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How Much Does a Gantry Crane Cost?

Gantry cranes are widely used in various industries for heavy loads handling and the gantry crane cost can vary significantly depending on different factors. Here are some general cost ranges for different types of gantry cranes.

Portable Gantry Cranes: These are smaller, lightweight cranes designed for lighter loads and easy portability. Prices can range from approximately $1,000 to $5,000 or more, depending on capacity and features.

Fixed Gantry Cranes: Fixed gantry cranes are larger and more robust, typically used in workshops, warehouses, or manufacturing facilities. Prices for fixed gantry cranes can range from $5,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on capacity and specifications.

Double Girder Gantry Cranes: These are heavy-duty cranes designed for high-capacity lifting. Double girder gantry cranes can range from $20,000 to $500,000 or more, depending on capacity, span, and customization options.

double girder gantry crane for Russia

Container Gantry Cranes: Container gantry cranes, commonly used in ports and container terminals, are among the largest and most expensive gantry cranes. Their prices can range from several hundred thousand dollars to more, depending on container crane capacity and features.

rail mounted container handling gantry crane
rail mounted container handling gantry crane

Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes: The rubber tyred cranes are designed and produced in different types and with different configurations to suit different requirements, like the crane can be single beam or double beam rubber gantry cranes on request, and the lifting capacity can be from several tons to hundreds of tons or even more. The cost of this type of gantry crane can range from tens of thousands of dollars to several hundred thousand dollars or more, depending on the rubber tyre crane capacity, configuration and features.

straddle carrier crane
straddle carrier crane

Custom Gantry Cranes: If you require a gantry crane with specific customizations or unique features to meet your specialized needs, the cost can vary widely and may involve a bespoke pricing structure.

double beam tyre gantry crane for sale
custom gantry crane

When considering the cost of a gantry crane, it’s essential to factor in not only the initial purchase price but also ongoing costs such as installation, maintenance, and any required permits or inspections. Additionally, consider the long-term return on investment (ROI) and operational benefits that a gantry crane can provide in terms of increased productivity and efficiency.

To get an accurate and specific cost estimate for a gantry crane tailored to your requirements, it is advisable to consult with reputable crane suppliers or manufacturers. They can assess your needs, provide detailed quotes, and offer guidance on the most suitable crane for your application.

Factors Influencing Gantry Crane Cost

The cost of a gantry crane can be influenced by a variety of factors, and it’s important to consider these factors when budgeting for a gantry crane purchase. Here are some of the key factors that can affect gantry crane cost:

  • Type of Gantry Crane: Different types of gantry cranes, such as portable, fixed, double girder, single girder, and container gantry cranes, come with varying costs. The type you choose will significantly impact the overall price.
  • Lifting Capacity: The crane’s lifting capacity, measured in tons or pounds, is a major cost determinant. Higher capacity cranes with the ability to lift heavier loads generally come at a higher price.
  • Span (Width): The span of the crane, which is the distance between the legs or support structures, affects the cost. A longer span requires more material and engineering, contributing to higher costs.
  • Height of Lift: The height to which the crane needs to lift materials can influence the cost. Taller cranes may require additional structural support, which can increase expenses.
  • Customization: Custom features and specifications, such as special lifting attachments, automation systems, remote controls, and safety features, can add to the cost of a gantry crane.
  • Materials and Construction: The quality of materials used in the crane’s construction can impact the cost. High-quality materials, such as corrosion-resistant steel, may increase the price.
  • Geographic Location: Local labor costs, taxes, and transportation expenses can vary by region, affecting the overall cost of a gantry crane.
  • Installation and Foundation: The cost of installation, including the need for a foundation or supporting structure, can add significantly to the total expense.
  • Regulatory Requirements: Compliance with local regulations and safety standards may require additional engineering, safety features, and inspections, all of which can increase costs.
  • Supplier and Brand: The reputation and quality of the crane manufacturer or supplier can influence the price. Well-known brands or suppliers with a track record of reliability may charge more for their products.
  • Maintenance and Operating Costs: Consider the ongoing costs associated with crane maintenance, including spare parts, lubrication, and inspections, as they can impact the crane’s total cost of ownership over its lifespan.
  • Accessories and Attachments: Any additional accessories or attachments required for specific tasks, such as hooks, magnets, or spreader beams, will contribute to the overall cost.
  • Used vs. New: Purchasing a used or refurbished gantry crane may offer cost savings compared to a brand-new crane. However, the condition and reliability of used equipment should be carefully assessed.

To obtain an accurate cost estimate for a gantry crane that meets your specific requirements, it’s recommended to consult with experienced crane suppliers or manufacturers. They can assess your needs, provide detailed quotes, and help you select the most cost-effective and suitable gantry crane for your application.

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