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European Electric Hoist

ND series wire rope electric hoist is developed according to the European FEM design standard, with advanced concept and beautiful appearance. The driving unit adopts the ABM driving device with point line meshing gear structure imported from Germany. The whole machine is compact and reasonable in structure, simple and convenient in operation, safe and efficient in operation, and has the characteristics of low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

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European Type Hoist

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ND type European electric hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment, which can be installed on I-beam or H-beam steel to complete the work independently, and can also be used with European single girder bridge crane, European double girder bridge crane and European gantry crane.

This series of products are designed to operate with frequency conversion and speed regulation, with small impact, which can realize accurate positioning; and can be equipped with intelligent safe operation monitoring recorder, which can continuously record the working state information of crane and prevent the illegal operation and safety accidents of crane. The whole machine adopts maintenance free design, with less vulnerable parts and convenient maintenance.

European standard electric hoist
European standard electric hoist

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The hoisting speed of Nd type European electric hoist is double speed or frequency conversion, and its positioning is fast and accurate. The shell adopts aluminum structure, which reduces its weight to the maximum extent. The internal gears of the motor are processed by grinding teeth, and the hardness reaches above HRC60, and the precision reaches grade 7. The hoisting mechanism adopts the internationally advanced C-type structure, that is, the drum device is arranged in parallel with the motor through the reducer, with the limit size Small, compact structure, high space utilization rate; 1 / 4 wire rope winding form, German DIN standard high-strength hook, compact structure, high safety, small swing amount; modular design, reasonable stress structure, good stability, easy and simple maintenance.

Some control appliances are imported Schneider with reliable performance, high sensitivity and long service life; horizontal guide wheel and reverse roller device are designed to ensure the stability and safety of the whole machine during operation; a device for overload limitation and operation state recording of the crane is equipped, which can automatically record the power off and transmission status, lifting operation times and duration of the crane It can automatically judge and record the power failure, overload and over-current failure of lifting motor, continuously monitor the lifting load, judge and record the overload and overload events, and send out alarm signal in case of failure, cut off the lifting power in case of overload, and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

The recorder adopts nonvolatile data storage technology, and the recorded data can be saved for a long time, and the recorded data can be recorded It can be read out and analyzed by computer, so that users can find and deal with the potential danger in time, and ensure the safe use of the crane. The safety devices include overload limiter, loss of pressure protection, wrong phase protection, precision limiter, use recorder, fault alarm, etc., so that the product has higher safety and reliability, and can implement effective operation state monitoring, Maintenance information display, effectively reduce and eliminate accidents.

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