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Aicrane Solutions

Aicrane is committed to providing customers with suitable lifting equipment solutions and excellent services to maximize the value for the customers. Our solutions mainly consist of constainers handling solution, boat pulling solution, steel structure and crane solution, prefabricated beams transporting solution and more.

Our products are widely used in iron & steel industry, mining industry, shipyard industry, port, waste to energy, machinery manufacturing industry and other industries to meet different materials handling requirements.

container crane installation

Container Handling Crane Solution Provided for Kazakhstan

Container Handling Gantry Crane Solution for Kazakhstan Basic Information of the Container Crane Solution Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan Products: RMG 45ton container gantry crane Application: Used for containers handling Delivery time: 120 working days Installation time: ...

32 ton Gantry Crane Solution for Containers Handling

Aicrane Customized Gantry Crane Solution for Containers Handling Basic Information of the Project Location: Atyrau, Kazakhstan Products: AQ-MGH double girder gantry crane Application: Used for containers transferring Delivery time: 75 working days Installation time: May, ...
overhead crane installed in Chile

Overhead Crane and Steel Structure Solution for Chile

Basic Information of the Project Location: Chile Products: Steel structure and overhead crane 30 ton Application: Transfer crushing equipment for maintenance Delivery time: Oct, 2022 Installation time: March, 2023 Installation method: Online installation guidance Video ...
friction winch for Indonesia

Slipway Winch Solution for Indonesian Customer

Customer Introduction Mr. Zack first met Aicrane by searching the keyword slipway winch on Google, he found our website and saw various types of winch solutions shown on the website, he was very interested, he ...
double girder crane for heavy steel pipes handling

Workshop Gantry Crane

A workshop gantry crane is a versatile piece of lifting equipment used in industrial and workshop environments. Its design, mobility, and lifting capacity make it a valuable tool for safely and efficiently handling heavy objects ...
AQ-LH series overhead crane

Warehouse Overhead Crane

A warehouse overhead crane is a type of material handling equipment commonly used in industrial and warehouse settings to lift and move heavy objects. The warehouse cranes are mounted on an overhead runway system, allowing ...

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