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Differences Between Bridge Crane and Gantry Crane

1. Bridge crane is a kind of lifting equipment which is used to lift materials horizontally over workshop, warehouse and stock yard;

Gantry crane is a kind of deformation of bridge crane, also called gantry crane. It is mainly used for loading and unloading of outdoor goods yard, stock yard and bulk cargo.

2. The shape of the bridge crane is similar to that of the bridge because its two ends are located on the tall concrete column or metal bracket;

The metal structure of the gantry crane is like a portal frame. Two legs are installed under the main beam, which can move directly on the track on the ground. The two ends of the main beam can have an extended cantilever beam.

3. The main beamof the bridge crane runs longitudinally along the track laid on the viaduct on both sides, which can make full use of the space under the bridge to lift materials without being hindered by the ground equipment. It is the most widely used and the largest number of lifting machinery;

Gantry crane has the characteristics of high utilization rate, wide operation range, wide adaptability and strong universality, which is widely used in port freight yard.

4. Difference in appearance

bridge crane and gantry crane
                                                                                       Bridge Crane & Gantry Crane

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