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As a leading and experienced lifting equipment supplier in China, we have been in this industry for decades. Our main products include overhead crane (also known as bridge crane), gantry crane, jib crane, winch (including construction winch and marine winch), hoist, travel lift and electric transfer cart. Whatever kind of lifting equipment you need, you can just get a suitable and reliable one from our company.

Overhead Crane for Sale

Overhead crane, also known as bridge crane, is one of the most widely used lifting equipment for lifting, moving, loading and unloading heavy loads both indoors and outdoors, such as used in warehouse, assembly and maintenance workshop, factory, material yard, power station, steel mill and so on.

Overhead cranes provided by our company have various types for your choice, including single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, foundry crane, explosion proof crane, magnetic overhead crane, grab overhead crane, warehouse crane and underslung crane etc. The cranes are designed and manufactured in different styles and with different lifting capacities, like 5 ton crane, 10 ton crane, 100 ton crane and so on. With your specific requirements on the crane, we will recommend you the perfect crane solution to meet all your work needs and help you improve work efficiency and productivity.

Double girder overhead crane from Aimix

Top Running Overhead Crane

Top running overhead crane is a common type of overhead crane and as the name implies, its end trucks travel on ...
Overhead traveling crane for sale

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

Electric overhead travelling crane is one of the most commonly used overhead cranes, and it is also called eot crane ...
electric overhead cranes

Electric Overhead Crane

Electric overhead crane is an efficient lifting solution for the manufacturing industry, across a wide range of workplaces such as warehouse and ...
Underslung crane for sale

Underslung Crane

Based on JB2603-94 design standard, underslung crane is a kind of light weight overhead rail crane equipped with AQ-CD1 or AQ-MD1 ...
Aicrane LD type 5ton overhead crane

5 Ton Overhead Crane

5 ton overhead crane is a kind of light duty overhead crane and ideal for lifting goods up to 5 ton ...
10 ton overhead crane for sale

10 Ton Overhead Crane

10 ton overhead crane belongs to light duty overhead crane with the lifting capacity up to 10 ton. It is a ...
crane installed in Uzbekistan

20 Ton Overhead Crane

A 20 ton overhead crane offers a powerful lifting solution for industries that require efficient material handling operations. As a ...
Single girder crane supplied by us

2 Ton Overhead Crane

2 ton overhead crane belongs to light duty overhead crane to carry small and light loads in factory, warehouse, shop, ...
Explosion proof crane from Aimix

Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

Explosion proof overhead crane is mainly used to transfer, load and unload materials in the workshop, warehouse, factory with explosive gas ...

Foundry Crane

Foundry crane is a kind of overhead bridge crane for special use, commonly used in metal smelting workshop. It is ...
Magnetic overhead crane for sale

Magnetic Overhead Crane

Magnetic overhead crane is a kind of material handling equipment, improved from double girder overhead crane. It is widely used ...
Remote control overhead crane for sale

Remote Control Overhead Crane

Remote control overhead crane is one of the most commonly used lifting equipment in many industries such as the fabrication ...
AQ-LH series overhead crane

Warehouse Overhead Crane

A warehouse overhead crane is a type of material handling equipment commonly used in industrial and warehouse settings to lift ...
Workstation crane for sale

Workstation Crane

Workstation crane is especially designed for workstations and production lines to move large and heavy items so as to improve ...
Grab Overhead Crane

Overhead Travelling Crane with Grab

Overhead travelling crane with grab is one of the most common cranes used in the industries, and its lifting device ...
Pendant crane for sale

Pendant Crane

Pendant crane is used in a wide variety of industries to serve as the lifting equipment, such as machinery manufacturing industry ...

Gantry Crane for Sale

Aimix supplies various types of gantry cranes to meet clients’ different requirements, mainly including full gantry crane, semi gantry crane, container gantry crane, rail mounted gantry crane, rubber tyred gantry crane, portable gantry crane, single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry crane, and these cranes can be used both inside and outside of the building, such as in factories, workshop, workstation, warehouse, freight yard, construction site, garage and so on. To suit different requirements, we offer different crane solutions to our clients, and the cranes will be designed and produced with different configurations and specifications.

If you are planning to purchase a gantry crane for your material handling, and you are not very sure about what kind of crane you should choose, please just contact us directly and tell us your requirements on the cranes, like the lifting capacity, lifting height, span and working conditions for the crane, and we will supply you with a perfect gantry crane solution to suit all your work needs and greatly improve your productivity and save cost and time. Choose us and cooperate with us, and you will get the best crane product and first-class service.

AQ-NMH single girder European gantry crane

Single Girder Gantry Crane

Single girder gantry crane can be designed in different styles to suit different work requirements, Aicrane single girder gantry cranes ...
A type double girder gantry crane

Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double girder gantry crane is mainly composed of main beams, end beams, crane travelling system, trolley travelling mechanism, electrical system, ...
gantry crane for sale

Indoor Gantry Crane

Indoor gantry crane provide a brand-new solution for the disassembly and assembly operations in narrow indoor spaces about Aicrane products ...
AQ-NMH single girder crane

Outdoor Gantry Crane

An outdoor gantry crane is a type of crane that is designed to operate in outdoor environments, such as precast ...
Gantry crane from Ellsen

1 Ton Gantry Crane

Although 1 ton gantry crane has a smaller device, the key components will not be less. We use reasonable structured operating ...
5 ton single girder gantry crane for sale

5 Ton Gantry Crane

The 5 ton gantry crane has features such as high site utilization, large operating range, wide adaptability, and versatility. It ...
AQ-NMH gantry crane

10 Ton Gantry Crane

10 ton gantry crane can adopt different designs, including 10ton single girder crane, 10ton double girder crane, 10ton semi gantry ...
Portable gantry crane from us

Portable Gantry Crane

Portable gantry crane is the equipment of quick and easy to convert apparatus, with small size and easy operation. Some ...
double girder crane for heavy steel pipes handling

Workshop Gantry Crane

A workshop gantry crane is a versatile piece of lifting equipment used in industrial and workshop environments. Its design, mobility, ...
Aicrane rubber tire crane design

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane  

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Aicrane rubber tyred gantry crane for customers: Capacity 10-800T, support customization High flexibility and mobility for ...
rail mounted gantry crane for sale

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

Rail mounted gantry crane (also known as RMG crane) is widely used in port terminal, container yard and railway freight ...
rubber gantry crane test in factory

Mobile Gantry Crane

A mobile gantry crane is commonly used in manufacturing plant, maintenance workshop, construction site, prefab plant and other industrial facilities ...
Truss crane for sale

Truss Gantry Crane

Truss gantry crane is very essential for loading and unloading materials in outdoor markets. Some truss cranes are equipped with ...
Aicrane double girder semi crane

Semi Gantry Crane

What is a semi gantry crane? Before purchasing a semi gantry crane, customers should not only fully understand its structural features but ...
Small gantry crane for sale

Small Gantry Crane

Due to the constraints of some venues, for the small gantry crane, customers are very much looking forward to such ...
RTG crane for sale

Quay Gantry Crane

We have more than several decades of experience in design for quay gantry crane. As the manufacturer, we should meet ...
25ton rubber gantry crane

Gantry Crane for Sale

Aicrane gantry crane for sale has been expanded to more and more countries and regions since we have been in ...
double girder rubber gantry crane

Gantry Crane Manufacturer

As a reliable gantry crane manufacturer, Aicrane is committed to providing cost-effective gantry crane solutions for various industries, from manufacturing ...

Jib Crane for Sale

Jib cranes are used to lift, lower or move heavy objects from one location to another as needed, they have wide applications and can be applied indoors and outdoors. This kind of crane is very easy to install and operate, which makes the crane popular with the users from all over the world.

Adopting new and advanced technology, our jib cranes are designed with compact appearance and excellent working performance. The main types of our jib crane consist of pillar jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, wall traveling jib crane, articulating jib crane, mast type jib crane, floor mounted jib crane etc, and the jib crane can be with different lifting capacities, like 1 ton jib crane, 3 ton jib crane, 5 ton jib crane and 10 ton jib crane.

Wherever you are going to use the crane, you can just get the professional and suitable one from our factories. Our jib cranes are highly recognized by our clients because of high quality of our cranes. For more details on the jib crane for sale, you just need to send us your inquiry and you will get our reply very soon.

1 ton jib crane for sale

1 Ton Jib Crane

Aimix group can supply the dependable-quality 1 ton jib crane for you, 1 ton jib crane is specially used for hoisting ...

2 Ton Jib Crane

2 ton jib crane is designed to lift loads around 2 tons, you can choose different types of  models according ...

3 Ton Jib Crane

Want to lift up 3 tons loads easily? Aicrane jib crane is the good helper. Our 3 ton jib crane ...

5 Ton Jib Crane

5 ton jib crane of different types are for sale now. You can choose one to use on indoor and ...

10 Ton Jib Crane

Aimix 10 ton jib crane is the featured and hot sale jib crane series. This equipment has many advantages, and ...

15 Ton Jib Crane

15 ton jib crane provides you convenient, easy and cost-saving lift, and transports dense loads in short distance. This equipment ...

20 Ton Jib Crane

20 ton jib crane is the most widely used and highly adaptable material lifting equipment, and it has excellent performance ...

Winch for Sale

Our company has been in winch industry for decades, and we are professional and experienced in design and production of various winches including construction winches and marine winches. Custom options are also available in our company, that is to say, we customize the winches in accordance with customers’ special work needs.

The construction winch types supplied by us mainly include slow speed winch, high speed winch, light duty winch, heavy duty winch, mine winch, piling winch, electric winch, hydraulic winch, cable winch, rope winch and so on. The marine winches mainly include anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch and marine capstans. All these winches are designed by our professional engineers, produced by our experienced manufacture team with advanced technology and device.

Construction electric winch for sale

Construction Winch

Aicrane provides various kinds of construction winch solutions to meet different requirements. Construction winch is widely used on various work ...
electric winches with good quality

Electric Cable Winch

Electric cable winch made in our company is widely used in hoisting and dragging. It can be found not only ...
JMM winch design

Friction Winch

Friction winch is a kind of large scale winch used in many occasions such as the construction of various kinds ...
Heavy duty electric winch for sale

Heavy Duty Electric Winch

Heavy duty electric winch is a kind of winch machinery that is suitable for hoisting or dragging the large scale ...
Aicrane light duty electric winch for sale

Light Duty Electric Winch

Light duty electric winch is a winch used to hoist the goods in relatively light quantity. We are a professional ...
High speed winch for sale

High Speed Winch

High speed winch is a kind of machine that owns high working rate. Generally speaking, its speed is high and ...
Electric winch for sale

Electric Winch for Sale

Our Company produces electric winches for a long time. As the name means, the electric winch is a kind of ...
40 ton hydraulic winch for sale

Hydraulic Winch

A hydraulic winch is a type of winch powered by hydraulic systems, used to pull in or let out a ...
winch for pulling boats

Heavy Duty Winch

A heavy duty winch is commonly used in various industries such as construction, marine, mining, and other settings. The heavy ...
industrial electric winch for sale

Industrial Electric Winch

Industrial electric winch supplied by our company is mainly used for the hoisting, dragging or pulling of heavy objects. It ...
Quality mine winches from us

Mine Winch

As the name means, mine winch is a kind of winch used in the mine. The winches are very popular ...
piling winches with good working performance

Piling Winch

Piling winch is a kind of hand control high speed free rolling winch. It is widely used in the construction ...
Light duty winch for sale

Light Duty Winch

Light duty winch is one kind of machine which is relatively small size. The light duty winches feature with compact in ...
5 ton winch for sale

5 Ton Winch

Aicrane 5 ton winch in different types such as 5 ton electric winch, 5 ton hand winch, 5 ton hydraulic ...
electric winch for sale

10 Ton Winch

10 ton winch is one of Aicrane hot-sale winches used to drag, hoist or move the heavy goods lighter than ...
Aicrane winch with good quality

20 Ton Winch

Aicrane 20 ton winch can be with different types, mainly including electric winch, hydraulic winch, diesel winch and it is ...

Electric Hoist for Sale

Electric hoist is applied as a kind of lifting device for lifting, transferring or moving heavy materials from one position to another as required, and it is always used together with cranes including overhead crane, gantry crane and jib crane. The most commonly used electric hoists are chain hoist and wire rope hoist. For special conditions, like environment with explosive gas, we provide explosion proof hoist; when the hoist needs to be used in metallurgical place, you just need to select a metallurgical hoist from our company, and all our hoists are produced with high-quality materials, which can guarantee the reliable working performance of the products.

The electric hoist provided by us features small size, light weight, simple operation and reasonable price.

Electric wire rope hoist for sale

Electric Wire Rope Hoist

We can supply suitable and reliable electric wire rope hoist for you, which is the small lifting devices, and has many advantages including compact structure, light weight, small size, universal components, easy operation and effective cost. The electric wire rope hoists can be installed on single-beam cranes, double-beam cranes, jib ...
Explosion proof electric hoist for sale

Explosion Proof Electric Hoist

We design and manufacture explosion proof electric hoist for clients' material handling, and the explosion proof electric hoist is needed in that place wherever explosive gases or dusts exist, for instance in oil rigs, in gas liquefaction plants , in mines or in the chemical industry, and in the other ...
Aicrane chain hoist with good quality

Electric Chain Hoist

Aimix can offer the electric chain hoist for you, the electric chain hoists are often called chain hoist briefly or electric chain fall, and our electric chain hoists have stable performance, which can be used efficiently, and they are all durable, so that they can be used for longer time, ...
Electric wire rope for sale

Electric Hoist

We supply the stable-performance electric hoist for you, which is a kind of hoist lifting device, and it is also called electric cable hoist, electric engine hoist and electric lifting hoist. Electric hoists are generally installed on single-girder cranes, overhead cranes, and jib cranes. It consists of the electric motor ...

Travel Lift for Sale

As one of the professional and experienced marine travel lift manufacturers in China, We only adopt the best materials in the production of all the components for the travel lift. To suit different requirements for yachts or boats lifting, moving and transporting, we customize travel lifts for our customers with special operations needs.

When you plan to get a marine travel lift, it is suggested to take the following things into careful consideration:

  1. It is necessary for you to know your yacht or boat well including its size, shape and weight etc, which determines what lifting capacity for the travel lift you really need.
  2. Get clear about where you will use the mobile boat lift and what you will use it for.
  3. Consider your actual work needs before you select the boat lift.
  4. Take the quality of the travel lift crane into careful consideration, at the same time, consider the boat lift cost according to your budge.
  5. Choose a reputable and experienced boat hoist manufacturer and cooperate with the manufacturer to get a suitable and reliable mobile boat lift.
mobile boat hoist used for yacht handling
mobile boat hoist used for yacht handling

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