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Double Beam Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Shipped to the US

Recently, we have finished the tests of one double beam rubber tyred gantry crane in our factory before delivery to the US. This rubber gantry crane is equipped with two European standard wire rope  hoists as its lifting devices, one is with 32 ton load capacity and the other is with 20 ton load capacity.

rubber tyred gantry crane for the US
rubber tyred gantry crane for the US

Main Parameters and Application of the Rubber Gantry Crane

The load capacity of the gantry crane is 32ton, its span is 11.7m, lifting height is 7.7m and the total height is 9.5m. The rubber tyre gantry crane will be used in our customer’s warehouse to transfer injection molding tools for the production of automotive injection molded parts. The two hooks will work together to turn the molding tools as required. We provided this gantry crane to suit all the customer’s work requirements.

rubber gantry crane test in factory
rubber gantry crane test in factory
double girder rubber gantry crane
double girder rubber gantry crane

Advantages of Using Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes

  • This kind of rubber gantry crane has high mobility and versatility and can be used to handle different types of heavy materials from one location to another.
  • The rubber tyred gantry cranes need no rails to travel, saving cost for the installation.
  • Compared with other types of gantry crane solutions, this kind of crane is highly cost-effective and needs less maintenance.
  • The double beam crane sytle has excellent work performance and long service life.

Tailor-made Solutions Provided for Customers

Since different work conditions require different lifting equipment, as a professional and experienced gantry crane manufacturer, we have provided a wide range of crane solutions for various customers to suit varied work needs. Before offering the solution, we will communicate with the customers thorough to know clearly about all their work conditions and needs, or we can visit the work site as required in order to provide the most suitable solutions for them and help them succeed in their business or projects.

Aicrane 32ton rubber tire gantry crane solution
Aicrane 32ton rubber tire gantry crane solution

In addition to reliable and quality products, we also porvide professional after-sales services to help the customers solve problems any time they need. Our after-sales services mainly consist of crane installation, maintenance, spare parts providing, operation training, technical support and more. If you have any need of our products, just don’t hesitate to contact us for a suitable recommendation.

service team
service team for installation
Aicrane service experts
Aicrane service experts

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