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Heavy Duty Winch

A heavy duty winch is commonly used in various industries such as construction, marine, mining, and other settings. The heavy duty winch can adopt electric, hydraulic, diesel, or pneumatic power supply to suit different requirements. Aicrane, as a reputable winch supplier and manufacturer, provides variety of heavy duty winch solutions for different applications.

heavy duty winch solution
heavy duty winch solution

Heavy Duty Winches for Sale Worldwide

Aicrane heavy duty winch for sale have been expanded to more and more countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, US, Turkey, Dominica, Argentina, Chile and so on. Our customers have highly recognized our winch products and service. If you are looking for a winch solution now, you can just check the following cases for your reference.

60 ton Electric Winch for Indonesia

This Indonesian customer has a shipyard and he needed a new winch to replace the old one, our project consultant communicated with the customer for several times to know clearly about their actual work conditions. Then our project consultant forwarded the customer’s requirements to our engineers to provide the suitable slipway winch solution to suit all the work needs.

heavy duty winch product in factory
winch product in factory
friction winch production
slipway winch production
winch delivery
winch delivery

Finally, we provided a 60 ton heavy duty slipway winch for their shipyard to pull boats ashore for maintenance. The winch works reliably in the shipyard and greatly improves work efficiency. The customer was very satisfied with our winch product and our service, they have cooperated with us more than once and we both look forward to more cooperations in the near future.

60 ton JMM friction winch in Indonesia
60 ton JMM friction winch in Indonesia
friction winch for Indonesia
friction winch for Indonesia

30 ton Heavy Duty Mooring Winch for Vietnam

For this customer from Vietnam, we offered single drum hydraulic mooring winch to suit their mooring operations. The load capacity of the mooring winch is 30 ton and the customer bought six winches from us. These marine hydraulic winches feature large load capacity, reliable work performance, long service life and competitive price.

hydraulic mooring winch 30ton for Vietnam
hydraulic mooring winch 30ton for Vietnam
Aicrane 30ton mooring heavy duty winch
Aicrane 30ton mooring winch
Working load: 30T (1st layer) Nominal speed: 12m/min (1st layer)
Drum capacity: φ38mm×1000m (totally 10 layers) Holding load: 90T (static 1st layer)
Brake: Hydraulic operated Clutch: Hydraulic operated
Dia. of warping head: φ400mm Hydraulic motor type: ITM31-4000
Work pressure: ~13MPa Working flow: ~460L/min

We have many customers in Vietnam, and have exported many different winch machines there. If you are looking for a reliable and reputable winch supplier and manufacturer, please just get in touch with us and we promise to provide you with cost-effective winch solutions to match all your specific requirements.

40 ton Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch for Dominica

One of our client from Dominica ordered two sets of hydraulic winch from our company used to pull drums of their ball mills. The load capacity of the two winches is 40 ton and they adopt single drum design. Currently, the two heavy duty hydraulic winches have been completely installed and used in our customer’s work place, they told us the winches work efficiently and reliably as they expected.

40 ton hydraulic winch for sale
40 ton hydraulic winch for sale
hydraulic heavy duty winch for Dominica
hydraulic winch for Dominica

30 ton Heavy Duty Winches for Sale in Turkey

A Turkish customer sent us an inquiry tolding us they required slow speed electric winches for their business, after knowing their specific requirements, we provided our AQ-JM 30 ton electric winch for them and they were satisfied with our winch solution, and finally they purchased 16 sets of our heavy duty 30 ton winch.

30ton winch to Turkey
30ton winch to Turkey
16sets of heavy duty electric winches for Turkey
16sets of electric winches for Turkey

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Aicrane Heavy Duty Winch Solutions

Aicrane provides various types of heavy duty winches to match different industries requirements, including construction industry, mining industry, marine industry and more. Get to know more details about heavy equipment winch solution from the following part.

According to Power Mode

Adopting different power modes, heavy duty winches can be electric winch, hydraulic winch, diesel winch and pneumatic winch. We are committed to supplying reliable winch solutions to suit all the requirements put forward by customers.

Heavy Duty Electric Winch

Electric winches use an electric motor to drive the winching mechanism. They are controlled by switches or remote controls, offering precise control over the winching process. We mainly provide AQ-JM series slow speed electric winch,  AQ-JMM series electric friction winch and AQ-JK series fast speed electric winch.

30ton electric heavy duty winch
AQ-JM electric winch
AQ-JMM electric friction winch
AQ-JMM electric friction winch


  • Ease of Installation: Electric winch is often easier to install compared to hydraulic winches.
  • Lower Maintenance: The electric winch generally requires less maintenance compared to hydraulic winches.
  • Precise Control: Electric winches offer precise control over the winching process, making them suitable for various applications.
heavy duty slipway winch for sale
heavy duty winch for sale

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic winches are powered by hydraulic systems. They utilize a hydraulic motor to drive the winch. They require a hydraulic power unit (HPU) to provide hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic winches can be with single drum or double drum design according to specific requirements.

heavy duty winch for marine towing operations
single drum hydraulic winch
double drum heavy duty winch
double drum hydraulic winch


  • High Power: Hydraulic winches often provide higher pulling capacities compared to electric winches.
  • Durability: Hydraulic winches are known for their durability and ability to withstand heavy loads and harsh environments.
  • Constant Power: Hydraulic winches can provide constant pulling power without the risk of draining a vehicle’s battery.
Aicrane heavy duty winch solution
heavy duty hydraulic winches

Diesel Winch

In addition to electric and hydraulic winches, we also offer diesel winches and other types of winches used in various industrial and marine applications. We are professional in providing customization options for customers with different work needs.

deisel type anchor winch
deisel type winch
diesel mooring winch
diesel powered winch

According to Application

Heavy duty winches can be used for different applications including mooring, towing, anchoring, heavy materials handling, boats pulling and more.

Heavy Duty Mooring Winch

Mooring winches are used to secure vessels, such as ships and boats, to docks, piers, or other structures. Heavy duty mooring winches typically feature high load capacities to withstand the forces exerted by large vessels and strong currents. These winches are often equipped with automatic tension control and dynamic braking to ensure safe and effective mooring operations.

Aicrane mooring winch for sale
winch for mooring application

Heavy Duty Towing Winch

Towing winches are used for towing disabled or stranded vessels, as well as for towing floating objects such as barges or platforms. They are designed to handle significant loads and withstand the stresses of towing operations in various marine conditions. Towing winches feature powerful motors and robust construction to provide the necessary pulling force.

Aicrane towing winch
winch for towing application

Heavy Duty Anchor Winch

Anchor winches are used to deploy and retrieve anchors on ships, boats, and offshore structures. The heavy duty anchor winches are essential for anchoring vessels securely in place, especially in adverse weather or high-sea conditions. Anchor winches typically have high pulling capacities to handle heavy anchor chains and anchors.

These heavy duty boat winches play crucial roles in maritime operations, providing reliable and efficient solutions for securing vessels, towing objects, and anchoring in various marine environments. They are engineered with robust construction, powerful motors, and advanced features to meet the demanding requirements of marine applications while ensuring safety and reliability.

winch for anchoring on ship
winch for anchoring

Heavy Duty Slipway Winch

A heavy duty slipway winch is designed specifically for use in slipways, which are inclined ramps used to haul boats or ships out of the water for maintenance, repairs, or storage. Slipway winches play a crucial role in the process of hauling vessels onto the slipway and lowering them back into the water.

heavy duty winch pulling boat via rail trolleys
slipway winch pulling boat via rail trolleys
heavy duty winch pulling boat with airbags
pulling boat with airbags
heavy duty winch solution for boats pulling
slipway winch solution

Mining Winch

In addition to construction winch, marine winch and slipway winch, we also provide mining winch to suit special mine industry requirements, to handle heavy materials, equipments and other loads as required. Our mine winches can be single drum mining winch and double drum mining winch for specific needs.

single drum mining winch
single drum mining winch
double drum mining winch
double drum mining winch
winch for mining application
winch for mining application

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Key Features of Heavy Duty Winches

  • High Load Capacity: Heavy duty winches are designed to handle substantial loads, often ranging from several tons to hundreds of tons, depending on the specific applications.
  • Robust Construction: The heavy duty winches are built with durable materials such as steel or high-strength alloys to withstand the stresses of heavy lifting or pulling operations.
  • Powerful Motor: Heavy-duty winches are equipped with powerful motors capable of providing the torque necessary to move heavy loads reliably.
  • Long Cable Length: The winches often come with long lengths of cable or rope to reach and pull objects from a distance.
  • Weatherproofing and Corrosion Resistance: Many winches, both heavy duty electric winch and hydraulic winch, are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including moisture, dust, and corrosion, making them suitable for various uses, like marine or construction.
  • Safety Features: Some winches include safety features such as automatic braking systems to prevent accidental slips or releases of the load.

How to Select a Suitable Heavy Duty Winch Solution?

Selecting a suitable winch solution involves considering several key factors to ensure that the chosen winch meets your specific needs and requirements. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you select the right winch solution:

Determine Application Requirements

  • Define Your Application: Identify the primary purpose of the winch. Is it for marine operations, industrial lifting, or another specific application?
  • Assess Load Requirements: Determine the maximum weight or load that the winch will need to handle. Consider both the static and dynamic loads that the winch may encounter.
  • Consider Environmental Factors: Take into account the environmental conditions where the winch will be used. Consider factors such as temperature, moisture, dust, and exposure to corrosive elements.

Understand Winch Types

  • Explore Different Types: Familiarize yourself with the various types of winches available, including electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, and diesel winches. Understand the advantages and limitations of each type before make a decision.
  • Consider Power Source: Decide whether an electric, hydraulic, or diesel winch is most suitable for your application based on factors such as power availability, load capacity, and operational requirements.

Evaluate Technical Specifications

  • Load Capacity: Ensure that the winch’s load capacity exceeds the maximum weight of the loads it will handle. Consider both the straight-line pulling capacity and the capacity at various angles.
  • Line Speed: Evaluate the winch’s line speed, which determines how quickly it can pull or lift loads. Balance the need for speed with the requirement for control and safety.
  • Drum Size and Cable Length: Consider the size of the winch drum and the length of the cable or rope. Ensure that the drum size can accommodate the required length of the line.

Consider Safety and Reliability

  • Safety Features: Search for winches with safety features such as automatic braking systems, overload protection, and emergency stop mechanisms to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Reliability and Durability: Choose a winch from a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality, durable products. Consider factors such as construction materials, sealing against environmental elements, and reliability of the motor or power source.

Assess Mounting and Installation

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the winch is compatible with the mounting configuration of your equipment, or installation site. Consider factors such as mounting space, bolt patterns, and mounting hardware.
  • Ease of Installation: Choose a winch that is easy to install and integrate into your existing setup. Consider whether any modifications or additional components are required for installation.

Budget and Cost Considerations

  • Evaluate Costs: Compare the upfront cost of the winch with its features, specifications, and expected lifespan. Consider long-term maintenance and operational costs, including power consumption and maintenance requirements.
  • Consider Value: Balance the initial investment with the value provided by the winch in terms of performance, reliability, and safety.
Aicrane marine heavy duty winch
Aicrane heavy duty marine winch

Get to Know Aicrane Services

  • Professional consultancy: We provide professional consultation service for customers in order to know clearly about their actual work needs and specific requirements.
  • Providing cost-effective solution: After understanding completely of the customers’ needs, we will provide the suitable and cost-effective solutions for them considering all the requirements to ensure the customers recognize our solutions.
  • Providing quality winch products: When it comes to the manufacturing process, our customer-service team will update the production progress regularly for the customers to make sure they know well about the whole process. Furthermore, we have strict quality control system to guarantee the reliable manufacturing of the winch products conforming to production standards.
  • Products delivery: After finishing the production,our professional shipping department will arrange the whole delivery issues according to the customers’ requirements in order to make sure the products arrive at the destinations on time.
  • Installtion and commissioning guidance: Once the customers receive the products, they can make the inspection and we can provide both online and onsite installation and commissioning guidance for them as required.
  • After sales service and technical support: For all our customers, we provide after-sale services and techinical support to solve the problems for them rapidly. Currently, we have set up branch offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Russia and will build more offices in different countries in the future to better serve our customers. If you have any need of material handling solutions, you can just contact us for a professional recommendation.
our team serving customers
project consultants
customer-service team
customer-service team
Aicrane after-sales team
after-sales team

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