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Double Arms Jib Crane

Double arms jib crane is designed based on traditional single arm jib crane. With two arms in a mask or pillar, it can save plant space in a large extent. Moreover, two arms are able to lifting loads independently, by which the whole crane can work more efficient.

In general, double jib crane span semi-circle (180 degree), if necessary, you can set its two arms in different angle, so that you can get any rotation you want. You can choose a floor mounted jib crane, or choose a fixed on column jib, send us factory detail when contact to get a jib crane suits your factory best.

double arm jib crane
double arm jib crane

Double Arms Jib Crane

Rated capacity: 0.25-1t
Turning degree: 270°
L: 3500-3800mm
R1: 500-800mm
R2&h: 3000mm
H: 4000-4500mm)

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Features of Double Arms Jib Cranes

You can check the features of our jib crane with two arms, customized jib length, rotation and rated load are available.


1. Beam of jib arm use hollow steel structure, which makes light self-weigh and high strength.
2. Walking structure adopts engineering plastic roller, which makes less friction.
3. Small dimension helps increasing vertical stroke.
4. Two jib arms help to raise efficiency.
5. You can choose to install jib arm on a pillar or by brackets


1. You can choose manual and electric operation
2. Match with PK type electric chain hoist contributes to transport task
3. You can use it in assorted capacities

Advantages of Double Arms Jib Crane

1. Sturdy construction. Our double arms type jib crane adopts hollow steel structure of jib I-beam, light weight makes jib crane has high strength and durable.
2. Economical. Scientific and simple structure saves material, you can get your jib crane in a good price.
3. Wide task range. Because of small dimension of double arms jib, hoist can moves in its maximal task range.
4. Safe. Scientific structure and high quality steel ensure your jib works safety.
5. High efficiency. With two jib arms works at the same time, your double jib crane is available to carry loads frequently and fast.

Why Choose Aimix Manufacturer?

There are many reasons why you are welcome to choose us. Except scientific structure and easy operation of Aimix manufacturer, you can get high quality crane products in a good price. Then, you can get your own non-standard customize design by professional experts.

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