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Battery Transfer Cart

Battery transfer cart can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics. It is particularly useful in applications where heavy loads need to be moved over long distances or where frequent battery changes are required. The cart is typically equipped with an electric motor and a drive system, which allows it to move forward, backward, and turn. The motor is powered by a battery, which is typically rechargeable and can be easily replaced when needed.

Aicrane battery transfer cart
Aicrane battery transfer cart

Aicrane Battery Transfer Carts for Sale

According to the way it runs, Aicrane battery transfer cart is mainly divided into two types: rail battery transfer cart and trackless battery transfer cart.

  • AQ-KPX transfer cart refers to a battery powered rail transfer cart. The battery provides power to the DC traction motor, and the DC motor drives the electric transfer cart to move. This kind of transfer cart features good safety performance, excellent mobility and flexibility, and the running distance is not limited.
  • AQ-BWP transfer cart is a trackless battery transfer cart, and the wheels are often made of polyurethane rubber-coated wheels and solid rubber wheels. This kind of transfer flat carts needs no track, and it can travel freely on the cement floor in the factory area, and can realize 360-degree steering.
  • In addition to battery transfer cart, we also provides rail-powered transfer cart, cable-drum powered transfer cart and other types of transfer flat carts to suit different requirements. To handle different materials, there are mainly coil transfer cart, die transfer cart, ladle transfer cart and other material transfer carts.

on rail battery powered transfer cart

AQ-KPX Battery Transfer Cart on Rail

Load capacity: 2t~150t
  • Table size: can be customized
  • Wheel base: 1200~7000mm
  • Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm
  • Battery voltage: 24~72V
  • Running speed: 0~30m/min
  • Control mode: button / remote control

trackless transfer trolley

AQ-BWP Trackless Battery Transfer Cart

Load capacity: 2t~100t
  • Table size: can be customized
  • Wheel base: 1080~2000mm
  • Running speed: 0~25m/min
  • Control mode: button / remote control

Aicrane Battery Transfer Cart Cases

Battery powered transfer carts are an efficient and safe way to transport heavy loads within a facility. As a reputable transfer cart manufacturer, we have exported many transfer carts to different countries. Before you buying a transfer cart, you can check the following cases for your reference.

Two 10 ton Battery Transfer Carts for the US

Two sets of 10 ton battery-powered transfered carts have been shipped to the US for the customer, and they will be used to transfer granite slabs in the factory. It is very convenient to use the material transfer carts since there is no need for the track, and they can move freely in and out of the facility to transfer heavy loads, which will greatly improve the productivity and efficiency.

10 ton transfer carts to the US
10 ton battery transfer carts for the US

10ton battery transfer cart for sale
10ton battery transfer cart for sale

Aicrane trackless transfer flat cart
Aicrane trackless transfer flat cart

10 ton Electric Transfer Carts for the UK

Two 10 ton electric transfer carts have been delivered to the UK and they are trackless battery flat cart and will be used to transfer steel structural parts in the customer’s wrokshop. These two transfer trolleys fully meet all the requirements put forward by the customer and the price is very reasonable and competitive. The two transfer flat carts were packed with the wooden boxed, which can protect the flat carts from damages during the transportation.

battery transfer carts 10 ton for sale
battery transfer carts 10 ton for sale

battery transfer cart
battery transfer cart

transfer cart prodcution in factory
transfer cart prodcution in factory

transfer trolley in factory
transfer trolley in factory

trackless transfer cart packing
trackless transfer cart packing

20 ton Battery Transfer Trolleys for Canadian Client

Recently, one of our Canadian customers who bought two sets of 20 ton battery tansfer trolleys sent us positive feedback of our products. He said the transfer trolleys work reliably and flexibly in the workshop to transfer steel components, which greatly improve the productivity. He was very satisfied with Aicrane transfer cart and he said he would purchase more products from our company in the future.

20ton battery transfer cart
20ton battery transfer cart

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Why Are the Transfer Carts Popular with Customers?

  • Versatility – Transfer carts can be used in a wide range of applications and industries, from manufacturing to warehousing to logistics. They are designed to transport heavy loads over both short and long distances, making them a versatile solution for many different material handling needs.
  • Efficiency – Electric transfer carts can help increase efficiency in material handling operations by reducing the need for manual lifting and transport of heavy loads. This can help to reduce labor costs and improve overall productivity.
  • Safety – Material transfer carts are designed with safety in mind, with features such as brakes, emergency stop buttons, and safety guards. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.
  • Customization – Transfer trolleys can be customized to meet the specific needs of a particular application or industry. This can include features such as adjustable forks or cradles, different types of wheels or tires, and different types of power sources.
  • Environmental friendliness – Many transfer flat carts are powered by batteries, which are a more environmentally friendly option than traditional fossil fuel-powered equipment. This can help to reduce carbon emissions and improve sustainability in the workplace.

Transfer carts are a popular choice for material handling operations due to their versatility, efficiency, safety, customization options, and environmental friendliness.

Wide Applications of Transfer Cart

Transfer carts are commonly found in machine fabrication shops, warehouses, metallurgical plants, chemical plants and other industrial plants to move goods or materials inside and outside your facility, or they can cooperate with overhead cranes to move loads between crane bays.

According to the type of material to be handled, the transfer trolley can be designed with V-frame, U-frame, rubber pad, wooden pad, weighing device, etc. For example, U type electric flat car is specifically engineered to handle cylindrical workpiece in case it is rolled and scattered. The U-frame is detachable for the ease of transportation of other workpieces.

Material handling: Material transfer carts are widely used in manufacturing facilities and warehouses to transport raw materials, finished products, and equipment. They can carry heavy loads and are highly maneuverable, making them ideal for transporting materials in tight spaces.

Automotive industry: Electric transfer carts are extensively used in the automotive industry for material handling and assembly line processes. They can carry car bodies, engines, and other components to different workstations on the assembly line.

Mining industry: Transfer flat carts are used in the mining industry to transport heavy loads of ore and equipment from one location to another.

Aerospace industry: Transfer trolleys are used in the aerospace industry to transport large aircraft components, such as wings and fuselages, around the manufacturing facility.

Railway industry: Transfer carts are used in the railway industry to move heavy railway components, such as rails and sleepers, around the rail yard.

Shipbuilding industry: Different electric transfer carts are used in the shipbuilding industry to move heavy ship components, such as engines and propellers, around the shipyard.

Power plants: Some transfer trolleys can be used in power plants to transport heavy equipment and materials, such as generators and turbines, around the facility.

Pharmaceutical industry: Transfer carts can be used in the pharmaceutical industry to transport raw materials, finished products, and equipment between different areas of the manufacturing facility.

wide applications of transfer cars
wide applications of transfer carts

Main Components of Transfer Cart

Battery-powered transfer carts, also known as battery-operated transfer trolleys, are composed of several components that work together to enable the cart to move heavy loads from one location to another as required. The main components of a battery transfer cart are:

  • Frame: The frame is the main structure of the transfer cart, and it supports the weight of the load being transported. The frame is made of steel or other durable materials that can withstand heavy loads.
  • Wheels: The wheels of a transfer cart are typically made of polyurethane or other materials that provide a smooth ride and can withstand heavy loads. The wheels are driven by a motor, which is powered by the battery.
  • Battery: The battery is the power source of the transfer cart, and it provides the energy needed to drive the motor and move the cart. The battery is usually a lead-acid battery or a lithium-ion battery.
  • Motor: The motor is responsible for driving the wheels of the transfer cart. The motor is connected to the battery and is controlled by an electronic controller.
  • Electronic controller: The electronic controller controls the speed and direction of the transfer cart. The controller receives signals from the operator and adjusts the speed and direction of the cart accordingly.
  • Brakes: The brakes are used to stop the transfer cart when it is not in motion. The brakes can be mechanical or electric, and they are usually located on the wheels.
  • Operator controls: The operator controls are used to control the movement of the transfer cart. The controls can be located on the cart or on a remote control device.

Why Choose Aicrane?

Aicrane is a reputable and experienced manufacturer of material handling equipment, including battery transfer carts. Here are some reasons why you might choose Aicrane for your material handling needs:

  • High quality: Aicrane products are known for the high quality and durability. We uses good-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that the products are of the hreliable quality.
  • Customization: Aicrane offers customization options to ensure that the products meet the specific requirements of the customers. We can customize transfer carts to carry specific loads, operate in specific environments, and meet specific safety standards.
  • Expertise: We have years of experience in the material handling industry and has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who can provide expert advice and support.
  • Competitive pricing: Aicrane offers competitive pricing for the products, making them an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.
  • Warranty: We offer a warranty on the products to provide peace of mind to the customers.
  • Customer support: Aicrane provides excellent customer support, including technical support, installation assistance, and maintenance services etc.

We are a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of different lifting equipment, and our commitment to quality, customization, and customer support makes us an excellent choice for businesses looking for high-quality material handling equipment. If you are interested in any kind of our products, please feel free to contact us now.

electric carts in factory
transfer trolley
transfer cart

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