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Double Girder Overhead Crane On The Way To Kazakhstan

Recently, a double girder overhead crane designed and manufactured by our company is on the way to Kazakhstan for our customers. The crane our customers purchased is our hot-sale crane type – AQ-QD type overhead crane and it is top running style.

The double girder crane has large lifting capacity, long service life, easy operation, good work performance and ideal price. The overhead crane has compact design and structure, which can save freight for our customers.

double girder crane to Kazakhstan
double girder crane to Kazakhstan

With many years’ experience in crane industry, we have many customers from various coutries, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Chile and so on.

No matter what type of crane you need for your business, we can provide you with suitable and reliable crane solution to meet all your requirements. For more details of our crane products and our service, please just contact us now for our win-win cooperation.

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