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Double Girder Overhead Cranes Used in Machinery Workshop

Good news coming! Two Aicrane double girder overhead cranes have been completely installed and used in Nigeria. These two overhead cranes are European standard cranes and used in the customer’s machinery workshop to transfer heavy materials, like steel coil and other steel components.

double girder overhead crane for Nigeria
overhead crane for Nigeria

Basic Information of the Overhead Crane

Since the customer had high requirements on the crane, we provided the European standard crane solution – Aicrane AQ-NLH type crane for them to suit all their work needs. The lifting capacity of one crane is 25 ton and that of another one is 16ton, the span of the two cranes is 17.5m and the lifting height of them is 8m.

In addition to the 16 ton and 25 ton overhead crane, we also provided the steel structure parts for the customer as they required together with the overhead cranes.

Delivery of the Products to Nigeria

After finishing the production, our shipment department took charge in the delivery issues. The crane beams were packed with plastic film for rain protection, and the electrical and other small parts were packed in standard export fumigation wooden box, and reinforced by steel plate in case of any damage.

crane and hoist delivery
crane and hoist delivery
crane products shipped to Nigeria
crane products shipped to Nigeria
steel structure components delivery
steel structure components delivery

Positive Feedback from Our Nigerian Customer

Currently, the two NLH European type overhead crane have been used reliably in the customer’s manufacturing shop to handle different kinds of heavy materials as required. The customer told us our double beam overhead cranes fully met their work needs and greatly improve the work efficiency in their workshop and they were glad to order the products from our company. Check the video to know the overhead cranes work in the workshop.

For crane installation, we have cooperative installation team in Nigeria who can provide site installation guidance as required. We also provide online installation guidance for customers who have the needs. In generally, if you have any interest or need of Aicrane overhead crane in Nigeria, just feel free to get in touch with us and you will get the timely reply.

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