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Container Reach Stacker

Container reach stacker is a type of crane used to load and unload containers. It is a kind of lifting equipment and is specially designed for handling 20-foot and 40-foot international containers. It is mainly used for container stacking and horizontal transportation in docks and yards.

Compared with forklifts, the container reach stacker is mobile, flexible, easy to operate, and has good stability. The reach stacker features low pressure, high stacking layer and high utilization rate of stacking plant. Cross-container operations can be carried out. It is especially used for container loading and unloading in small and medium ports, railway transfer stations and highway transfer stations, and can also be used as auxiliary equipment in large container terminals.

 reach stacker for containers handling
container reach stacker

Main Composition of Container Reach Stacker

The reach stacker container is mainly composed of three parts: engineering machinery chassis, telescopic boom, and container spreader.

The chassis includes engine, power shift transmission, front axle, rear axle, steering system, cab, frame, counterweight, wheels and other components;

The telescopic boom has a telescopic cylinder, a pitch cylinder, a boom and other components;

The container spreader consists of rotating mechanism, upper frame, connecting frame, underframe, telescopic frame, telescopic cylinder, anti-sway cylinder, side shift cylinder, rotary lock cylinder and other components.

container stacker machines
container reach stacker for sale

Main Applications of Container Reach Stacker

The reach stacker crane has wide applications due to its mobility and flexibility. When you are planning to purchase a reach stacker for containers handling, it is necessary and important to communicate with the container reach stacker manufacturers about the exact work needs, work conditions and other special requirements.

  1. The container stacker can be applied in terminal container yard, including horizontal transportation of containers between the yard and frontier loading and unloading machinery;
  2. The reach stacker can be used in container yardand transfer station for containers handling;
  3. The container reach stacker can be used in container distribution points at railway stations. After the hook isequipped, it can be used as a rubber tire crane. In some cases, it can also be equipped with a timber grab to be used as a timber loading and unloading machine.
container stackers with wide uses
container stackers with wide uses

Structure Features of Reach Stacker Container

  1. It is equipped with a multi-functional telescopic spreader, suitable for loading and unloading 20-40ft containers, and can turn left and right, move horizontally, and tilt, which is convenient for container positioning and narrow passages;
  2. The telescopic boom with load-bearing pitching can realize the combined action of reach stackerdriving and boom telescoping;
  3. Set up anti-rolling device between the boom and the spreader to reduce the swing of the container during lifting, braking and driving of the container stacker;
  4. It can stack multi-layer containers and carry out cross-container operations;
  5. The container stacker machine can be equipped witha variety of protection devices to ensure safe operation;
  6. Whenthe spreader is mounted with lifting claws, it can lift container together with the semi-trailer to realize rail and road combined transportation;
  7. When the reach stacker is equipped with  hook, it can handleother heavy cargo as required.
reach stacker handling different loads

Classifications of Reach Stacker Machine

The reach stacker machine can be divided into two categories according to the different operating objects:

Heavy-loaded Container Reach Stacker

This type of reach stacker crane is mainly used for handling heavy-loaded containers, and generally 4 to 5 layers of containers can be stacked.

heavy-loaded container stacker
heavy-loaded container stacker

Empty Container Stacker

This kind of reach stakcer machine only works on empty containers, and generally 7 to 8 layers of containers can be stacked, up to 10 layers.

empty container stacker for handling empty container
empty container stacker

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Advantages of Container Reach Stacker Machine

Intelligent and Efficient

Dynamic power matching technology

Controller, joystick, pump and valve. combined with dynamic power matching technology reduce the system response time from0.7s to 0.3s, leading to sensitive reaction and efficient operation.

Self-adaptive electronically controlled damping

The system automatically adjusts the characteristics of spreader damping oil cylinder according to the actual working condition, so as to solve the problems of slow balancing speed of empty container and large swing of heavy container during sudden braking.

Vertical lifting technology

Intelligently adjust the boom’s working status through real-time monitoring of boom data improve the efficiency of cross-container operations and train loading and unloading operations.

Intelligent derricking speed-regulating

The system automatically adjusts the derricking speed according to the lifting weight, high speed when light loaded, low speed when heavy loaded, no manual switching.

Accurate weighing and unbalance loading detection

Detecting container weight and unbalance loading by pressure sensor installed in the spreader lock. Automatic alarm for out of tolerance to avoid repeated adjustment.

Safe and Reliable

✤ Intelligent brake technology

Through radar detection and visual recognition distinguish people or objects. Real-time alarm and intelligent brake can avoid frequent brake.

✤ Dynamic anti-tipping protection technology

The system monitors the working state of the machine in real time. When approaching the extreme working condition, it proactively limits speed to prevent the machine from tipping over.

✤ Automatic fire extinguishing system

With automatic fire extinguishing system arranged around the engine compartment, the temperature and smoke information in the high-temperature area of it can be monitored in real time, so as to automatically extinguish the fire in time and avoid accidents.

✤ Mature and reliable supporting parts

Mature and reliable supporting parts, professional matching optimization, full-life cycle simulation analysis, multi-dimensional failure mode analysis, systematic testing and evaluation, as well as higher than the industry standard, effectively ensure the reliability of the product.

Comfortable to Manipulate

Excellent view

Full view driver’s cab, hump counterweight and power movable cab offer outstanding visibility.


HD monitor, reversing radar and camera with user-friendly interface and clear machine status makes it easy to control all kinds of machine information.

Comfortable to operate

Due to aviation joystick, ergonomic seat, six-way adjustable steering gear and humanized control part layout, it is easy to operate, comfortable to drive and avoid working fatigue.

Omni-directional lighting

Perfect lighting, such as working lamps set on the front and rear of the machine, as well as on the boom and spreader, meet the requirements in various job sites.

Energy Saving

✤ Intelligent hydraulic system

Flow self-adaptive load sensitive hydraulic system enables the displament and pressure of pump to be accurately adjusted according to the load in real time, avoiding overflow loss and effectively reducing energy consumption.

✤ Mature and efficient energy-saving design

Automatic transmission is easy to shift, with ECO mode has feature of high torque at low speed and high efficiency at high speed, the best matched dynamic performance and economy, leading to save more than 10% fuel consumption.

✤ Lightweight technology

The multi-body dynamic optimization matching technology with the minimum force makes 8% reduction in component stress which contributes to lighter machine and lower fuel consumption.

Main Technical Parameters of Container Reach Stacker

Lifting Capacity

The lifting capacity of the container reach stacker is determined according to the rated lifting capacity and the weight of the spreader. Rated lifting capacity is usually determined by the maximum total weight of the container to be lifted. For the international standard 40-foot container, the maximum weight is 30.5t. The weight of the spreader for the 40-foot reach stacker manufactured by various manufacturers is about 10t.

Lifting Height

The lifting height is the stacking height, which is generally 4 layers of containers. For example, considering the container height of 8ft 6in (2.591m), plus a certain safety gap, the lifting height is generally about 11m. If the height of five-layer containers is required to be stacked, the lifting height should not be less than 12.955m, generally about 13m.

Working Range
The reach stacker can usually operate across a row of containers. Generally, when working on the first row of containers, the distance between the outer edge of the front wheel and the container is about 700mm, and the working range should be at least 2m away from the outer edge of the front wheel.

When working on the second row of containers, the distance between the front wheel and the first row of containers is about 500mm, and the minimum working range is 4.1m from the outer edge of the front wheel.

Machine Body Size

The container reach stacker is mainly used in cargo yard operations and is required to be able to adapt to the narrow site conditions. Therefore, the passing performance is relatively high, and the width and length of the reach stacker body need to be controlled. In addition, the stability of the whole machine and the force of the frame must also be considered.

Generally, the reach stacker machine is required to be able to turn on a right-angle passage of about 7.5m, and turn 90° in a passage of about 9.5m. Therefore, the minimum turning radius is required to be about 8.5m, the maximum wheelbase is about 5500mm, the length of the container stacker body with boom is about 500-8000mm, and the body width is generally about 3500-4000mm.

Travelling Speed

The operating distance of the container reach stacker is generally within 40-50m, which is more reasonable. If the distance is too far, a trailer should be used for horizontal transportation between the front machinery and the yard. The container reach stacker is only allowed to travel at a low speed when it is transferring heavy-loaded container.

Because the container reach stacker has a large dead weight, the total weight of the entire reach stacker machine can reach 110t when it is lifting a 40t container. If the driving speed is too fast, it will have a greater impact on climbing, braking, overall machine stability and engine power, so the maximum speed of the reach stacker crane at full load generally does not exceed 10km/h. It can drive at high speed when it is empty, generally about 25km/h.

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With quality and reliable reach stackers, you will benefit from excellent availability, comfort and safety, and low operating and maintenance costs. Our flexible equipment solutions can easily adapt to various handling tasks common in modern intermodal terminals.

For safe containers handling, it is necessary and important to choose a quality and reliable reach stacker machine used in your work place to make your container handling work easier, safer and quicker. If you are looking for a container stacker now for your business or project, please just tell us your requirements and the reach stacker working conditions, and we will provide you suitable solution to meet all your work requirements. Contact us now for win-win cooperation.

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