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cantilever gantry crane solution

Industrial Gantry Crane

Load capacity: 5-500ton, support customization

Main Applications of Industrial Gantry Cranes

Industrial gantry crane, as an important and efficient lifting equipment, has been widely used for various materials handling applications acoss industries, such as steel industry, manufacturing industry, power plants, heavy machinery maintenance, foundry and other industries.

Warehouses and Logistics
Containers Terminal
Precast Yard
Mining and Quarrying

industrial gantry crane for manufacturing


Gantry cranes are used in manufacturing facilities for lifting and moving heavy machinery, raw materials, and finished products within the production area. They facilitate efficient material handling processes and help streamline manufacturing operations.

industrial gantry crane for construction project


Industrial gantry cranes play an important role in construction sites for lifting and positioning heavy building materials such as steel beams, concrete panels, and construction equipment. They are essential for erecting structures, assembling large components, and facilitating construction projects of various scales.

industrial gantry crane for warehouse

Warehouses and Logistics

Industrial gantry cranes are utilized in warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics facilities for loading and unloading cargo, pallets, and containers. They enable efficient storage and retrieval of goods, optimizing warehouse space and improving overall logistics operations.

crane for containers terminal

Containers Terminal

Gantry cranes, particularly container gantry cranes, are indispensable in container terminals for handling different sizes of containers. They load and unload containers from train or ships onto trucks or trains , facilitating the global movement of goods and ensuring smooth cargo operations.

industrial gantry crane for concrete plant

Precast Yard

Gantry cranes, including rubber tyred crane and straddle crane, are usually used in precast yards to transfer prefabricated items, including precast concrete beams, columns, blocks and other components.

industrial gantry crane for mining and quarrying

Mining and Quarrying

Gantry cranes are used in mining and quarrying operations for lifting and transporting heavy materials, equipment, and machinery. They assist in loading haul trucks, moving ore and waste material, and assembling and maintaining mining infrastructure.

Gantry Crane Projects in Different Countries

Due to our rich experience in crane business and excellent service, our gantry crane products have been exported to many countries and highly recognized by our customers, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Thailand, USA, Canada, Nigeria etc. Check the following cases for your reference while you are looking for a gantry crane solution for your project.

Are you looking for a gantry crane equipment? Tell us your specific work requirements, and we will provide you with professional
and customized solutions.

Aicrane Industrial Gantry Crane Solutions

Aicrane is specialized gantry cranes design and manufaturing; to suit varied work requirements, we provide a wide range of gantry crane types, mainly consisting of single girder cranes, double girder crane, rtg gantry cranes, rmg gantry cranes, straddle cranes and other types of customized options.

Single Girder

single girder industrial gantry crane

Single Girder Industrial Gantry Crane

  • Features: Compact design, good performance, reliable quality, competitive price and long service life.
  • Uses: The single girder crane is widely used in various manufacturing and processing plant, warehouses, factories and other facilities.
  • Support custom design and solution.

AQ-NMH gantry crane parameters:

Load capacity Span Lifting height Lifting speed
5-20tom 8-35m 6-18m 0.66-20m/min

Double Girder

double beam gantry crane

Double Girder Industrial Gantry Crane

  • Advantages: Large load capacity, strong structure, high work efficiency, versatility and long life span.
  • Uses: Double girder gantry crane is usually used in open warehouse, construction site, storage yard etc for materials lifting and moving work.
  • It can be customized to meet specific operational conditions.

AQ-MG gantry crane parameters:

Load capacity Span Lifting height Lifting speed
5-500ton 18-35m 6-18m 1.5-15m/min

RTG Crane

rubber gantry crane

Rubber Tyred Crane

  • Features: High flexibility, versatility, various steering methods, wide uses, high cost-effectiveness and high space utilization.
  • Uses: The European type crane is mainly suitable for transferring heavy materials in workshop, warehouse, manufacturing factory, power station, etc
  • Aicrane provides customized solution for special uses.

Rubber Tyred gantry crane parameters:

Load capacity Span Lifting height Lifting speed
5-500 tom 5-35m 6-18m 1-10m/min

RMG Crane

rmg container crane

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

  • Basic introduction: Rail mounted gantry crane is mainly constituted by steel frame, lifting mechanism, crane travelling mechanism, container spreader, spreader anti-sway system, operation cab, electrical system and other necessary auxiliary equipment etc. It can equip with different spreaders to handle different sizes of containers.
  • Uses: Rail mounted cranes are generally used to handle different sizes of containers in container terminals, ports, logistics area and more.

RMG container crane parameters:

Load capacity Span Lifting height Lifting speed
30-50 tom 18-35m 12.3-21m 9.2-12.5m/min

Straddle Crane

straddle carrier crane

Straddle Carrier Gantry Crane

  • Features: Straddle carriers have high flexibility, large load capacity, different steering methods, wide applications and long service life.
  • Uses:The straddle carrier cranes are mainly used in precast yard and construction site to handle heavy bridge beams, columns and other types of heavy loads.
  • Aicrane supports customized crane options.

Straddle crane parameters:

Load capacity Span Lifting height Lifting speed
50-900 tom 5-40m 5-40m 0-10m/min

Launching Grane

Aicrane launching gantry crane

Launching Gantry Crane

  • Features: High security requirements, different crane models, large lifting capacity, suitable for different construction conditions.
  • Uses: Launching gantry cranes are mainly used in the construction of bridges, viaducts and other elevated structures to transfer heavy beams.
  • Support customized service for specific requirements.

Aicrane Integrated Solution – Straddle Carrier, Launching Crane & Hydraulic Transporter

integrated lifting solution

For bridge or other construction projects, straddle carrier, launching gantry crane and hydraulic transprter always work together to transfer heavy bridge beams and other heavy loads from one location to another. For example, the hydraulic platform transporter can move precast beams from prefabricated yard to construction site, and the straddle carrier or launching gantry can lift and position the beams on the designated places.

Know More About the Integrated Solutions

launching gantry with hydraulic transporter
straddle carrier with hydraulic transporter
integrated solution for heavy beam handling

Gantry Crane Videos

Benefis of Using Industrial Gantry Cranes

Using industrial gantry cranes offers numerous benefits across various industries due to their versatility, efficiency, and ability to handle heavy loads. Some of the key benefits include:

Gantry cranes can be used in a wide range of applications and industries, including manufacturing, construction, logistics, shipping ports, warehouses, mining, and more. They can lift and move heavy loads horizontally and vertically, making them suitable for diverse lifting tasks.

Increased Productivity
Gantry cranes streamline material handling processes, allowing for efficient loading, unloading, and movement of goods and equipment. By reducing manual labor and speeding up operations, gantry cranes help improve productivity in industrial settings.

Industrial gantry cranes can be easily relocated and deployed to different locations within a facility or job site as needed. This flexibility makes them ideal for temporary projects or situations where mobility is required.

Industrial cranes are equipped with various safety features, such as overload protection, limit switches, emergency stop buttons, and warning devices, to ensure safe operation. They also reduce the risk of injury associated with manual lifting and handling of heavy loads.

Space Optimization:
Gantry cranes utilize overhead space rather than floor space for lifting operations. This allows for efficient use of workspace and floor area, maximizing storage capacity and operational efficiency in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Despite their initial investment cost, gantry cranes offer long-term cost savings by reducing labor costs, minimizing product damage, and improving operational efficiency. The cranes also have lower maintenance requirements compared to other lifting equipment.

Main Factors Affecting Industrial Gantry Crane Prices

  • The cost of a industrial gantry crane can vary significantly depending on several factors, including load capacity, span, lifting height, hoist and trolley type, structural design and materials, customized options, safety features, installation and other services and more.
  • Generally, higher-quality gantry cranes tend to have a higher price due to better materials, construction, and additional features. Striking a balance between price and quality is crucial to ensure the crane meets your materials handling needs and offers great reliability.
  • Check the following Aicrane gantry crane prices for your reference while you are searching for a gantry crane for your business. It is noted that the prices will vary according to specific designs and you can get free quotation from us with your special requirements on the crane.

Gantry crane price:

Crane Model Span Range Price Range
AQ-MH 5 ~ 20 ton gantry crane 10.5m ~ 31.5m 10,000 USD ~ 50,000 USD
AQ-NMH 5 ~ 20 ton gantry crane 10.5m ~ 31.5m 14,280 USD ~ 60,000 USD
AQ-MG 10 ~ 50 ton gantry crane 18m ~ 35m 42,850 USD ~ 200,000 USD
RMG 30 ~ 50 ton gantry crane 22m ~ 32m 260,000 USD ~ 460,000 USD

What Are the Main Components of Gantry Cranes?

Industrial gantry cranes are complex pieces of equipment composed of several main components, including main beam, end beam, supporting structure, hoist, trolley, control, electric system, safety devices and other compoments.

main beam

main beam

end beam

end beam

supporting leg

support leg


lifting trolley



electric motor

electric motor





These main components of the gantry crane work together to enable the lifting, positioning, and movement of heavy loads in industrial environments, providing efficient and reliable material handling solutions.

gantry crane structure

straddle crane structure

What Are Aicrane Services?

We provide professional and cost-effectice gantry crane solutions to match all the work needs put forward by our customers.

We provide one-year warranty to ensure the reliable use and performance of the crane equipment.

We can send our engineers to the work site to help with the installation and commissioning of gantry cranes.

We provide free training and technical support for customers to guarantee the right and safe operation of the crane.

We provide inspection and maintenance of the gantry crane for the customers if necessary.

We provide spare parts for the cranes to make sure the customers can replace the parts rapidly whenever they need.

In conclusion, we provide comprehensive pre-sale, on-sale and after-sale services for our customers to make sure Aicrane
gantry cranes work efficiently for materials handling.

Cooperate with A Reliable and Reputable Crane Manufacturer

Industrial gantry cranes are designed and produced in different styles with different configurations to suit varied operational requirements. As a professional and experienced crane manufacturer, we have provided numerous crane solutions for customers from worldwide.

Aicrane is committed to offering quality products and excellent services for our customers and being their reliably partners. For a professional and reliable crane solution to make your materials handling easier and quicker, just cooperate with us and we will be your ideal partner.

Aicrane plant
factory for crane manufacturing
Aicrane factory

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