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Electric Slow Speed Winches for A Customer in the Philippines

Recently, three electric slow speed winches were delivered to Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines. The rated load of the electric winch is 3 ton and it is our hot-sale winch type – AQ-JM slow speed winch. These 3 ton electric winches will be used on construction site for heavy loads handling as required. Read on to know more about the winches.

3 ton winches for sale in Philippines
3 ton winches for sale in Philippines

Technical Parameters of The Electric Winch for Sale Philippines

Model AQ-JM Electric Winch
Rated load 30 KN
Diameter of wire rope φ15mm
Rated speed 9.5m/min
Rope capacity 80m

Why Did the Customer Choose Aicrane?

  • After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our project consultant Kevin contacted the customer soon to know his actual requirements on the winch. With the communication, we knew clearly of his requirements and then our project consultant conveyed the customer’s needs to our technicians;
  • Our technicians provided the suitable winch solution according to the requirements and finally the customer confirmed the solution and placed the order;
  • During the winch production, our customer-service team updated the production progress via photos or videos for the customer, our service team answered all the questions and solved the problems put forward by the customer in time, and our customer was very satisfied with the service;
  • After receiving the winch, the customer did the QC inspection and said all unit working fine and he expressed that he would purchase more winches from us in the future;
  • Due to our reliable winch product, timely service and ideal price, the customer highly recognized Aicrane and we both look forward to the next cooperation.
feedback from the customer
feedback from the customer

Know More About Aicrane Winches for Philippines

Since we have been in winch industry for many years, we have exported various winches to the Philippines including both electric winch and hydraulic winch, and the winches are used for different applications, like construction site and marine occasions, that is to say, we mainly provide constrction winches and marine winches.

We are striving to be a reputable winch supplier in Philippines in order to serve our clients better and better. If you are searching for a winch solution in the Philippines now, please feel free to tell us and we will provide you with the suitable and cost-effective winch to meet all your requirements. Contact us now!

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