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Installation of Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes in Uzbekistan

The installation of two explosion proof overhead cranes have been completely finished in Uzbekistan, one is AQ-LB 10 ton explosion proof overhead crane and the other is AQ-NLXB 2 ton European explosion proof underhung crane. Both the ovead cranes are recommended to suit all the work requirements.

LB10T explosion proof crane
AQ-LB10T explosion proof crane

NLXB2T explosion proof crane
AQ-NLXB2T explosion proof crane

Two Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes Installation

With the guidance of our professional engineer, the installation of the 10 ton top running explosion proof crane and the 2 ton explosion-proof underslung crane has been finished smoothly and safely.

For customers in Uzbekistan, they have no need to worry about the crane installation and debugging since we have professional engineers there for local service at any time they need.  You can check the following pictures to know the installation information as you need.

2ton explosion proof crane installation
2ton explosion proof crane installation

explosion proof hoist installation
European type explosion proof hoist

crane remote control
crane remote control

LB10T explosion proof crane installation
10T explosion proof crane installation

explosion proof wire rope hoist
explosion proof wire rope hoist

hoist hook
hoist hook

What Does Our Customer Say about Aicrane?

According to the feedback form our customer, he is very satisfied with our explosion proof overhead crane and the service we provide, he said Aicrane is a reliable brand and he would purchase more cranes from our company in the near future. We are very happy that our crane products and service are highly recognized by our customers, and we are always striving to be a reputable and reliable manufacturer and supplier.

Aicrane explosion proof overhead crane
Aicrane explosion proof overhead crane

Features of European Explosion Proof Cranes

  1. The European explosion proof overhead crane has reasonable design, compact structure and good apprearance;
  2. The crane has high protection level;
  3. The crane has high work efficiency and excellent performance;
  4. The crane needs less maintenance and more cost-effective;
  5. The crane has low noise and long span life.
European standard explosion proof 2ton crane
European standard explosion proof 2ton crane

What After-sales Service Do We Provide?

In order to serve our customers better, we have set up branch office in Uzbekistan for several years, we have professional sales team and service team there to provide professional Aicrane product solutions and excellent service.

We provide free guidance and training of installation, commissioning and maintenance etc, we can also send engineers for on-site installation guide as customers require;

We provide technical materials, one-year free warranty and technical service;

We provide spare parts service;

Our service is available at 7*24hours every week, anytime you need the service, we will give timely response to solve the problems for the customers.

Aicrane after-sales team
after-sales team

Know More About Aicrane Products

As a professional crane manufacturer and supplier, we provide wide range of overhead cranes including top running crane, underhung crane, EOT crane, foundry crane, explosion proof crane, magnetic overhead crane and so on. If you have any need of crane solution for your business or project, you can feel free to tell us your requirements and you will get suitable recommendation to meet all your work needs.

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