so that they can be used for longer time, ...
Electric wire rope for sale

Electric Hoist

We supply the stable-performance electric hoist for you, which is a kind of hoist lifting device, and it is also called electric cable hoist, electric engine hoist and electric lifting hoist. Electric hoists are generally installed on single-girder cranes, overhead cranes, and jib cranes. It consists of the electric motor ...

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