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Installation of Hangar Steel Grid Structure In Somalia

Recently, Aicrane steel grid structure has been installed in Somalia for the customer, and the steel structure will be used as the airport hangar. The dimensions of the hangar steel structure are 60m x 66m x 25m, and the steel structure is equipped with a single-layer sky blue color steel tile and lighting panel as required. Read on the post for more details.

steel grid structure installation in Somalia
steel grid structure installation in Somalia

How Did Us Provide Steel Structure Solution for the Customer

  • The customer found us via searching the keyword hangar steel structure, after checking our website, and he sent the inquiry to us.
  • After receiving the inquiry, our sales manager quickly contacted with the customer and talked with him about the actual needs. With the communication, we knew the customer had high requirements for foundation design, overall structure strength design, wind resistance and anti-corrosion grade of materials.
  • We recommended the steel grid structure to the customer, the solution we provided was the most material-saving and convenient transportation solution, and it had competitive price, and finally the customer accepted our solution and confirmed order.
  • When it came to the payment method problem, at first we didn’t agree with the payment method put forwared by the customer, and the process stalled; after the adequte communication, from the perspective of the customer wanting to ensure the funds safety, we recommended him to send a third party to the factory to inspect the raw materials and relevant purchase documents. After confirming that they were correct, the customer arranged 30% TT advance payment.
  • During the production process, we updated the steel structure manufacturing regularly for the customer and provided all the documents he needed.
  • The customer arranged a third-party inspection company to conduct raw material inspection, in-production inspection, pre-delivery inspection and port container loading supervision. He was very satisfied with our quality, professionalism and excellent service.

Packaging and Shipping of the Steel Grid Structure

We have professional team responsible for products packaging and shipping to ensure the fast and timely delivery. The steel structure was dispatched from Qingdao Port and arrived in the destination on time as the customer required. Check the following packing and delivering pictures for your reference.

steel structure packaging
steel structure packaging
steel structure delivering
steel structure delivering

Installation of The Hangar Steel Structure

According to customer needs, we send our engineer to the site for installation guidance. With our engineer’s professional instuction, the installation process went smoothly and safely, and now the grid steel structure used for hangar has been completely finished as the customer expected. The customer has highly recognized our service.

grid steel structure installation on site
grid steel structure installation on site

AICRANE Installation Team
AICRANE Installation Team

service team on installation site
Service Team on Installation Site

We have provided many steel structure solutions to different customers, our steel structure types mainly include steel grid structure, hangar steel structure, crane steel structure, steel structure workshop, steel structure building and so on. If you are looking for a steel structure solution for your project now, please just feel free to send us inquiry and we will provide you with a suitable and reliable solution to meet all your requirements.

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