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Crane for Bridge Construction

Aicrane provides different types of crane for bridge construction to suit various requirements. Cranes are essential equipment in the bridge construction industry, and their types and sizes depend on the specific needs of the projects, including the bridge design, construction site conditions, the weight of materials to be lifted and more. Read on to know details of our bridge construction crane solutions.

straddle crane handling bridge beams
straddle crane handling bridge beams

Variety of Material Handling Solutions for Bridge Construction

Bridge construction involves various material handling challenges, and different solutions are employed to ensure efficient and safe construction processes. Aicrane, as an experienced and reliable lifting solutions provider, mainly supplies rubber tyre gantry cranes, straddle carrier cranes, hydraulic transporter, launching gantry crane, overhead crane and more.

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane for Bridge Components Transferring

Bridge components often entail considerable weight, and rubber tyred gantry cranes excel in handling heavy loads. The crane’s robust design, coupled with advanced lifting mechanisms, ensures that even the most substantial elements are lifted and transferred with efficiency and safety. Rubber tired gantry cranes can be used both in precast yard and construction site for transferring different heavy loads from one position to another.

two straddle carriers working together for beams transporting
rubber gantry crane transporting concrete items
tyre mounted straddle crane for transferring beams
tyre mounted gantry crane for blocks handling
rubber tyred gantry crane used for transfer concrete blocks
rubber tyred gantry crane used for transfer concrete blocks on construction site

Straddle Carrier for Bridge Construction

Straddle Carrier excels in the swift and effective handling of heavy loads. With its lifting capabilities, the carrier can efficiently transport materials such as precast concrete segments, steel beams, and other essential bridge components. This efficiency contributes to the overall progress and timelines of the construction endeavor. The straddle carrier gantry cranes can transport heavy bridge beams in prefabricated yard or on bridge construction site as the project requires.

200 ton straddle carrier design
200 ton straddle carrier solution
crane handling heavy beam using two lifting points
straddle crane handling heavy beam

If you are interested in knowing more about how the straddle carrier transfers and positions the heavy bridge beams on the site, you can just check the following video for your reference. For any details about this type of straddle crane, just contact us.

Hydraulic Transporter for Bridge Construction

Bridge construction involves a diverse array of loads, ranging from steel beams to precast concrete segments. The design of hydraulic transporter is inherently adaptable, capable of accommodating various load sizes and weights. This versatility positions it as a dynamic tool for construction projects where flexibility in transporting different types of bridge beams is essential.

The hydraulic transporter’s hydraulic-powered wheels and suspension system enable it to navigate through such terrains with ease. This efficiency ensures that bridge beams can be transported to even the most remote or challenging construction locations.

DCY 100ton hydraulic platform transporter
DCY 100ton hydraulic platform transporter
DCY-320t platform transporter
DCY-320t platform transporter
platform trailer handling heavy beams
hydraulic transporter for handling bridge blocks

The hydraulic transporters always work together with straddle carrier gantry cranes and launching gantrys during the bridge construction process. They play important role in heavy beams transferring work and greatly improve efficiency.

Launching Gantry Crane for Bridge Construction

Launching Gantry Crane is renowned for its use of the incremental launching technique. This method involves assembling and launching bridge segments in a systematic manner, progressively extending the bridge’s span. This technique not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes disruption to traffic and surrounding environments during construction, showcasing a delicate touch in the art of bridge building.

launching gantry on construction site
launching gantry on construction site
launching gantry crane working with hydraulic transporter
launching gantry crane working with hydraulic transporter

The advanced control systems and positioning mechanisms of the launching gantry crane enable the accurate placement of bridge segments. This precision ensures that each component fits seamlessly into the overall structure, contributing to the strength and integrity of the bridge.

The launching gantry has the ability to launch segments over long spans, reducing the need for additional supports, streamlining the construction process. This efficiency is particularly valuable in creating bridges that connect distant points with grace and stability.

launching gantry crane for bridge construction
launching gantry crane for bridge construction

Gantry Crane on Construction Site for Efficient Material Handling

The use of gantry cranes on construction sites, including bridge construction, is a common and efficient method for material handling. Gantry cranes offer many advantages, such as versatility, mobility, precise positioning, high efficiency and reduced manual labor, that contribute to the smooth progress of construction projects. Gantry cranes can be integrated into the construction workflow, aligning with other construction equipment and processes. This integration streamlines material handling and contributes to a well-organized construction site.

70ton double beam gantry cranes
double beam gantry cranes
Aicrane gantry crane solution for Argentina
gantry crane on construction site

Overhead Crane on Construction Site

Overhead cranes provide a robust and efficient solution for material handling in construction project. Their high lifting capacity, precise control, and adaptability make them valuable assets on construction sites where the efficient movement of heavy materials is essential.

crane used for construction site
overhead crane used for construction site

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Case Study – 180 ton Straddle Carrier Crane for Sale

Straddle Crane design for the customer

We provided the professional straddle carrier solution considering all the requirements put forward by the customer, and the crane solution fully met their work needs and budget. The customer was satisfied with our solution and professionalism.

DTL 180t straddle carrier solution of crane for bridge construction

180ton straddle lift crane design and solution
180 ton straddle crane design and solution

Straddle carrier gantry crane for bridge construction

The straddle crane for crossing construction is an advanced piece of equipment designed to handle the complexities of installing prefabricated bridge segments over construction lines. The precision and versatility of this tyre mounted gantry crane contribute to efficient and safe construction operations.

180t straddle carrier for bridge construction site
180t straddle carrier for sale
straddle machine for beams handling
straddle carrier for beams handling
DTL 180ton for bridge construction site
DTL 180ton straddle crane for bridge construction site
DTL 180 ton crane for bridge construction
straddle carrier crane on construction site

What Affect Crane Price?

The price of a crane is influenced by various factors, and understanding these factors can help in estimating and budgeting for crane-related expenses. When considering buying a crane, it’s essential to carefully evaluate the following factors based on the specific requirements of the project.

  • Type of Crane: Different types of cranes, such as rubber tyred gantry crane, container gantry crane, straddle crane, launching gantry crane and overhead crane, have varying costs. The specific application and requirements of the project will determine the type of crane needed.
  • Lifting Capacity: The lifting capacity of the crane is a major factor influencing the price. Higher lifting capacities often require more robust and sophisticated equipment, leading to higher costs, for example, a 20 ton gantry crane generally cost more than a 10 ton gantry crane.
  • Span and lifting height: The span and lifting height of the cranes are critical factors. Cranes with larger span and higher lifting height are typically more expensive due to the additional materials and engineering required.
  • Configurations: Cranes adopting different configurations have different prices, for example, a 20 ton gantry crane with European standard configurations is more expensive than one with common configurations.
  • Customization: Customized features and specifications tailored to specific project needs can increase the overall cost of a crane. Clients may request modifications to meet unique requirements, which can impact the price.
  • Technology and Features: Cranes equipped with advanced technology, safety features, and automation may have higher upfront costs. However, these features can contribute to increased efficiency and safety on the construction site.
  • Installation and Assembly: The complexity of crane installation and assembly can affect the overall price. Cranes that require specialized assembly or installation services may have associated costs.
  • Maintenance and Operating Costs: Consideration of ongoing maintenance and operating costs is crucial. Some cranes may have lower upfront costs but higher maintenance expenses over their lifespan.
  • Geographical Location: Local regulations, taxes, and import/export duties can vary by location and affect the final price of a crane.
  • Additional Accessories and Attachments: The inclusion of accessories and attachments, such as hooks, spreader bars, or specialized lifting gear, can add to the overall cost.
straddle crane for bridge construction
straddle crane machine

Why Choose Crane Solutions from Aicrane?

  • Wide Range of Crane Products: Aicrane offers a variety of crane solutions, including overhead cranes, gantry cranes, RMG container cranes, RTG rubber gantry crane, straddle carriers, launching gantry cranes, and other material handling equipment. The availability of a diverse range allows customers to choose equipment that best fits their specific needs.
  • Customization Options: Aicrane provides customization options for the crane solutions, allowing customers to tailor the crane equipment to their unique project requirements. This can include adjustments in lifting capacity, span, and other specifications.
  • Quality and Durability: Customers often look for cranes that are built with high-quality materials and adhere to industry standards. We have a reputation for providing durable and reliable crane solutions that meet or exceed these standards. We have our own factory to guarantee the reliable manufacturing and quality.
  • Safety Features: Safety is a critical factor in material handling equipment. Our company incorporates advanced safety features into our crane solutions, such as overload protection, emergency braking systems, and limit switches, ensuring a secure working environment.
  • Technical Support: Aicrane offers technical support and assistance to customers during the selection, installation, and maintenance of the cranes. This is valuable for ensuring proper operation and minimizing downtime.
  • Competitive Pricing: The pricing of our crane solutions is competitive within the market. Customers often consider the balance between cost and features when choosing equipment for their projects.
  • Global Presence: We have provided various crane solutions for customers from different countries and regions, some of our customers have cooperated with us more than once and a few of them have become our agent in some regions.
  • Innovation and Technology: Aicrane is committed to incorporating the latest technologies and innovations into the crane solutions, enhancing performance, efficiency, and ease of use.
  • After-Sales Service: Aicrane provides comprehensive after-sales services, including maintenance, repairs, replacement parts and more. This ongoing support can contribute to the long-term reliability of the crane solutions.
crane factory conditions
crane factory
Aicrane outdoor factory
factory condition
Aicrane crane factory
production in factory
our team serving customers
Aicrane project consultants
customer-service team
customer-service team
Aicrane service for customers
Aicrane after-sales service team

Get Cost-effective Bridge Construction Crane Solutions from Aicrane

If you are doing bridge construction projects and looking for suitable and cost-effective crane solutions for your projects, you are welcomed to contact us to tell us your needs. According to your specific project requirements, we will recommend you the most suitable crane solutions. To guarantee the reliable use of the cranes, we have professional service team responsible for providing one-stop services for our customers. Don’t hesitate to get connected with us for details now.

straddle crane for precast yard
straddle crane for precast yard
launching gantry crane for bridge construction project
launching gantry for bridge construction
DTL200ton crane for bridge construction
straddle crane for cross-line construction application

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