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Container Reach Stacker Ready for Shipping to Vietnam

This container reach stacker is ready for shipping to Vietnam and will be used in container production yards invested by Korean multinational companies. The customer produces containers and needs to use a reach stacker for transshipment of the empty containers.

As a South Korean group multinational company, the client involves a wide range of business fields, mainly including hydraulic parts manufacturing, container production and other businesses in Vietnam. The machine is 10ton XCS1009K container reach stacker.

container reach stacker in factory
container reach stacker in factory before shipping

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The reach stacker has been completely manufactured according to customer’s requirements and has been tested in factory before shipment.

reach stacking handling 20ft container
reach stacking handling 20ft container

The reach stacker machine has reasonable design, cost-effective, long service life, high work efficiency and reasonable price.

reach stacker handling 40ft container
reach stacker handling 40ft container

If you are looking for such a reach stacker for handling containers from on position to another, you are welcomed to contact us at any time you want. We are looking forward to our win-win cooperation.

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