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European Standard 5 ton Gantry Crane On The Way To Australia

Recently, an Aicrane European standard 5 ton gantry crane was on its way to Australia. The gantry crane has been delivered from Qingdao port on May 5, and it will arrive at the destination port in early June. During the production process, we keep updating the production details every week for the customer to make sure he knows the process clearly.

main beam
main beam

European standard electric hoist
European standard electric hoist

Techninal Parameters of The 5 Ton Gantry Crane Australia

The rated load of the gantry crane is 5 ton;

The span of the crane is 24.02m;

The lifting height of the 5 ton crane is 8.3m;

The single girder 5 ton crane adopts ground and remote control together;

The crane travelling mechanism, trolley travelling mechanism and hoisting mechanism adopt frenquency conversion.

Applications of the Single Girder 5t Gantry Crane Australia

This 5 ton gantry crane will be installed outdoors in pipe section processing plants. The gantry crane will be used to transfer the produced pipe sections onto flatbed trucks.
The 5 ton single girder gantry crane adds our Internet of Things module, which can facilitate us to monitor the customer’s usage data, detect abnormal data in time, and assist customers in judging problems and reminding maintenance.

gantry crane to Australia
gantry crane to Australia

Why Did the Australian Customer Choose Aicrane

  • 1. Professionalism – we respond professionally and quickly to all the technical questions raised by customers.
  • 2. Suitable and Reliable Solution – we provide the suitable gantry crane solution to meet all the requirements including some custom needs.
  • 3. Competitive Price – compared with other crane supplier, our price is very reasonable and competitive and within the customer’s budget.
  • 4. Successful Local Cases – we have installation cases in the local area, the customer went to the site and was very satisfied, confirming that the equipment can pass the installation and acceptance in the local area.

Customization of the Gantry Crane 5 Ton

In order to meet the special requirements, the gantry crane 5 ton adopts some custom options as follows:

We add the customer’s logo to the main beam;

We add oblique support to the main beam since the span is too large;

On the side of the crane running motor, the guardrail is added to protect the motor from colliding with other objects.

Contact Us for Gantry Crane for Sale in Australia

We have been in Austalia market for many years and have many customers there, our gantry crane for sale in Australia is highly recognized by the local users.  Our price is very competitive since we have factory and can offer factory price.

Our customers are satisfied with Aicrane quality and service and some of them have cooperated with us more than once. For more details of our gantry cranes for sale in Australia, just feel free to contact us without hesitation.

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