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Heavy Duty Electric Winch

Heavy duty electric winch is a kind of winch machinery that is suitable for hoisting or dragging the large scale equipment. Aimix group is a professional machinery company that supplies the winch machines such as heavy duty electric winch, light duty electric winch and hydraulic winch. We also supply other kinds of winches.

It is widely used in the construction site. For example, it is used in the all kinds of large and middle concrete construction of steel, in the installation and dis-assembly of mechanical equipment. It is also suitable for the construction and installation engineering of construction installation enterprise, mining area and factory. What’s more, it also can be used for anchoring, towing and mooring on boat or at harbor.

Our company has received many certificates all over the world. For example, we received the ISO certificate, BV certificate, European Union CE certificates, Certificate of Registration and so on. The various kinds of certificates we have gained prove that our company has the strength and technology to provide customers with a reliable quality.

Heavy duty electric winch for sale
Heavy Duty Electric Winch

Heavy duty winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~60 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~500 m
  • Working speed: 20~35 m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Electric winch from our company
AQ-JM Slow Speed Electric Winch

AQ-JM heavy duty electric winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~3600 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase;
  • No. of drum: single or double

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What Is a Heavy Duty Electric Winch?

Generally speaking, electric winches in heavy duty are a kind of electric control slow winch. Heavy duty can be defined that this type machines can afford very high strength. The power of the winch is electricity. However, there are some special points in heavy duty electric winches. As a machine that can afford the large strength, its speed is relatively lower than the light duty winches.

On the one hand, it is necessary for the safety in the process of working. The large scale things in high speed will cause accidental matters because it is hard to stop in a short time. On the other hand, it is unnecessary to the machine owing pretty high speed. The moving of large scale machine is suitable for a relatively slow speed.

Specifications of Heavy Duty Winch

There are many specifications of electric control slow speed winch.

According to the rated load, we supply the winches from 0.5 tons to 200 tons. No matter what size your equipments are, you can get a suitable machine.

According to the rope capacity, the rope or cable from 20 meters to 3600 meters can be provided.

According to the weight and overall dimension of the whole machine, the size of machine is from 270 kg to 2650 kg.

What’s more, the electromotor power is in different sizes which are from 3kw to 15kw.

Last but not least, we can design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard product according to our customer’s need.

 winches with good quality
Aicrane Heavy Duty Winch

Slow speed construction winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~100 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~5000 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
  • Provide custom option

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Heavy duty electric winch
Aicrane Winch for Sale

AQ-JM series construction winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~3600 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase;
  • No. of drum: single or double

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Advantages of Heavy Duty Electric Winch for Sale

Firstly, as famous Chinese heavy duty electric winches, they are in good quality. On the one hand, the machine has a large strength for dragging. Heavy duty winches can drag or hoist objects in big scale or large quantity. One the other hand, the cable of the winches is made up of special materials so that the quality of the cable is reliable.

Secondly, the heavy duty machine is designed in practical, convenient and durable idea. It can drag or hoist the objects in various kinds of shapes and sizes. What’s more, it can be used in many occasions such as industrial site, construction site, airport and so on.

Next, the winches are safe and simple to operate. There are many safety points that are needed to notice by worker in order to keep safe and finish the working task successfully. Our heavy duty winches, however, the control system and the design of signals are easy to operate and recognize. If workers can operate the machine properly in accordance with the right description of the skilled worker, the entire tasks can finish well all the time.

At last, the price of the equipment is one of the most important factors that the customers are considering. As the old saying goes, the higher is the price, the better is the quality of the merchandise. Honestly speaking, please remember that the machine in good quality is often in good price. We can give you a relative reasonable price and the price is very low compared with the price in the developed countries. Because the cost of the machine is relative low in China and our technology has reached the advanced level in the world, as a result, the price of our machine is cheap and the quality is reliable.

How to Choose and Use an Electric Winch?

  1. Reliable brands are one of the prominent factors to consider. The products are in reliable quality because a company needs to provide good quality products in the process of establishing brands. All in all, the quality of the lifting products from a brand is relatively reliable. Aimix is a company striving for the brands of the company.
  2. The after sale service is also an important part when you choose a machine. The good after sale service will avoid many unnecessary problems when you use the machine. If some troubles happen in the process of working, the good after sale service can deal with the problem very soon. Our company can provide excellent after sale service for all of our products.
  3. In my opinion, the most suitable one is the best. No matter how good the quality is, the best is a suitable one. According to your requirements, we can provide customers with customized heavy duty electric winches. We promise that you can choose a suitable winch in our factory.

Strength of Our Company

We have working office and factory, and our company is trying to establish one step service center for industrial products all over the world. All of the staffs in our company work hard to establish a better group with the direction of the leader. All in all, our company has the strength to supply the products in good quality.

We also work hard to give the best service to customers. Welcome to visit our company and factory. We are sure that you can get an ideal product in our factory. If you are interested in the winch products, please leave a message or sending an email to us. We will give you a reply as soon as possible. Just act on it!

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