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Heavy Duty Winch

Generally speaking, heavy duty winch is a kind of winches that can drag or hoist the objects in heavy quantity. It adopts the advanced technology which can drag or move the heavy goods. Heavy duty winches is a kind of practical machine in the process of moving the goods or materials from here to there. While in the process, the goods or materials must be moved steadily and safely. Heavy duty winches will be your ideal selection when you choose a suitable winch.

The winch machine is manufactured with the latest technologies and reasonable structures and it is superior to the other machine around the world: it possesses the stable performance and long service time. One of the most important factors being rewarded is that our company has powerful factory and professional research group which is leader in the construction machinery exporting group.

Aicrane winch with good quality
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Why it is necessary to configure the winches when you drag or hoist the goods? Why this equipment is so popular in the construction site or industry site recent years? Because it is the best way to move, drag and hoist the heavy tonnage goods. It is important for heavy goods to move by person.

On the one hand, the efficiency is low and it may waste much time to carry. On the other hand, the cost on labor is more and more expensive nowadays. The winches can save the cost on labor. Through numerous experiences, it is proved that the winch machine is practical and useful so that more and more customers choose our winch machine.

 heavy duty winch with good quality
Heavy Duty Winch for Sale

Heavy duty winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~3600 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase;
  • No. of drum: single or double

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 heavy duty electric winch for sale
Slow Speed Heavy Duty Winch

Slow speed heavy duty winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~100 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~5000 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Characteristics of Heavy Duty Winches for Sale

  1. Advanced technology and high quality. All of our machines are in good quality because they adopt advanced technology. Our company has professional engineers who are responsible for the design and installation of the machine. They always go abroad to install and test the machine until the machine is in normal work.
  1. Easy operation and labor saving. This series winch is the best heavy duty winch that can be operated easily. We are sure that the workers can operate the machine easily through simple professional training. The using of the heavy duty winch will save the mental labor of people. It can increase the working efficiency, and then more profit can be made.
  1. Durable with practical design. Our winches are made in the idea of practice. There are some questions when customers using our machine, our engineers improve the quality of the machine in accordance with the actual needs.
  1. Top grade product quality. It’s normal for customers to doubt the quality of our machine. Our company can provide you with winches in reliable quality not only because of our products in high quality but also because our products and company have gained good reputations among customers. Our company often receives many orders from the customers who once bought our machine. As a result our company owns the strength to provide good quality winches.
  1. Cables are made in special materials that are in good quality. Generally speaking, if you maintain the wire or cable properly, the cable often has long service time. However you should know that the heavy duty cable must be replaced if the cable is wear and tear seriously.

Why Choose Our Heavy Duty Winch?

  1. Our company provides all of the customers with perfect after sale service. No matter when and where you come across the problems because of the quality of the machine, our staffs including professional engineers will do their best to deal with the problems you encounter.
  2. The professional engineer team is waiting for you at any time. When the operators use the heavy duty come along winch, they must be through the professional training until they can operate the machine well. Our engineers have full experience and technology which can meet the needs of the customers well.
  3. Reliable brand: Unlike the famous brand for a pretty long period in the world, we are trying to establish our brand. Even though we are in the development, we are trying to develop our company into the world famous brand.
  4. Complete certificates: Our company has gained many certificates in many aspects from both home and abroad. For example, we have gained ISO certificates and European Union certificate in the world. We also gain the certificate of registration in China. All of these certificates give our company more charm and we will be better and better in the future.
electric heavy duty winch
Slow Speed Electric Winch

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Wide Applications of Heavy Duty Winch

  1. Mine winch: Mine winch is one of the most important heavy duty winches. It can be used inside and outside a mine. It is a special winch that is very suitable in the mine. With the advantage of high load and distance, it is widely spread in the mine.
  2. AQ-JM type electronic control slow large-tonnage winch: As the name directs, this series winch should be used in the electricity, and the speed of this series winches is relatively slow. However, the rope capacity and the rated lode are large.

If you want to know the detail information or the parameter of the machine, please contact us.

Heavy Duty 100 ton winch

100 ton winches are supplied by our company and the great success has gained through the hard work of our company. They are widely used in many occasions both in land and in the sea. For instance, it is suitable for the large scale concrete construction of steel and the installation of disassemble of the mechanical equipment.

It can also be used near the sea for anchoring, towing, and mooring on boat or at harbor. With so many applications, our machine is very popular in the market all over the world. All in all, our company will give you ideal winches according to your requirements

Following is the types of our 100ton winches:

AQ-JM type: 100 ton winch can be supplied by Aimix – a professional and experienced low speed electric winch 100 ton supplier that play an important role in Chinese winch machinery equipment production. Our company always is strict with the quality of the machine including low speed electric winch 100 ton. We will check the machine again and again to supply the good working conditions.

AQ-JMM type: AQ-JMM series winch are widely spread in the world and they are also famous for the super large bearing capacity. It’s a fact that it has a pretty large capacity so that it is popular in the dragging or hoisting of large scale machinery equipment and materials. Our company provides this kind of winches that have good quality and competitive price.

Choose Winch from Our Company

Aimix group is waiting for you here! We are sure that you can get ideal winch from our factory. One of the powerful strengths is that our company can supply customization. If you are interested in our winches, please contact us, we’ll give you a free and professional reply as soon as possible. With so many reliable products in high quality, what are you waiting for?

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