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Electric Marine Winch Shipped To Malaysia

Recently, an electric marine winch was shipped to Malaysia, and the marine winch will be used for mooring operations as required. This marine winch has reasonable design and compact structure. Continue to read the post for more detailed information.

marine electric mooring winch
marine electric mooring winch

How Did the Customer Find Us?

The customer searched the marine winch on Google, found Aicrane and he checked our website, and then he sent an inquiry on the website. After receiving the inquiry, our sales manager responsible for Malaysia market got in touch with him very soon, and sent him some detailed information of our winches.

Why Did the Customer Choose Aicrane?

  • Due to the communication with the customer, we know clearly of the requirements, we recommended a marine electric winch solution to suit all the work needs and some special requirements, and the customer was very satisfied with our solution and our service.
  • During the production progress, we regularly updated the mooring winch manufacturing with pictures or videos for the customer, and we provide all the materials and reports for him in time.
  • Our winch product was made of high tensile steel and the manufacturing progress met the class rules; we also have strict quality control to guarantee the reliable quality.
winch for sale in Malaysia
winch for sale in Malaysia

Aicrane Winch for Sale in Malaysia

Aicrane has been in winch business for many years, our winch in Malaysia has been highly recognized and we have exported many winches there, including hydraulic winch, electric winch, diesel winch, and the winches can be used both for marine or construction uses.

If you are looking for a winch marine solution for your business or project, and you are not very sure about how to select a suitable winch, please just feel free to contact us and we will recommend the right and reliable winch to you, for special requirements, we provide customized solution.

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