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AQ-LDY Metallurgical Overhead Crane

AQ-LDY type metallurgical single girder crane is designed and manufactured in accordance with JB / T 1306-2008 standard and used together with AQ-YH Ⅱ electric hoist. The working level is A6, the working environment temperature is ≤ 60 ℃, the relative humidity is ≤ 85%, the altitude is below 2000m, and the crane noise is not more than 85dB. It is an important tool and equipment for modern industrial enterprises to improve labor productivity in metallurgy and casting places.

Components of Metallurgical Overhead Crane

Metallurgical electric single girder crane mainly consists of three parts: bridge, metallurgical electric hoist and electrical system. The bridge is used to support and move the load longitudinally. It is composed of metal structure and running mechanism. The metal structure consists of three parts: the main beam, the end beam and the connection of the main end beam. The running mechanism consists of four parts: the driving device, the gearing device, the braking device and the wheel set. The metallurgical hoist bears the lifting and lateral moving loads. The electrical system consists of main circuit and control circuit. The main beam is made of U-shaped channel steel and I-shaped steel by cold bending and pressing or box girder by steel plate. The end beam is made of U-shaped channel steel and box girder by assembly and welding. The main end beam is connected by bolt and shear flange or seat structure, which is convenient for installation and transportation. The operating mechanism is driven separately, and the driving and braking are completed by the tapered rotor motor.

The hoisting mechanism is installed with two independent braking devices – brake and safety brake (double braking) and metallurgical electric hoist with overload limiter. Tapered rotor motor with large starting torque is used for lifting operation motor, with class H insulation, high temperature resistant cable, and thermal insulation protection measures are adopted outside electrical equipment such as motor. The operation mode is ground handle operation or wireless remote control operation.

LDY metallurgical crane
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AQ-YH Ⅱ Metallurgical Wire Rope Electric Hoist

The metallurgical electric hoist is suitable for the environment with an ambient temperature of – 25 ℃ – 60 ℃, humidity of ≤ 85%, no fire, toxic, explosive and corrosive media. It has a working level of M6, a lifting capacity of ≤ 10t, a lifting height of ≤ 20m, multiple protection functions such as double brake, double limit and heat insulation layer. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with JB / T 9008.1-2004.

metallurgical hoist
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The motor adopts YZD series tapered rotor three-phase asynchronous motor, with protection grade of IP54 and insulation grade of H. The electric hoist is equipped with high-temperature heat insulation protection function to effectively avoid thermal radiation. The steel wire rope adopts steel core steel wire rope (IWR), which has high-temperature resistance characteristics. The cable adopts high temperature resistant cable, and the hook is forged by steel die. The safety protection includes short circuit protection, voltage loss protection, double limit protection, electrical interlock protection, overspeed protection, overload protection, safety braking protection, etc.

The main mechanical structure composition of AQ-YH Ⅱhoist is the same as that of CD1 / MD1 electric hoist, and the lifting and running speed are the same as that of ordinary hoists. YH Ⅱ metallurgical hoist is suitable for places with high environmental temperature such as metallurgy and casting. It is easy to install, use and maintain, and its parts have strong universality.

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