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Hydraulic Winch

A hydraulic winch is a type of winch powered by hydraulic systems, used to pull in or let out a cable or rope to move heavy loads. Known for the high pulling power and reliability, the hydraulic winches can handle heavy loads and are suitable for demanding environments. Aicrane provides wide range of winch systems depending on specific application requirements.

Aicrane winch design
Aicrane hydraulic winch solution

Different Hydraulic Winch Types – Tailored for Various Applications

Aicrane provides a wide range of hydraulic winches to suit different requirements, like hydraulic construction winch and marine winch. If you are searching for a winch solution now for your specific work needs, you can just check the following winches for your reference before you make a final choice.

Hydraulic Construction Winch

A hydraulic construction winch is a kind of winch machine designed for various lifting and pulling tasks in construction and industrial settings. It operates using hydraulic power, providing the necessary force and control for handling heavy loads. The construction winches are commonly used in construction projects, infrastructure development, and other applications where reliable lifting and pulling capabilities are essential.

hydraulic power winch
hydraulic winch type
Aicrane hydraulic type winch
Aicrane winch

Hydraulic Marine Winch

Used for marine operations, the our winch solutions mainly include hydraulic anchor winch, hydraulic mooring winch, hydraulic towing winch, hydraulic anchor mooring winch and other customized winches. The marine hydraulic winches can adopt single drum or double drum style as required.

Hydraulic Winch for Anchoring

A hydraulic anchor winch is generally used on ships and boats for managing the deployment and retrieval of anchors. It adopts hydraulic pump as its drive type used for anchoring operations. Different vessels and work conditions require different anchor marine winch systems.

anchor winch
hydraulic anchor winch
hydraulic anchor winch for sale
hydraulic anchor winch for sale
winch for anchoring
winch for anchoring

Hydraulic Winch for Mooring

A hydraulic mooring winch is a specialized piece of equipment commonly used on ships and vessels for the purpose of securing the vessel to a dock or another fixed structure, such as a pier or quay. Mooring hydraulic winches allow for safe and efficient mooring and unmooring of vessels in ports or at anchorages.

winch for mooring operation
hydraulic single drum mooring winch
double drum winch
hydraulic double drum mooring winch
winches for ship mooring
winches for ship mooring

Hydraulic Winch for Towing

A hydraulic towing winch is a kind of specialized winch designed for use on ships, boats, or other marine vessels engaged in towing operations. The hydraulic towing winches play an important role in providing the necessary power and control to tow or pull other vessels, structures, or objects in a marine environment.

winch for towing operations
winch for towing operations
towing winch with hydraulic pump
towing winch with hydraulic pump
Aicrane towing winch
winch for towing application

Winch Cases

As an experienced and reputable winch manufacturer and supplier, our winch products have been exported to various countries to match different uses, such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, UAE, US, UK, Saudi Arabia and more. Check the following cases as you need.

Waterfall Style Hydraulic Winch for Sale in the Philippines

This customer told us they needed a reliable winch used on their boat for mooring, according to their work conditions and specific requirements, we provided a waterfall style winch solution for the Philippines, and the load capacity of the winch is 12 ton. For the winch installation, we sent our engineer to the local site for offering installation guidance. With our help, the whole installation process went smoothly. Currently, the winch works reliably and efficiently on the boat for mooring applications.

marine winch for the Philippines
waterfall winch for sale
waterfall winch for sale
marine winch installation

Marine 30 ton Hydraulic Winches for Sale in Vietnam

One of our customers from Vietnam ordered six 30 ton hydraulic mooring winches from our company, the load capacity of the winches is 30 ton and the winches will be used for mooring operations on their vessel. Before delivery, we did the test to ensure the reliable work performance. This customer spoke highly of our hydraulic mooring winches and our rapid service and we both look forward to the new cooperation in the future.

hydraulic mooring winch 30ton for Vietnam
hydraulic mooring winch 30ton for Vietnam
winch 30ton
Aicrane 30ton mooring winch

Hydraulic Marine Winches for Indonesian Customer

For this Indonesian customer, we provided 10 sets of hydraulic type winch used for mooring applications. The load capacity of the marine winches for Indonesia is 10 ton. After receiving the winch products, we provided installation guidance to ensure the reliable installation and commissioning, and the winch work efficiently on the ship for mooring operations.

hydraulic mooring winch 10ton
hydraulic mooring winch for Indonesia
hydraulic mooring winch for Indonesia
10ton mooring winch for Indonesia
10ton hydraulic mooring winch for Indonesia

Two Hydraulic 40 ton Hydraulic Winches for Dominican Customer

This customer from Dominica told us they needed two winches to pull drums of ball mills used in mining area. After knowing completely about their requirements and actual work environment, we provided two winches 40 ton adopting hydraulic power mode for them and the winches are designed with slow speed to meet all their work needs.

This customer was very satisfied with our winch products and service and they told us they would purchase more winches from Aicrane in the near future.

hydraulic winch for Dominica
hydraulic 40t winch for Dominica
40 ton winch for sale
40 ton winch for sale

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Hydraulic Winch VS Electric Winch

Hydraulic winch and electric winch are two different types of winch systems, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The choice between a hydraulic and an electric winch depends on various factors, including the application, power source availability, and specific requirements.

Hydraulic Winch

Power Source

  • Operates using hydraulic power, typically derived from a hydraulic system connected to a separate hydraulic pump.
  • Commonly used in industrial and heavy-duty applications.


  • Generally provides consistent and reliable pulling power.
  • Well-suited for continuous and heavy-duty operations, making them popular in industries such as construction, oil and gas, and marine.

Heat Resistance

  • Hydraulic driven winches are often more heat-resistant compared to electric winches, allowing for extended periods of continuous use without overheating.


  • Offers precise control over the winching operation, allowing for variable speed and load control.
  • Hydraulic systems are known for their smooth and proportional operation.


  • Typically requires less maintenance compared to electric winches.
  • Hydraulic systems are generally robust and can withstand harsh operating conditions.
Aicrane winch
hydraulic driven winch system

Electric Winch

Power Source

  • Powered by the electrical system or motor.
  • Widely used for construction and marine applications.


  • Generally easier to install compared to hydraulical winches.


  • Electric winches are often more cost-effective compared to hydraulic style winches.


  • Electric winches may experience a reduction in performance over time due to factors like heat buildup during prolonged use.
  • Performance may be affected in extreme weather conditions.


  • While modern electric winches offer good control, hydraulic winches are known for providing more precise and variable control over the winching process.
electric winch system

Benefits of Choosing a Hydraulic Winch for Sale

Choosing a hydraulic winch for sale can offer several benefits, especially in applications where heavy lifting or pulling is required. Check the following advantages of applying hydrualic winches for your reference.

  • High Power and Torque: Hydraulic driven winches are known for their high power and torque capabilities. This makes them suitable for heavy-duty applications, such as lifting or pulling large loads.
  • Consistent Power Delivery: Hydraulic systems provide consistent power delivery, allowing the winches to maintain performance even under heavy loads. This is beneficial for applications that require sustained pulling or lifting power.
  • Precise Control: The winches offer precise control over the speed and force of the winching operation. The hydraulic system allows for variable speed control, making it easier to handle loads with accuracy.
  • Durability and Longevity: The winch machines are often built with robust materials, making them durable and suitable for challenging environments. They can withstand heavy use and harsh conditions, contributing to their longevity.
  • Suitable for Continuous Operation: Our winch systems are well-suited for continuous operation over extended periods. This makes them ideal for applications such as marine, construction, and industrial settings where non-stop winching may be required.
  • Adaptability to High Load Capacities: The winches are available in a wide range of load capacities, making them adaptable to various applications. Whether you need to lift or pull a few tons or hundreds of tons, hydraulically driven winches can be found in different capacities to suit your requirements.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements: Aicrane winches often have lower maintenance requirements compared to some other types of winches. The robust construction and design contribute to their reliability, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Versatility in Mounting Options: The winches can be mounted in various configurations, providing versatility in installation. This adaptability allows them to be used in different applications and industries.
  • Safety Features: Many hydraulic driven winches come equipped with safety features such as overpressure relief valves and emergency stop functions, enhancing the overall safety of the winching operation.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hydraulic Winch

When buying a hydraulic, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure that the winch meets your specific needs and requirements. Here are some key factors to take into account:

  • Load Capacity: Determine the maximum load capacity you’ll be dealing with. Hydraulic driven winches come in various capacities, from several tons up to hundreds of tons, and it’s necessary to choose a winch that can handle the loads you anticipate. The load capacity is an important factor influencing the hydraulic winch price.
  • Line Speed: Consider the speed at which you need to winch loads. Different winch hydraulic systems have different line speeds, and the ideal speed depends on the application. For some operations, a faster line speed might be essential.
  • Power Source: The winches require a hydraulic power source. Ensure that you have a compatible hydraulic system in place. Check the hydraulic flow rate and pressure requirements of the winch to match them with your hydraulic system.
  • Mounting and Installation: Check the mounting options and consider if any modifications are required for installation. Some hydraulic powered winches are designed for specific applications or mounting configurations.
  • Control Mechanism: Consider the control mechanism of the winch. Some come with manual controls, while others may have remote control options for increased convenience. Choose a control mechanism that suits your preferences and operational requirements.
  • Line Type and Length: Check the compatibility of the winch machine with the type and length of the winch line you intend to use. Ensure that the winch can accommodate the necessary length and type of cable or rope.
  • Build Quality and Materials: Inspect the build quality and materials used in the construction of the winch. High-quality materials contribute to durability and longevity. Consider factors such as corrosion resistance and robustness, especially if the winch will be used in challenging environments like marine conditions.
  • Brand Reputation and Reviews: Research the reputation of the manufacturer. Look for reviews and testimonials from other users to gauge the reliability and performance of the winch. A reputable manufacturer is more likely to provide a high-quality product.
  • Service and Support: Inquire about the availability of service and support from the manufacturer. Check if replacement parts are readily available and if the manufacturer provides adequate customer support.
self tension winch
self tension mooring winch

How to Choose a Reliable Hydraulic Winch Manufacturer

Choosing a reliable hydraulic winch manufacturer is crucial to ensure that you get a quality and reliable winch product. Here are some factors to consider while selecting a winch manufacturer:

  • Reputation and Experience: Look for winch manufacturers with a solid reputation in the industry. Check for how long they have been in business and if they have a history of producing reliable winch products.
  • Quality of Materials and Construction: Investigate the materials used in the construction of the winch. High-quality materials contribute to the longevity and performance of the winch. Check if the winch manufacturer follows industry standards and regulations in the manufacturing processes.
  • Product Range and Specialization: Cooperate with a winch manufacturer and supplier that specializes in winches and related products. A company focused on this specific area is more likely to have in-depth expertise and experience. Consider the range of winch products offered to ensure they have options that meet your specific needs.
  • Customization Options: If your application requires specific features, inquire about the manufacturer’s ability to customize the winches to meet your special work requirements.
  • Warranty and Support: Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. A longer warranty period often indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the durability of their winch product. Inquire about after-sales support, technical assistance, and the availability of replacement parts. A responsive customer support team is valuable.
  • Certifications and Compliance: Verify that the hydraulic winch manufacturer complies with industry standards and certifications. This ensures that their products meet the necessary safety and quality requirements.
  • Cost and Value for Money: Compare prices from different manufacturers, but don’t make your decision solely based on the lowest cost. Consider the overall value for money, taking into account the quality, features, and support provided.

Aicrane Services

Aicrane provides pre-sales service, on-sales service and after-sales service, mainly consisting of consultation and communication, equipment solution recommendation, equipment testing, installation and maintenance, product packaging and shipping, product operation training and more. Get in touch with us whenever you need our service support.

Pre-sales service

Customized drawing & solution offered (Technicians)
Online/Offline factory visit (Project Consultant)
Zoom meeting (Project Consultant & Production manager & Technicians & Management)

Aicrane technicians

Sales service

Drawing & solution submitted & confirmed (Project Consultant & Technicians)
Production process updated (Customer-service team)
Documents submitted & confirmed (Shipping & Documents team)

Aicrane project consultants

After-sales service

Installation manual/video provided (Customer-service team)
Online guidance provided (Customer-service team & After-sales Engineers)
Site guidance provided (After-sales engineers)

Aicrane after-sales team

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