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Important Information of Our Marine Travel Lift

Marine travel lift is a kind of mobile lifting equipment, also known as boat hoist. It is safe and reliable to lift, with various turning ways, self-contained power, and flexible. It is suitable for the lifting of yacht club, water upstream Park, water training center, navy and other units.

Main features of the travel lift are as follows:

  1. With diesel engine to provide power, the whole vehicle is hydraulically driven; the hydraulic transmission has the advantages of smooth movement, fast reaction, small inertia, high-speed start, braking and reversing; Small size, light weight and compact structure; easy to operate, convenient and automatic; it can realize stepless speed regulation conveniently in operation; easy to realize overload protection.
  2. The lifting mechanism of the travel lift adopts multi-point lifting, which can effectively disperse the force acting on the hull. The distance between lifting points can be adjusted to meet the needs of different hull.
  3. The main beam and the cross beam are hinged to eliminate the local stress caused by poor road conditions.
  4. Use soft and strong lifting belt to evenly lift and pull on the external surface of the vessel, yacht or wooden boat without any damage to its surface.
  5. The ships can be arranged in turn quickly, and the distance between the ships can be very small, saving storage space.
  6. The tire type running mechanism is easy to operate, with functions of oblique travel, Ackerman steering and 360 ° rotation in place, and has 4% climbing capacity when fully loaded.

Our core technology:

  1. Unlimited handling height of yachtor boat;
  2. No damage to the lifting hull;
  3. Tire pure rolling without sliding;
  4. Synchronous lifting ofmultiple lifting points;
  5. Internal force release of gantry on complex pavement;
  6. Flexible steering control;
  7. Feedback control of synchronous detection;
  8. Tire anti-slip Technology.

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