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Gantry Crane Indonesia

Gantry crane Indonesia is mainly used in manufacturing plant, prefabricated plant, warehouse, containers terminal, workshop and other places to handle heavy materials from one place to another. As a reliable and reputable crane supplier, we provide a wide range of gantry crane solutions to suit various materials handling requirements.

Aicrane double girder gantry crane for sale
Aicrane double girder gantry crane for sale

Applications of Gantry Crane in Indonesia

Gantry cranes for Indonesia are typically used in various places to handle different materials and loads, including for construction site, shipping port, railway station yard, shipyard, wareshouse, workshop and manufacturing factory etc.

To suit different materials handling requirements, the gantry crane solutions are provided correspondingly, for example, to transfer containers on railroad yard, the container handling gantry cranes can be applied to meet the specific requirements. Know some applications of gantry cranes from the below images.

  • rubber tyred gantry crane used for transfer concrete blocks
    Aicrane rubber tyred gantry cranes are widely used in construction sites to lift and move heavy materials and equipment such as steel beams, concrete blocks, and prefabricated building components during the large-scale infrastructure projects like bridge construction and repair.

Gantry Crane Project in Indonesia

We have established a branch office in Indonesia with the primary objective of providing exceptional service to our valued customers. Over time, we have cultivated strong relationships with numerous clients, many of whom have become repeat buyers of our products. The Aicrane brand has earned recognition from our Indonesian customers.

Before making a final decision, we invite you to review the details of one of our successful gantry crane projects for an Indonesian client. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we look forward to serving you with the same level of dedication and expertise.

16 ton gantry crane installed and used in Indonesia

This customer told us he has a prefabrication yard and produce concrete precast components, and he needed a gantry crane to transfer heavy components from one place to another. After knowing completely about his requirements and working conditions, we recommended him our AQ-MH single girder gantry crane 16 ton to meet all his requirements, and he was satisfied with our solution and confirmed the order quickly.

16 ton gantry crane for Indonesia
16 ton gantry crane for Indonesia
single girder gantry crane for handling concrete parts
single girder gantry crane for handling concrete parts
gantry crane for sale in Indonesia
gantry crane for sale in Indonesia

The installed and tested 16 ton gantry crane boasts a 12-meter span and a lifting height of 5 meters. Equipped with two cantilevers, this single beam crane utilizes both ground control and remote control. Having successfully undergone thorough installation and testing, the gantry crane is now operational within the plant, facilitating the seamless transportation of precast concrete units between different work cells as needed. This implementation is set to significantly enhance overall efficiency and productivity, contributing to smoother operations and improved output.

Gantry Crane Solutions for Indonesia

We offer a wide range of gantry crane solutions tailored specifically for our Indonesian clients. Our selection includes various types such as single girder gantry cranes, double girder gantry cranes, rubber tyred cranes, rail mounted gantry cranes, semi cranes and more. If you need a gantry crane for your business, just select a suitable one from the following gantry cranes shown as below.
Feel free to explore the various models available and select the one that perfectly suits your unique requirements, and we look forward to assisting you in finding the ideal gantry crane for your business needs.

Single Girder Gantry Cranes

Single girder gantry cranes are usually used for light-duty materials handling applications, and our single girder crane types mainly include AQ-MH single girder gantry crane, AQ-NMH European standard gantry crane and AQ-BMH single girder semi gantry crane. We also provide customized options to suit specific needs.

AQ-MH single beam gantry crane
AQ-MH single girder gantry crane

AQ-NMH single girder European gantry crane
AQ-NMH single girder European type gantry crane
AQ-BMH semi gantry crane
AQ-BMH semi gantry crane
Model AQ-MH
Load capacity 3-20t
Span 8-35m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 0.33-8m/min
Trolley running speed 20m/min
Crane running speed 20m/min
Work duty A3, A4
Other Provide custom options
Model AQ-NMH
Load capacity 3.2-20t
Span 8-35m
Lifting height 6-12m
Lifting speed 0.66-5m/min
Trolley running speed 2-20m/min
Crane running speed 3-30m/min
Work duty A5
Other Provide custom options
Model AQ-BMH
Load capacity 3-20t
Span 8-30m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 0.33-8m/min
Trolley running speed 20m/min
Crane running speed 20m/min
Work duty A3,A4
Other Provide custom options

Double Girder Gantry Cranes

Compared with single beam cranes, double girder gantry cranes are generally used for heavy-duty loads handling in different places to meet different work conditions. Our solutions consist of AQ-MG A-frame double girder gantry crane, U-frame double girder gantry crane and AQ-BMG double beam semi crane. We are committed to providing suitable gantry crane solutions in accordance with customers’ actural work requirements.

AQ-MG double girder crane
AQ-MG double girder crane

AQ-MGH European type gantry crane
AQ-MGH European type gantry crane
AQ-BMG semi gantry crane
AQ-BMGH semi gantry crane
Model AQ-MG
Load capacity 5-500t
Span 18-35m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 1.5-11.5m/min
Trolley running speed 10-40.1m/min
Crane running speed 16-50m/min
Work duty A3-A7
Other Provide custom options
Model AQ-MGH
Load capacity 5-500t
Span 18-35m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 1.5-15m/min
Trolley running speed 4-40m/min
Crane running speed 4-40m/min
Work duty A3-A7
Other Provide custom options
Load capacity 5-32t
Span 12-30m
Lifting height 6-12m
Lifting speed 6-11.5m/min
Trolley running speed 37-40.1m/min
Crane running speed 37.7-40.1m/min
Work duty A3-A6
Other Provide custom options

Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes

Rubber tyred gantry cranes, known for their adaptability and versatility, have found extensive applications in efficiently transporting heavy loads across diverse locations. These cranes have become a preferred choice for various industries due to their flexibility and ability to handle different tasks. By leveraging the advantages of rubber tyre cranes, businesses can significantly enhance their work efficiency and overall productivity.

single beam rtg crane
single beam tyre mounted gantry crane
double beam rtg crane
double beam tyre mounted gantry crane
rubber tired crane used to handle concrete beam

Our product offerings primarily consist of three main types of rubber tyred gantry cranes: single beam rubber tyred crane, double beam rubber tyred crane, and straddle carrier gantry cranes. Depending on specific operational needs, these gantry cranes can be configured with either electric or hydraulic power systems. To accommodate the handling of diverse materials, we provide appropriate lifting tools that are specifically tailored for each crane type. This ensures seamless and efficient lifting of various loads, promoting safety and precision in material handling operations. Check the video to know one of our rubber tyred cranes testing in our factory before delivery.

Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes

Rail mounted gantry cranes (RMGs) play a pivotal role in railway yards, container terminals, and other locations where container handling is essential. These highly versatile cranes are specifically designed to facilitate the smooth and efficient management of containers.

One of the key advantages of rail mounted container gantry cranes is their adaptability to handle containers of various sizes. This is achieved by equipping the cranes with different types of spreaders, enabling them to lift and transport containers of different dimensions with ease. This flexibility ensures that the RMGs can efficiently handle a wide range of container types, optimizing cargo operations and streamlining logistics processes in railway yards and container terminals.

Aicrane rmg container crane
rmg container crane
container spreader
container spreader
electric rotary telescopic container spreader
electric rotary telescopic container spreader
electric telescopic container spreader
electric telescopic container spreader
four-point container spreader
four-point container spreader

Aicrane Gantry Crane Videos

Gantry Crane Price for Indonesia

The gantry crane price can vary depending on different factors, such as crane types, lifting capacity span, lifting height and configurations. Generally, light duty gantry cranes cost less than heavy duty gantry cranes. It is suggested to consult a reliable crane supplier for accurate quote according to your specific requirements. Here we just list some prices of our gantry cranes for your reference while you are searching for a suitable gantry crane within your budget.

Single girder gantry crane price:
Crane Type Span Price Range
AQ-MH 5 ~ 20 ton gantry crane 10.5m ~ 31.5m 10,300 USD ~ 51,500 USD
AQ-NMH 5 ~ 20 ton gantry crane 10.5m ~ 31.5m 15,000 USD ~ 62,000 USD
Double girder gantry crane price:
Crane Type Span Price Range
AQ-MG 10 ~ 50 ton gantry crane 18m ~ 35m 45,000 USD ~ 200,000 USD
RMG gantry crane 30 ~ 50 ton 22m ~ 32m 260,000 USD ~ 480,000 USD

Benefits of Using Gantry Cranes in Indonesia

Gantry cranes are commonly used in Indonesia and have numerous benefits in various industries. Here are some of the benefits of using gantry cranes:

Gantry cranes stand out as highly adaptable machines, finding applications across diverse industries such as shipping, construction, and manufacturing. Their remarkable versatility allows them to excel in various tasks, ranging from heavy load lifting to swift and efficient material movement. This outstanding capability makes gantry cranes a preferred choice for a wide array of works, serving as reliable and indispensable assets in multiple sectors.
Increased Efficiency
The incorporation of gantry cranes in industries offers a significant boost in efficiency, expediting the lifting and movement of heavy loads. As a consequence, the time required for loading and unloading operations is reduced substantially, leading to heightened productivity and reduced operating costs. This enhanced efficiency ultimately translates into tangible benefits for businesses, fostering increased productivity while effectively managing operational expenses.
Improved Safety
Gantry cranes are designed to be safe and stable, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace. With the use of advanced safety features such as limit switches and overload protection systems, gantry cranes can minimize the risk of accidents and increase safety in the workplace.
Increased Capacity
Gantry cranes are designed to lift and move heavy loads, and can handle a wide range of weights and sizes. This makes them ideal for industries that require heavy lifting, such as shipping and construction.
Easy to Operate
Gantry cranes are easy to operate, with simple controls that make them user-friendly. This means that operators can quickly learn how to use them, reducing the time needed for training and increasing overall efficiency.
Gantry cranes can be a cost-effective option for many industries, as they can reduce the need for manual labor and increase productivity. They also require less maintenance than other types of cranes, making them a more cost-effective choice in the long term.

How to Cooperate with Aicrane?

  • Consultation & Communication – The customer send an inquiry to us and our project consultant will get in touch with the customer for communication.
  • Tailored Design – Aicrane project consultant and technical engineer will recommend and design the equipment solution according to customer’s actual requirements and budget.
  • Confirm the Solution – After the comprehensive consideration, the customer is satisfied with our solution, and determines the final design solution.
  • Product Manufacturing – We strictly control equipment production to guarantee the product quality during the whole manufacturing process.
  • Packaging & Delivery – We will pack the product with accessories and arrange the shipment to the customer’s destination at the agreed time.
  • Customer Acceptance – The customer checks the quantity and quality of the products and accessories after the products arrive at the destination.
  • Installation & Training – We can provide on-site or online installation and commissioning guidance on request, and also conduct user training.
  • After-sales Service – Aicrane provides 7*24 hours online service, timely technical support and after-sale service at any time the customers need.

Aicrane in Indonesia

  • Branch office: With several years of presence in the Indonesian market, we have garnered extensive experience and expertise in delivering diverse crane solutions to our valued customers. To further strengthen our commitment to serving the Indonesian market, we have established a dedicated branch office in the country. This strategic move enables us to have a local presence and a team of experienced staff, ensuring that we consistently provide top-notch products and timely services to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Local service: Aicrane is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of services, encompassing pre-sales, sales, and after-sales support. Regardless of the products our customers choose to purchase, we guarantee the provision of exceptional and professional local services. From the initial inquiry and consultation stages to the purchase process and beyond, our team is committed to delivering top-notch assistance and guidance.
  • Site visiting: In Indonesia, we have established partnerships with some cooperative customers. For new customers interested in our products and services, we warmly welcome them to visit our installation and work sites. This opportunity allows them to witness firsthand the quality of our equipment and the effectiveness of our solutions.
  • Reputation and recognition: Aicrane products have been highly recognized by our customers due to reasonable design, good quality and competitive price. We always receive positive feedbacks from our customers about our products and services. We are committed to providing sutiable and cost-effective solutions and services for Indonesian customers as always.

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