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Aicrane Slow Speed Electric Winches for UAE Customer

One of our customers from UAE purchased two slow speed electric winches from our company, one is AQ-JM 10 ton electric winch, another is AQ-JM slow speed 8 ton winch, Aicrane slow speed electric winch has wide applications, reasonable design, good work performance and ideal price, and we have exported many winches to UAE and our customers are satisfied with our winch quality and excellent service.

8ton and 10ton slow speed electric winch to UAE
8ton and 10ton slow speed electric winch to UAE

Packaging and Shipping of  the Electric Winches to UAE

The two electric winches are packed in standard export fumigation wooden box and reinforced by steel plate in case of any damage. If the customers have special requirements on the package, we can provide custom options in accordance with the requirements. These two slow speed electric winches will arrive in the destination on time.

electric winches packaging and shipping
electric winches packaging and shipping

Wide Range of Winches for Sale in UAE

As a professional winch supplier, we have various types of winches for sale in UAE, mainly including electric winch, hydraulic winch, mining winch, marine winch etc. Whatever type of winch you need for your business or projetc, you can just get the right and reliable winch solution from us. We have many clients from UAE and some of them have cooperated with us more than once because of our professional winch solution, reliable quality and excellent service. Click the video to know Aicrane winch design and different components:

Selection Guide of A Suitable Winch Machine

For a suitable winch machine to meet all your requirements, it is important to consider the following questions:

What is the application of the winch?

What is the rated load (pulling force) and rope capacity?

What is the drive type for the winch, electric, hydraulic or diesel?

What is the work speed required for the winch?

What is the power mode for the winch?

Is it required to equip the spooling device on the winch?

How will the winch be controlled, local control or remote control?

Other special requirements?

We are striving to be a reputable winch supplier in UAE and committed to serve our customers better. If you are searching for a winch now and would like to know winch machine price, please just feel free to contact us.

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    3.Drum capacity(mm x m): ?

    4.3 phase power supply(v/hz): ?

    5.Working speed(m/min): ?

    6.Your project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc.