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Aicrane container gantry crane

Gantry Crane

  • Aicrane container gantry crane for sale:
  • Capacity 30-50T, support customization
  • Used for loading, unloading, moving and stacking containers
  • Suitable for various fields, such as port terminal, container yard and railway freight station.

Applications of Container Gantry Crane

Container gantry crane is used in a wide range of port and container terminal operations, from smaller regional ports to large international container terminals. The container cranes are especially important in busy ports and terminals, where they help to ensure the efficient movement of containers. Aicrane provides different container gantry crane solutions to suit different applications.

For rail yard
For intermodal yards
For port & container terminals
For logistics and distribution centers
gantry crane for port and pier
Rail yard operations can benefit from the use of rail mounted container gantry cranes for loading and unloading railcars, transferring containers and cargo between different tracks and other tasks.
rmg crane for container terminal
Intermodal yards use rail-mounted container handling gantry cranes to transfer containers between different modes of transportation, such as trains and trucks. These cranes enable the efficient movement and transfer of containers between railcars and other transport vehicles.
container gantry crane for railway
Container cranes are widely used in ports and container terminals to handle containers. They load and unload containers from ships, stack them in yard areas, and transfer them between storage locations.
container crane for logistics storage
RMG container cranes are utilized in logistics and distribution centers to handle large volumes of goods and containers. They efficiently stack, organize, and retrieve containers or other heavy loads from storage areas.

Different Container Gantry Crane Types

A container gantry crane, also referred to as a container handling gantry crane, is designed for the efficient loading and unloading of container ships. It facilitates the movement of containers between ships and other modes of transportation like trucks and trains. Additionally, it is used for stacking containers in container yards. Aicrane provides different container cranes to suit different work requirements.

container gantry crane for sale
Container Handling Gantry Crane
Custom options available

Lifting capacity:30-50 ton

Span:18-35 m

Lifting height:12.3-21 m

Work duty: A6-A8

Aicrane container crane design
RMG Container Gantry Crane
Custom options available

Lifting capacity:10-80 ton

Span:18-35 m

Lifting height:12.3-21 m

Containers: 20′/40′/45′

If you have any need of Aicrane container gantry crane, please tell us and we will provide you with a suitable and cost-effective solution based on your requirements.

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Main Components and Work Process of RMG Container Crane

A rail-mounted container gantry crane, also known as RMG crane, is a specialized type of crane used for handling containers in ports and container terminals. The main components of a RMG container crane include steel structure, gantry frame, hoisting mechanism, trolley, rail travelling system, electrical system, control cabin and safety devices.
The combination of these components allows the crane to efficiently transfer containers, move along the rails, and ensure the safety of operations in container terminals and ports. Click the video to know the main components and work process of the RMG crane in the railroad yard.

Container Handling Gantry Crane Spreaders

An essential component of container handling equipment, container spreader is designed to fit onto the corner fittings of a container, which allows for secure lifting and handling of the container during transportation and storage operations. There are several types of container spreaders available, including fixed and adjustable spreaders, which are designed to handle different container sizes and weights.
The most common type of container spreader is the twistlock spreader, which uses twistlock mechanisms to lock onto the corner fittings of the container. The twistlock spreader can be used to lift and handle both 20-foot and 40-foot containers, and is suitable for use with container gantry cranes, ship-to-shore cranes, and straddle carriers.
Other types of container spreaders include fixed frame spreaders, telescopic spreaders, and spreaders with hydraulic or pneumatic systems, which are designed for specific container handling applications.

electric rotating container spreader
Electric rotating container spreader
electric rotating telescopic container spreader
Electric rotating telescopic container spreader
electric telescopic container spreader
Electric telescopic container spreader
lower rotating container spreader
Lower rotating container spreader
hydraulic telescopic container spreader
Hydraulic telescopic container spreader
simple container spreader
Simple container spreader

Container Gantry Crane Solutions

The design and solution for a container gantry crane involves considering lifting capacity, span and outreach, height, drive system, hoist and trolley system, anti-collision systems, control system, and environmental considerations. Aicrane provides customized container crane solutions based on the specific needs of the container handling operations.

40ton container gantry crane


40ton Container Gantry Crane

Lifting capacity: 40T
Span: 22.2m
Lifting height: 7m
Single cantilever: 7m

45ton container crane with double cantilever


45ton Container Crane with Single Cantilever

Lifting capacity: 45T
Span: 32m
Lifting height: 12.5m
Single cantilever: 7m

45ton container crane with single cantilever


45ton Container Crane with Double Cantilever

Lifting capacity: 45T
Span: 40m
Lifting height: 16.1m
Double cantilever: 9.3m+11.1m

50ton container crane without cantilever


50ton Container Crane without Cantilever

Lifting capacity: 50T
Span: 27m
Lifting height: 12.5m
Work duty: A6


Container Handling Gantry Crane Projects

container crane for Kazakhstan
Container Gantry Crane in Kazakhstan

Lifting capacity:


Work condition:

Used for container handling in container yard


The span of the container crane is 30m, the lifting height is 13m, crane running speed is 3.5-35 m/min and the work duty is A5.

The container handling gantry crane is used in the customer’s container yard for transferring containers from one place to another as required. Now the gantry crane has been installed and commissioned on site with our guidance. The 32 ton rail mounted gantry crane will greatly improve the work efficiency and save much human labor. The customer highly recognized our crane product and our professional service and said he would purchase more crane equipment from our company in the near future.
container crane in Chile
Container Handling Crane in Chile

Lifting capacity:


Work condition:

Used on railway line for containers loading and unloading


This rail mounted container crane is customized to meet the customer’s requirements.

The customer informed us that they required two sets of container gantry cranes to be used on a railway line for loading and unloading containers from trains. After understanding their requirements, we provided them with a solution that met all their needs within the budget. The customer was satisfied with our crane solution and quickly confirmed the order. Currently, these two 60-ton container handling gantry cranes are working reliably and safely to transfer containers as needed, significantly improving work efficiency and safety.

Features Of Container Gantry Cranes

High lifting capacity
Container gantry cranes are designed to handle heavy loads, with lifting capacities of up to 100 tons or more.
Long outreach
Our container handling gantry cranes have a long outreach, meaning they can reach across several rows of containers on a ship or in a container yard.
Spreader beam
The spreader beam is a key component of the container crane, allowing it to grip onto the corners of shipping containers securely.
Fast and efficient
Container gantry cranes are designed for fast and efficient operation, helping to minimize the time that ships spend in port and reducing the cost of container handling.
Advanced automation
The container gantry cranes are equipped with advanced automation systems, including remote control and semi-automatic operation.
Safety features
Safety is a top priority in container handling operations, and gantry cranes are equipped with various safety features such as overload protection, anti-collision systems, and emergency stop buttons.

Aicrane Professional Service

Aicrane provides a range of services for the customers, including consultancy services, customized design solutions, installation and commissioning, maintenance and repair, training and support, and spare parts supply. These services ensure that our customers receive the high quality equipment and service support for safe and efficient material handling operations.

consultation service
Consultancy services
Aicrane provides consultancy services to the customers to help them choose the most suitable shipping container gantry crane equipment for their needs. The services include analyzing their requirements, recommending the suitable equipment, and providing technical specifications.
tailored design
Customized design
Aicrane offers customized gantry crane design solutions to the customers to meet their specific requirements. This includes designing and manufacturing crane equipment to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our crane solutions are cost-effective for the customers.
installation and debugging
Installation and commissioning
Aicrane provides installation and commissioning services for the equipment to ensure that the equipment is properly installed and commissioned for safe and efficient operation.
Aicrane service providing
Training and support
We provide training and support services to the customers to help them operate their equipment safely and efficiently. This includes operator training, maintenance training, and technical support.

Benefits Of Using Container Gantry Cranes

Increased efficiency
Container gantry cranes allow for faster and more efficient handling of shipping containers, which can help to reduce the time that ships spend in port and increase overall productivity.
Improved safety
Gantry cranes are equipped with various safety features, including anti-collision systems, overload protection, and emergency stop buttons, which help to prevent accidents and improve overall safety in container handling operations.
Higher capacity
Container gantry cranes have a high lifting capacity, which allows them to handle larger and heavier shipping containers.
Improved container tracking
Many modern container gantry cranes are equipped with advanced tracking systems that allow for real-time monitoring of container movements, improving visibility and control over container handling operations.
Increased flexibility
Gantry cranes can be customized to meet the specific needs of different container handling operations, allowing for greater flexibility and adaptability.
Reduced labor costs
Container gantry cranes require fewer workers to operate, which can help to reduce labor costs and improve overall efficiency.
Environmental benefits
By improving the efficiency of container handling operations, container gantry cranes can help to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and logistics operations by reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


What containers can container gantry crane handle?
The most common sizes of ISO containers that can be handled by container gantry cranes are 20-foot and 40-foot containers, which have a length of 20 feet (6.1 meters) and 40 feet (12.2 meters), respectively. They are also capable of handling containers of various weights, depending on their lifting capacity. Other sizes of containers may also be handled by container gantry cranes, depending on their specific design and capabilities.
How to choose a suitable ship container gantry crane?
Choosing a suitable container gantry crane depends on several factors, including the specific needs of your container handling operation. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a container gantry crane:
  • Lifting capacity: The crane’s lifting capacity should be able to handle the heaviest containers that will be lifted during operations.
  • Outreach: The crane’s outreach should reach the farthest container on the ship or container yard.
  • Height: The height of the crane should be sufficient to handle the tallest stacks of containers in operation.
  • Speed and productivity: The speed and productivity of the crane should match operational requirements for container handling.
  • Automation and technology: Consider levels of automation and technology required, such as remote control, semi-automatic operation, and tracking systems.
  • Safety features: Ensure that appropriate safety features are present on the crane, including anti-collision systems, overload protection, and emergency stop buttons.
  • Space availability: Check if there is enough space in ports or terminals to accommodate cranes while ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure/equipment.
  • Budget considerations: Finally, consider costs associated with installation/maintenance/operation expenses for cranes within budget constraints for container handling operations.
What brand of electrical appliances do you prefer?
For our export products, we typically opt for well-known brands such as Schneider, Siemens, and ABB. These brands are known for their high quality and reliability. Additionally, it is convenient to find local after-sales service centers and replacement parts for these brands.
What is the warranty period for our products?
Our products come with a 1-year warranty. If any parts are damaged or break down due to quality issues within this period, we will provide free replacement parts. Please note that damages caused by artificial means or force majeure events are not covered under our quality assurance policy.
What payment methods do you accept? Can I pay with a credit card?
We accept various payment methods such as T/T, L/C, Western Union, and credit card payments. Our Paypal account also supports credit card payments. Additionally, we offer the option to make transactions through Alibaba trade assurance which also supports credit card payments.

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