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Customer Feedback About Aicrane Single Girder Overhead Crane

One of our customers from Tanzania sent us feedback about our single girder overhead crane, he said the overhead crane has been successfully installed and tested and everything is ok with the crane. This overhead crane he bought is Aicrane AQ-LD type single girder electric hoist overhead crane and its lifting capacity is 3 ton. The 3 ton overhead crane will be used in the workshop for handling heavy loads as required.

overhead crane for Tanzania
overhead crane for Tanzania

Main Parameters of the Single Girder Electric Hoist Overhead Crane

Model AQ-LD Single Girder Overhead Crane
Lifting capacity 3 ton
Lifting height 6m
Span length 10.5m
Travel distance 25m
Power supply 400V/50HZ/3Phase

Installation of the 3 ton Overhead Crane in Tanzania

The 3 ton overhead crane was cut into three pieces in order to fit the delivery requirements. The installation of the overhead crane went smooth with our engineer’s online guidance. Now the debugging of the overhead crane and the electric hoist has been finished and everything is ok with the products. Our customer is very satisfied with our service. Click the video to know the crane commissionning in the workshop.

overhead crane beams
overhead crane beams

3ton overhead crane installation
3ton overhead crane installation

Aicrane Service for Tanzania

  • Our project consultants and technicians are responsible for communicating with the customers and providing suitable solutions for them.
  • Our customer-service team provide crane production progress pics and videos for the customers to make them know well of the whole process.
  • When it comes to the delivery, our shipping department prepare all the documents and shipment materials to guarantee the smooth delivery of the products.
  • After the customers receiving the products, we can send our after-sales engineers to the site for installation or provide online installation guidance as the customers require.
  • We also provide free online training of crane operation and maitenance.

Get A Suitable Crane Solutions for Your Business

Overhead cranes are widely used in various places for materials lifting and transferring, as a reliable crane manufacturer, we provide wide range of overhead cranes to suit different requirements, mainly consisting of top running overhead crane, underhung bridge crane, single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, European standard overhead crane, explosion proof overhead crane, magnetic overhead crane, foundry crane and so on.

No matter what type of overhead bridge crane you need for your business, you just need to contact us and tell us your work requirements and we will offer you the suitable and reliable crane solution to meet all your work needs. If you have special requirements, we provide custom options. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now.

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